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Spring Break

I'm leaving tomorrow for Spring Break...and my destination is the "New England" area...yes I can't believe I'm leaving my sunny state to go some where cold...did I mention that they are expecting a foot of snow on Friday! LOL
it's ok I'm going to see my dear cousin Q8's Biggest Loser...the last time I saw her was more than a year ago...I know she's super excited that I'm coming over...I'm happy too..I'm just not so thrilled about the weather...people I left the east coast coz of the weather...hahahahaa...bas yalla it's all good...my first plan was to go to Florida but aah as usual I'm jinxed when it comes to Florida...the plan never goes through...I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to see Miami before I leave for good...
ok now here is some requests for the people who lived in the New England area Q you can help me out with this:
what are the cool places to go to in Boston?

and for the people who love New York, we'll be going there too..so please share your favorite places there too.

ok "Beoble" I can't wait to see the list...make it a long one please :P

Oh New York New York. My favorite city in the world. Can't even begin to describe the many places I love going there. A must-see sight is ground zero. Not exactly my favorite place to be at, but being there and seeing the emptiness where once was a world of people leaves you with strange feelings (for one who almost never cries at movies, and whose emotional outbursts are rare if any, places of such 'emotional' value say alot to me)
Soho, late at night, coffee at any of the many coffee joints there. Skiing in Central Park in winter then following that with that delicious candied apple that tastes like no other candied apple. The Metropolitan. OMG I can get lost in that museum for days.

New England suggestions :S Sorry. No can do. Never been.

I'm considering Miami as my own spring break vacation spot. Never been and am told I'm really crazy not to try it out. I think its a couple hours away driving from Orlando. So I might check it out soon. I'm throwing your question back at you. Where to go in Miami. Weather might be a little too cold still for any water activities :S

Have a safe and fun trip

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Have a safe trip honey and don’t miss theater in NYC, some of the good ones:
Phantom of the opera
Beauty and the beast
Blood brothers
Lion king

And have a blast

NYC: marquis nightclub is off da chain. its somewhere downtown just call 411.
-meat packing district is filled with hip restuarants and cafes.
- for an amazing soulful experience, go to the metropolitan church on sunday in harlem, its a landmark actually worth seeing! people from freakin norway que to get in there just to hear the choir and jam with them.
go to the musuem of modern art too :)
inshalla you'll have loads of fun, despite the cold weather.
not a big fan of that city. but harvard square is cool, lots of artsy people hangin out

noony: welcome to my blog first of all...and thanks for sharing your favorite places in NYC...I haven't been there since 1999...and I was thinking of going to ground zero...I'm sure it's going to be weird because the twin towers were the last thing I saw before leaving New York!!
I just love Soho...during the summer time...they have this little stands were they sell some jewelry, bags, art work...and the coffee shops are just amazing...I'm looking forward going to New York...I don't know when will we be going yet...but I'll keep you posted...oh and about Miami...honey I never been there YET...it's on my list...but I hope some of the bloggers out there could answer your question...have fun :)

Ayya: I love broadway...and you know I will make a stop there...so far I have seen all of the shows you mentioned except blood brothers! hmmm I wonder if they are showing it....the shows I wanna see this time is Wicked and Hairspray...I'll let you know what I think of them if I get the chance to see either one :)

Luminous: wow, you know your way around New York ;)
I will try to check out the places you mentioned...and honey I never go to New York unless I visit one of my favorite places...MoMA ;)

So far all I got is New York places...I guess no one really likes Boston :P
hahahahaha...the weather here is not bad as I expected...cold but not freezing...I think we might end up going to Boston today or tomorrow not sure yet...but so far so good...I love my cousin little place...it made me miss my old apartment in Pennsylvania...the old houses in the east coast are just so amazing to me...ok people...keep writing your lists...and I will keep u updated with my trip....bye for now ;)

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