Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Must See TV!

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Recently I have been reading in different blogs about some of the old good Kuwaiti shows/soap operas/sitcoms…whatever you wanna call it….but I know through out the years I have been here in the States I have always enjoyed watching them…especially when I’m home sick or a upset…I would play an episode of “Darab Alzalag” or “Dars Kho9o9ey” and when I have some friends who are not Arabs but they enjoy other cultures I will always show them a part of “Bye bye London” and that always makes them laugh…and especially the girls who dated Arab guys…they can relate to the bar scene of bye bye London…hahahahaha….so I know for myself and for many other friends who studied abroad there are certain shows that you must have with you bel `3orba…so here is my list of favorites and what I have:

1- Darab AlZalag
2- Dars Kho9o9ey
3- Alagdar
4- Khalety Gmasha
5- Regaya o Sebecha
6- 3ala Aldenya Alsalam
7- Basa6 Alfager
8- Bye Bye London
9- Bait Bu 9ale7

For the non-Kuwaiti plays those are what I have and watch and can repeat the lines by heart:

1- Madrasat Almosha`3ebeen
2- Al3eyal Kebert
3- Shahed masafshe 7aga.

I know I probably forgot some other good ones out there but this is what I have with me…mostly from friends who graduated and left me some of their stuff…so tell me what are your favorites and for those of you who studied abroad did you have those shows too?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Cigarettes and nutella....oh boy! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I'll be missing you...

Dear 7aboba,

I heard you are no longer with us…all I could think of is the last time I spoke to you was on Eid…you sounded OK to me…I know I ended the phone call too quick when you started asking me when I’ll be back home…I was upset with you when you mentioned if you’ll ever see me again…you had a feeling that we wont see each other again in this life…I know (almoot 7ag) and you have lived a long and a beautiful life but I’m selfish, I wanted you to live longer…to see me married with kids…

7aboba I will always remember the stories you used to tell me…you were a young Iraqi woman…married to a young Bahraini merchant…you lived in India…ooh the stories you had on India…the Kuwaiti/Bahraini families you met there…how you learned the language and spoke it fluently…I used to ask you to teach me a little Urdu but you never did…I know why…you and mom would always gossip in Urdu…but you never knew I understood what you said :)
I admire you for being so strong and independent…your daughters married Kuwaiti men…and your only son married an English woman…you lived alone in a house with no one to help you…you cleaned and did your own cooking…you were always strong and very stubborn…I think that’s the Iraqi blood in you…you were very tough on us…but you loved us dearly…I will always remember your cooking…I will miss your famous marag bamya (okra)…I wished I learned how to cook as good as you did.

7aboba you made me laugh the last time I saw you…you accused me of having an American boyfriend…you were so sure that was the reason why I’m still in America…you even had a name for him (John) LOL
as a joke I went along with you and told you he was tall, dark and handsome…you told me he has to be a Muslim or you wont approve of him :)

7aboba this letter is so hard to write, my eyes are full of tears…last month my uncle passed away and now it’s you…it’s hard to take this pain right now…
I don’t know how I’ll ever be going to Bahrain and knowing you’re not there…it’s gonna be really hard for me to do that…you were the only reason that I went there…I will miss you dearly 7aboba…I love you and I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to tell you that in our last phone call…you are by far the greatest woman I ever met.

Your grand-daughter.

This is the wedding picture of my grandparents (R.I.P) taken in the early 1930's in Baghdad. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Home Sweet Home

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I'm back home and aaaaaaaaaaaah look at the temperature it's 71 F...sunny and just beautiful..sorry Q80's Biggest Loser...I don't mean to rub it in...hahahahahha...but now I know why I moved to the west coast...LOL
I just wanna say I had a great spring break....great time in NY and in the New England area...thank you dear cousin for being an awesome tour guide...we did a lot in the short time I was there...despite the fact I got sick and all but I think we did very well...I love you baby girl and I miss you already :*

I will post some of my spring break pictures soon....

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We are off to New York today...I hope the weather is gonna treat us well (please don't let it snow) OK "Beoble" see you in a couple of days :) Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005


Wicked awesome....wiked cold....wicked wicked wicked....only in "New England" you would have a toy store that says wicked cool toy store...LOL Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day 2 of Spring Break

Day 2 in "New England" it's snowing dear cousin and I decided to walk to the down town area...and the next thing I know we walked into a piercing parlor...guess what? I got my eyebrow pierced...I have always wanted to get it done...what do you think? ;) Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Spring Break

I'm leaving tomorrow for Spring Break...and my destination is the "New England" area...yes I can't believe I'm leaving my sunny state to go some where cold...did I mention that they are expecting a foot of snow on Friday! LOL
it's ok I'm going to see my dear cousin Q8's Biggest Loser...the last time I saw her was more than a year ago...I know she's super excited that I'm coming over...I'm happy too..I'm just not so thrilled about the weather...people I left the east coast coz of the weather...hahahahaa...bas yalla it's all first plan was to go to Florida but aah as usual I'm jinxed when it comes to Florida...the plan never goes through...I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to see Miami before I leave for good...
ok now here is some requests for the people who lived in the New England area Q you can help me out with this:
what are the cool places to go to in Boston?

and for the people who love New York, we'll be going there please share your favorite places there too.

ok "Beoble" I can't wait to see the list...make it a long one please :P

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Q8's Biggest Loser

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I know you'll probably hate me for this post but oh well...Happy Birthday dear cousin...yalla get your pots and pans ready coz as promised I will cook you machboos deyay for your birthday gift...

Love you girly and I can't wait to see you :*

Monday, March 07, 2005

Women's Power

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I wish I was in Kuwait to participate in the rally but I was so proud to read all about it in the newspapers and on other blogs...I feel I did participate in my own little way by wearing blue today and I did text message my friends early in the morning to make sure they'll go...but I just wanna say I'm happy to be a Kuwaiti woman today to see so many faces...young and old, women and men, side by side calling for women's rights.

Snookie your mom carrying your drawings made it on BBC news....Happy Birthday girl and please tell your mom, we are all so proud of her...keep up the good work.

Keep on fighting for our rights :)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Drag Queen Makeup!

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My friend who’s visiting from Kuwait brought with her some goodies and one of the things she brought was “Kuwaiti Magazines” Layalina, Alyagatha, Alnahtha…etc
As I’m flipping through the pages, I’m at ah at the pictures of Kuwaiti women…especially in Layalina, parading themselves to the camera and OMG all I could think of that those chicks look like drag queens!
I mean the amount of makeup they have on is just ridiculous…I know I haven’t been home for years but every year the makeup is getting worse…they are completely altering the way they look! Believe me I’m not against makeup…I do wear makeup occasionally but not up to the point that it seems like I have a mask on!!
Does anyone tell them that they look scary?!
If you have to put makeup on enhance your beauty…have the natural look…please don’t go drag queen!

Sorry ladies if you’re into that kind of makeup you gotta learn to wear less of it…for the sake of your skin and for the sake of everyone else looking at you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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