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Drag Queen Makeup!

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My friend who’s visiting from Kuwait brought with her some goodies and one of the things she brought was “Kuwaiti Magazines” Layalina, Alyagatha, Alnahtha…etc
As I’m flipping through the pages, I’m at ah at the pictures of Kuwaiti women…especially in Layalina, parading themselves to the camera and OMG all I could think of that those chicks look like drag queens!
I mean the amount of makeup they have on is just ridiculous…I know I haven’t been home for years but every year the makeup is getting worse…they are completely altering the way they look! Believe me I’m not against makeup…I do wear makeup occasionally but not up to the point that it seems like I have a mask on!!
Does anyone tell them that they look scary?!
If you have to put makeup on enhance your beauty…have the natural look…please don’t go drag queen!

Sorry ladies if you’re into that kind of makeup you gotta learn to wear less of it…for the sake of your skin and for the sake of everyone else looking at you.

to hide the ugliness under the skin, and I do not mean physical, but internal.

ooooh girl don't hate!!!....cuz were fabulous!!....with or without our enough make up to turn alll of africa into MJ .... that in my opinion is the worst make up faux pas.... q8 girls have an amazing range in skin tone...from porceline princesses... totantilizingly tanned to ebony queens.... let it show!! don't try to cover it up with generic white foundation... it just looks bad and hides the beauty that u are..... on the other hand I will say I have been seeing more n more of the natural look.. not many but more frequently....and mashallah ...q8 has some stunning girls and women


Me and my sister were just talking about this girl that we have seen yesterday (يعني نحش فيها) her face was covered with makeup, she looked like a clown. And we were laughing at the other girls asking her about her way of putting makeup.

Do you get it? They like her makeup !!!!

You won’t believe this, some time back I saw an add in “Wasee6” for a beauty saloon with a caption that read: “we have the right French make up that guarantees a change in your completion that even you won’t recognize yourself”, That really confused me, why would anyone want to change her completion? Weird!
I think the way our eastern artists view a woman’s face is like a blank sheet, so the more color applied, the better is the painting. And it always annoys me when someone asks: why didn’t you wear any make up? When in reality I have spent some good hours in front of the mirror trying to excel my make up.
Ya3ni ohma sa7 wi i7na galat

Jelly Belly
3indich yahom
Picture is very fitting lol

But I'm with Q8BL on this, we're seeing more of the natural look these days.. It was worse a few years back..
(Or maybe I don't go out much these days?)

Oh.. and I didn't lose my cat to death.. and since he was too lazy to move at all, I'm assuming he didn't run away.. I think he was 'abducted' :'(

Purgy: ya3eni feehom 3ogad nafseya? if that's the case they need to seek therapy.

Q8BL: I'm not hating and I know in Kuwait we have some beautiful women...what bothers me is that they cover it up with tons and tons of makeup...but I'm glad to know there are more women who go with the natural look :)

True_Faith: 3ala 6aree the girl you were making fun of...I know a lot of girls think it's normal to have this much make on during the day!
ma adree how does their skin breath!
tadreen mara I was invited to a wedding and I decided to go to one of the new "makeup artists" ileee etresaw aldeera...I explained to her the color of my dress and told her aah 100 times I wanted a light makeup...itkaber e3yoni coz their small and covers my black circles...bas! she made me look like a freak! walla te7asafat a36eeha 30 KD!! I went home and washed it off and did my own makeup.

AyyA: that's scary and it's a shame to change your skin color..you know what bothers me when they use "Fair and Lovely" to lighten their skin color!!! women with beautiful skin color bleach it or stay out of the sun to look more white! alnas ya7sedona 3ala our tan here o hatheela they lighten their skin!

and ladies please don't use these kind of bleaching products, they could cause skin cancer (ismallah 3alaina o 3aleekom)

ooh and about your light makeup..LOL...I get that too...they'll be why don't you have more "eye Shadow" or darker "ke7el"...I like my make up to be simple during the day if I wear any!

Shourq: Affa 3aleech ana lehom...hahahahaha...tadreen inny marah kalamat wa7da bel mall bel alkuwait 3ala her makeup! she wanted to kill me bas I couldn't help it...she had this white foundation on and her skin was dark...ya3eni she looked like a ghost! I was completely honest with her...getlaha why don't you wear something close to your skin color...she gave me a nasty look and she left! LOL
I was saying this only because I felt bad for the way she looked...

and about your cat...I'm sorry to hear that...mino hal 7aramey/7arameya! did you have a list of suspects?

by the way i just have to let the blog-o-sphere know.... this chica JB is one hell of an arab beauty make-upLESS!!!... a superb being really.... n thats not just cuz i want her to cook me machboos for my b-day heheh... although it couldn't hurt heheh ...mwah luv ya girl

but the thing is that they are really artist they change their whole face with their drawings on their faces, i wonder why they dont do painting and sell them world wide 3ala al aqal kuwait can be an art country bedal hal junks on layaleena.

Another thing is that you don't see those makeup maniacs celebraties wanna be in the streets you see them in this magazine which spreads all over.. ya3ney 7ad alfashla law bas bil share3 kan ahwan.
i believe layaleena shouldnt put those picture in their mag. its a shame for kuwait as a counrty.

lol been there done that.
One of my good friends just loves her eye liner, so much that her makeup is almost fir3oni! of course acording to her I'm the one with no taste putting makeup like I have non at all lol. Once I let her apply makeup for me o yaretni ma let her. when she was done with me I looked literally like a gay boy all made up for a party! a Drag queen in other words ;)

Okay, I've said this before but I don't mind saying it again. It all depends on the way you apply make-up and not only on the amount. If you apply make-up badly then it will be obvious and people will say "you have a lot of makeup on". If you apply it in a good way then people will say "that's a nice natural look" or "akeed she looks good, she only put a little makeup on" which is wrong.

Purg - External beauty lifts your mind and spirit enabling you to experience inner beauty. Feeling beautiful exudes confidence, self-esteem, sensuality, and happiness.

Q8's BL - I agree that the range of skin tones of kuwaity and non-kuwaity females is amazing. The only problem is that the media is pushing the image that only unhealthily thin, white blondes are beautiful. That's why girls do stupid things like turn aneroxic to lose weight even if it not only damages their health but can also be fatal. That's why girls dye their hair blonde even though their natural hair color might be a hundred times prettier and even though dying their hair over and over means frying their hair untill it's brittle and ugly. That's why girls with different colored skin tones all use the same generic white foundation even though it doesn't match with their own skin tone, and even though the difference is obvious.

In one of the supposedly "trendy" makeup salons I saw many bedouin women caked in pink foundation. No offense to any bedouins or people with bedioun heritage but bedouin women in Kuwait are known for going overboard with the pink foundation. The makeup artist herself was telling this one woman that it was enough but the woman insisted that the makeup artist add some more. The women really did look ridiculous. Pink foundation is for women with fair skin only.

True Faith - different strokes for different folks ;) (illnaas athwaaq)

Ayya - Darling, as I already stated before in the whole world, fair-skinned women are portrayed by the media as beautiful. Only recently did the media begin to portray "other" women as opposed to the cookie-cutter images we've been bombarded with since the beginning of time.

Shurouq - I'm sorry about your kitty :( Inshalla he'll turn up soon.

Jelly Baby - Some peope have pigmentation or browns spots on their skin due to sun damage, ill health, pregnancy, hormonal changes, age, etc... so they use "Fair and Lovely" among other products not only because it "whitens" skin, but also because these whitening products fade these brown spots and protects the skin from new spots in future. They also maintain the skin's clarity and brightness so that the skin looks illuminated from within.

To you a little discoloring here or there on specific body parts might not sound so bad, but other people can be extremely self-conscious of thier own spots. It damages their self-esteem as well. "Fair and Lovely" evens out the skin tone.

Back to what I was saying in the first paragraph. If you apply makeup badly then it will show. Foundation is supposed to be a shade or two lighter than your natural skin color but that's it. Foundation is used to make the skin look even-toned and smooth. It is supposed to look natural. It is not supposed to change your skin color for fair to tanned. It is not supposed to change your skin color from olive-skined to fair.

Most of the kuwaity girls in Layalina have on way less makeup than the lebanse girls who can also be found in Layalina but at the back of the magazine. The lebanese girls look gorgeous while the kuwaity girls look like freaks. Why? Because the lebanese girls although they have used lots and lots of makeup products and layered it on and whatnot, they did it the right way. Most kuwaity girls on the other hand do it the wrong way.

Sorry for going on and on and on but the subject is really close to my heart (I love makeup!) so yeah. Laters, Jelly Baby

It cannot be cured.

Oh my,the "since a little is good more must be better " look?:( Not good at all!I always think of Tammy Faye Baker when I see that it looks like someone used a roller to put their make-up on.Cosmetic companies must be thrilled!Can you imagine how much $$ they make if you go through that much foundation?

Do people really try to bleach their skin.WOW!Though when I think about it,there are tanning salons everywhere here so I guess we all want to be what we are not?

You cant imagine how horrible it is , what you saw in laylina is nothing trust me. Whatever happened to less is more. Even muhajabat have this whorish look and munaqabat you see lots of eye make up and white foundation around the eyes and if look at their hands they are so dark has nothing to do with the make up around the eyes.
I recommend you watch the early movies of Divine with John
Watershttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000691/ Like Polyester and among others I cant recall now.
And Lust in the Dust

dont dare to see them at night after removing it to sleep!!!
:\ alhamdolillah allathy 3afana

Wearing make up is a personal choice; but when it is overdone, I think you are doing the person a favour by telling them the truth about how awful it looks.

DragQueen-ish make up theory :

lack of self acceptance results in the need to draw a whole new face with brand new features :}

makeup is supposed to be used to make a woman look better or have a glow, not create a whole new face! sure there are some tricks to hide some unharmonized face features like having big lips (relative to the face size & features & jaw bones) that can be corrected SLIGHTLLY but covering the whole lip with foundation that ey5aleech '3a9ub beythaa !! then draw a new lips is outragous!

wallah jb it is seriouslly scary! i saw a young girl (no more than 21) having FULL make up as if she is going to a weeding & ill-applied i must say with a ton of foundation on & she must have needed two eye liners to color her eyes with that much of black + they ey shadow that is almost reaching to the blusher!! i mean it was crazy & u might wonder where i saw her! in shameya co-op starbucks !! COFFEE SHOP & they wear so much make up me & my friend were stunned since i had only lip palm on & her some gloss really seriouslly they need to learn;
why is make up used?
how to use it?

ما شفتي شئ و حياتك

Jelly...look at 7aleema boland for god's sake - she is the mother of all drag queen makeup ladies to end all drag queens makeup ladies... lots of q80 girls think she is the standard, and for some reason they seem to think q80 men love 7aleema...or do they? If so, we are in trouble, and its time to look elsewhere for a normal guy to have puppies and build a treehouse with....

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Q8BL: OK now I know your kissing up to me...hahahaha...don't worry you'll get your machboos as your birthday gift...and talking about natural beauty...my dear cousin you at least got the beautiful family nose...ana I got my mama side of big nose :P

nooni: ee wallah 9aja ya nooni..if they should have some sort of an art gallery for their talents LOL.

Peach: LOL peach e3jabateni makeup alfer3oni...we all have at least one friend like that...hahahaha.

D&G: wow, you really gave us a break down on how make-up in Kuwait went wrong...I agree with you honey some of the girls do a good job at applying the right amount and how to apply their make-up but you can't denay there are others who really over do it...I seriously see a lot of girls who look like they have masks on...I mean they have 2 compelete looks one with and one without make-up ya3eni they look like 2 different people and I heard stories about some girls who would never let her husband see her without make-up and that's just sad!
and about fair and lovely...honestly I didn't know it helped with pigmentation...I just read in some articles saying anything that bleaches the skin could cause skin cancer...so for those who use it for that reason I guess it's ok but not to change their skin color to be more white! you know what I mean?
anyways I know how much this subject is dear to your heart and I think you did a great job explaining to us your views...honestly I'm not a big make-up expert so I thank you for your input :)

Christina: isn't ironic how people here in the states stay hours laying in the sun or in tanning booths and back home they stay out of the sun and they use products to be more white!
the thing is some of them don't realize how beautiful their skin color is...I guess no one is happy with what they have...personally my mom used to tell me that I need to try to stay out of the sun but now I realized I love my tan color and I love swimming/laying in the sun during the summer :)

mosan: exactly whatever happened to less is more...I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing a girl with a little make-up on...coz I could see her "real features" which makes me wonder how guys feel about this issue..itha ana bint I feel this way?!
and thanks I will check out the film as soon as I can :)

ra-1: you know what I remembered eb hal ta3aleeg? mosalsal dars kho9o9ey lema so3ad 3abdallah took off albarooka o almake-up chan yekhtere3 3abdel e7sain LOL!

Jewaira: I agree it is a personal choice and honey believe me I speak my mind...I did it so many times to so many girls zain ma en6agait LOL!

QCG: exactly my point..make-up should be used in a smart way...there is this excellent make-up book called "Making Faces" by Kevyn Aucoin...and in the book he shows you tricks how to enhance some of your features and hide some undesired features...what I love so much about he's style of make-up it's so simple...so I wish we see more Kuwaiti women wearing this kind of make-up.

nanonano: kil hatha o ma sheft shay? allah yaster!

MrsBaker: ekh I can't stand 7aleema...she pisses me off by the way she talks/acts/looks...I can't believe she's on TV and people think she's good!

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