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Must See TV!

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Recently I have been reading in different blogs about some of the old good Kuwaiti shows/soap operas/sitcoms…whatever you wanna call it….but I know through out the years I have been here in the States I have always enjoyed watching them…especially when I’m home sick or a upset…I would play an episode of “Darab Alzalag” or “Dars Kho9o9ey” and when I have some friends who are not Arabs but they enjoy other cultures I will always show them a part of “Bye bye London” and that always makes them laugh…and especially the girls who dated Arab guys…they can relate to the bar scene of bye bye London…hahahahaha….so I know for myself and for many other friends who studied abroad there are certain shows that you must have with you bel `3orba…so here is my list of favorites and what I have:

1- Darab AlZalag
2- Dars Kho9o9ey
3- Alagdar
4- Khalety Gmasha
5- Regaya o Sebecha
6- 3ala Aldenya Alsalam
7- Basa6 Alfager
8- Bye Bye London
9- Bait Bu 9ale7

For the non-Kuwaiti plays those are what I have and watch and can repeat the lines by heart:

1- Madrasat Almosha`3ebeen
2- Al3eyal Kebert
3- Shahed masafshe 7aga.

I know I probably forgot some other good ones out there but this is what I have with me…mostly from friends who graduated and left me some of their stuff…so tell me what are your favorites and for those of you who studied abroad did you have those shows too?

there is a post for this picture but when I wanted to add what I want to say this is what I got!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.

so bare with me until I can access my blog and post my new entry...thanks :)

Lol JB now YOU can't access your own blog!
We'll be waiting ;)

Jewaira: it was really frustrating trying to sign in...it would't allow me to do that for the entire day! oh well now it's up and running :)

I have most of these in my summer house in Milton Keynes, 40 min from London, can’t do without them; me go home, you go home, how much? :)

could u please write the linksoftheblogs u mentioned?

interesting choices bsara7a.. all amazing :D

Ayya: hahahahaha...I love bye bye london...another favorite line is hello kalbi...me kalbich! alkalab obooch...LOL
or when 3abdel e7sain o Ghanim trying to remember the word camping!
I have a group of friends recorded on tape singing "tomorrow you remember me tomorrow...drunk" LOL

Vintage: I didn't get what you were trying to say by linksoftheblog!! did I mention links? hmmm I'm confused...please clarify :)

great choices JB, i have been in lonodn for 5 years now and its part of religion to play all of them every couple of months.

Jelly Belly,
ودي أشوف الحلقة اللي يشتغلون فيها بصالون ويكسرون بيض على راس الزبونة (من محظوظةومبروكة)

أو الحلقة اللي يدخلون فيها الشركة ويحددون مناصبهم ومهامهم وشلون حياة الفهد تنثول لما يدخل مكتبها جمييييل جمااال (من رقية وسبيكة)

خالتي قماشة قصة ثانية

حياة وسعاد ثنائي ما يتكرر

Damn...u brought back memories.... i havent seen bye bye london since me n A used to crash ur apartment to watch it....hehhehe.... it was the first arabic masra7eya i ever watched start to finish and eventually started to memorize heheheh.... ok next year abeee machboos deyay AND bye bye london heheheh ...mwah

can you believe that i never had the chance to see a whoe episod or a whole season !! or ever a whole play always parts and i remeber little of each

as if never saw them :S

Do you know if there is a place online that sells those videos/dvds? Especially Basa6 Alfager and Bye Bye London. I have told my husband all about them, but of course he hasn't seen them and I haven't actually seen them in YEARS!


try this website they got almost everything and on DVDs too :>

Thank you so much!

OH MY GOOOOOOOOD! I loved Bye Bye London! The funniest part was when 7sayn Abdil Ri'6a asks the pregnant lady what she wanted to drink, then he asked her what her baby (in her tummy) wanted to drink. Hell, the whole thing was hilarious. My all time favorite masraa7iya has got to be "Saif ill 3arab" though. Ah memories :)

Shrink: welcome to my blog first of all...and part of religon is such a true statement...hahahahha...it's like my little treasure I collected over the years...now I only wish they have my favorite shows on DVD...that would be cool :)

Shurouq: hahahahha I loved those episodes bas this my favorites..in ma7thotha o mabrooka...when their purse get snached and the guy doesn't see any money in it....7a6 feeha 10 KD so when he threw back at them...they saw the money and the were running behind him to give him the purse..LOL

and Regya o Sebeecha I have 2 favorites...one when 7ayat alfahad ga3da teshrab gedo o tesma3 "heya o hayo heya" o et6eg e9be3...that was so funny and the other one lama yathom lefloos...o e3zamaw rebe3hom min albas6a...and 7ayat alfahad was bragging she gives ilee ye9ob al chay 5 KD...and So3ad 3abduallah in negab was pouring kil deega istekant chay! LOL

ooh shurouq I could go on and on...I just love these shows.

Q8BL: oh my god remember! hahahaha yeah and A would complain about how they make fun of Saudis in the play but he still laughed along...man some memories!
yeah next year I might be in Kuwait inshallah...LOL
if not your coming here...I'm not coming during the winter time again...maybe in the summer :P

nooni nooni nooni....how can't you see those shows! oh na9ee7a rent them or even better buy them and watch them....as I said this is must see TV...believe me you won't regret it :)

Sarah: hey sweets...how have you been? I can see that Georhythm helped u out with a site...the only place I buy videos from here in the states are Sout o Soura in Anaheim, California...I know they can be rip offs but that's the only place I get from...there was one lady that had a site in Seattle but I don't know if it's still running....other than that I mostly get those tapes from back home or as I said from some friends who left them to me...
I hope your husband will enjoy the shows...I know he'll probably like Bye bye London :)
let me know if you want Sout and Soura number :)

Georhythm: thanks for the website dear and for the help :)

D&G: I heard a rumor that they were really drinking in Bye bye london! hahahahhaa
I have so much favorite parts in bye bye london...hahahahha...but the pregnant lady is a good one...o lama kil deega yegool 7ag al bar tender..."Good" and she replys yeah good....I have friends who do that drunk...LOL
and you know what I realized...maybe I'm slow but every time I see it...I notice how perverted 3abdel e7sain is...some of those comments wow!
remember the menu part?
and I think "saif al3arab" is the last good masra7eya done by 3abdel e7sain :)

"Recently I have been reading in different blogs about some of the old good Kuwaiti shows/soap operas/sitcoms…whatever you wanna call it…"

thats what i meant.. the blogs u read that mentioned those.

In my childhood, my buddy was my uncle who was 7 years older than me.

we would play moda3abat qabl alzawaj music or bosa6 alfager and i would be su3ad abdalla o ohwa abdel7sein .
spent all the time singing and acting lol. 3ayazt a7in 3ala ahli i wanna be an actor bas ma khalooni :/

OMG the "Good? Good!" part was hilarious! Also in Saif Al-Arab when he mimics George Bush, omg too funny!

Hello Jelly Bean ;) how goes u?
madrasat el mushaghibeen all the way through .. wohoo hehee .. u know being abroad has a funny way of making you more kuwaiti! I mean I never used to listen to Arabic and Kuwaiti songs till I went to the states!

yeah i know shame on me but the thing is i always fall a sleep after 15min. i dont know why ,,,and specially bye bye london min awal kilma ana ZzZzZzzZzzzZZzzZZzzZZzz :)

Hello, JB;
Thanx for visiting my blog.
May I suggest the following link:

Darb ilzaleg is my favorite! I actually called my cat "ig7a6a" once! hehehe
I wish I could get a music clip of the theme song...

I have the clip in my phone - and an entire episode. You wish me to email it to you?

Yeah fall asleep, men kether elakel wel chocolates pig nose

chocolate is healthy Mr.PG healthy you didnt read the chocolate health post!!
can you live without chocolate?

since I knew you liked chocolate, I will never eat it again, I will have a bad taste in my mouth, you make food taste terrible

well maybe you dropped a hair in your food thats why

no it is the stinking pig smell that makes me want to puke, miss pig nose

thank god you are in a million Kilos away ..balla hal pigs from your place not from kuwait dude !!DAA

I will come punch you soon, just you wait!

HAH HAH HAH i am ready for you man ...dream on wining i am training

this show has been brought to you by chocoholic, chochoholic, for the woman who likes to bathe in chocolate :P

ok purg i am sorry :(

yeah apologize for JB for the mischief that you wanted to cause, evil pig :P

6ali3 al7een gelabt 3alay saweetney the evil on inta angle...how mean purg.

sorry JB purg nag9ah some chocolates

As AR once said, spell check!

yuba khala9 ana asfa me sorry sorry sorry

Vintage: oh that! sorry I didn't get it at first...well one of the blogs that inspired this entry is nanonano when she wrote about mosalsal "Ela Abi Wa Omi Ma3a Alta7eya" and estech blog when he wrote an old story about cigarettes and smoking and he began his entry with e7sainooo te ten te ten...so yeah mostly those two blogs that inspired me to write this entry...I'm sure I read other comments in different blogs about old Kuwaiti shows bas honestly I can't remember :)

bora bora: "a7ebich, a7ebich, a7ebich kether ma ye7eb al6efel al6yoor...a7ebich, a7ebich, a7ebich kether ma ye7eb al ga6o le 9boor" wala lo wa7ed ye`3azelni chethee a7eba! LOL
oooh amoot 3ala "Moda3abat gabal alzawaj" I can sing it by heart...and I have the tape in my car...when my friends were here before they graduated we used to play it in road trips and sing along...aaah memories....al7een the people I know are kids and they don't know half of the stuff I have in tapes! LOL
and bora I wanted to be an actor too...hahahahahaha

D&G: ooh my favorite part eb "Saif Al3arab" when they play dama...o yegool Shaikh...Shaikh...o ye6obon 3aleehom almaba7eth yegoola 6ala3 al shaikh...o alshai6an 3abdel e7sain ya36eeh aldama yegoola labsa beshet o getra o e3gaal...lol...I thought very funny and smart!

Peach: hey babe how are you?
believe it or not I too never listened to any Arabic music before coming to the States...and now I mostly listen to Arabic music...I don't know I can relate to it more!

nooni: is it all TV or mosalsalat alkuwaitya? hmmmmm...coz ana I can't sleep unless I have my TV on...anam 3ala 9ot al television :)

Anti-Reason: welcome to my blog first of all and thank you for your site and concerns...one day day dear I will quit...inshallah soon :)

MsBaker: the first one to mention Darab Alzalag...I love darab alzalag...I have a lot of favorite episodes bas I have to say when they went to Egypt...that was jut too funny...o eg7a6a and nabaweya shib shib flirting...ya see a76a...LOL
my friend had a cat called eg7a6a too...I guess it's a popular name to call to call your pet.

Purgatory and nooni: kids behave...you both need some time out :P

Purgy stop harassing nooni :P

nooni don't be fooled by purgatory tricks...he tried to get to you and he did...don't let him win :P

Check out my blog JB I have a post just for you (^.^) well and any other smoker buddies you might have .. bring 'em along ;p

Good, at least you have the intention to quit. MAke it today!
You want to spend the rest of your life accumelating filthy, vicous and disgusting tar in your lungs?

tricks :P what tricks? she is a twisted pig nose who likes to take chocolate baths, ana shakoo :P

Please visit my blog, I have a dedication to you!

agool jelly belly .. shino noo3 il video player malich .. cause i have some tapes from q8 and they don't work..

or do you have some kind of converter?

Peach and Anti-Reason thanks for your anti-smoking campaign...and I can only ask you guys to bare with me...I have been cutting down on smoking lately but I can't quit cold turkey now!

Purgy: maskeena yanant albint nejera...ma tegdar 3aleek :P

Georhythm: honey I have a video and tv from back home...and if your videos mo 3ala alnetham al Amerkee ma ra7 yeshtegel...what you can do is either one...in my school in the broadcasting school they have the video machine were you can convert it from one region to another...or you can buy a multi-system video...they were a bit expensive in the past but I guess they are cheaper now with dvd taking over the market...so if I were you I would check if your school have the videos that you can convert them...because in my school I can do it for free :)

Hey, I just read your last comment JB (still trying to catch up). . . Do you have to know someone in the tv/film department to convert the videos, or is it a service the school provides? We have a TV station at my school, so they probably have the equipment, but I never thought to ask them!

Hey Sarah sorry sweetie I didn't realize you left me a comment here...check out the library first if they have a video section where some student can view recorded classes and they would also have the video converter or as I said check out the TV station that is located in your school...I don't think you have to know someone in the tv department..in my school anyone can go there and show them their ID and they can do themselves. Good luck dear :)

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