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Wicked awesome....wiked cold....wicked wicked wicked....only in "New England" you would have a toy store that says wicked cool toy store...LOL Posted by Hello

How wicked?

Yummy wanaSSSSAAAA the best places on earth ,,tell me was it wicked cool !!!:) hehey

hey jeybo nice piercing me love me like alot jelly and you have the perfect eyebrows for it luck you girl

Ayya: hahahahaha it's so wicked awesome, I'm still trying to get used to the word...but you do hear a lot of people saying it here...I guess they use it instead of the "F" word...which is good and funny at the same time :)

nooni: it was a wicked place ;)
and thanks nooni for your complement on my eyebrow..but I have bushy eyebrows bas allah ye3afe al7afafa alhindeya (tripiti) she does a good job making them look good...LOL
it9adgeen ma adree ishloon ba7ef with the piercing now?
I know she's gonna give me hell for it! LOL

I love toy stores i can spend hours

jeyboo, tweeezers a7san 6areqa...but mashalla beautiful eyes esmalla``

mosan i can live in a toy store

mosan: hmmmmm I wonder what kind of toys you're into? LOL
sorry that sounded a bit perverted...(naughty Jelly)
no seriously I love toys and I always will love toys...I don't think I will ever lose my childhood in that sense.

nooni: Rasta baby did you do a bit of tif tif (3an al7asad) after your comment on my eyes? LOL
ee wala malee ila al melga6 shensawe ba3ad...bas yalla it's all good ;)

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