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We are off to New York today...I hope the weather is gonna treat us well (please don't let it snow) OK "Beoble" see you in a couple of days :) Posted by Hello

have fun 4 the both of us pls

ya wailich min Frantisek Staud, bagoolah.. bafattin 3alaich.. :P

Have a great time J.B. :)

hey im sure u'r having a kick! but im not sure about the weather, when i was there this weekend I was almost literally purple all the time. cold :/

waiting for the details!

HEY JELLY! see if u can get on TRL! especially from friday til sunday!! my fave person in the whole wide world will be there! DREW BARRYMORE! roo7ay choofeeha!! oo salmeeli 3aleiha! ;p

ya ba'7tech...3alaich be alf we stien 3afia..men 9ejjjjjjjjy e7tarrait..

Have a safe trip dear and enjoy

come back JB I miss u!!! hope u had a good flight hehe;P

mosan: I did my best in the fun part...although I did get sick while I was there :(

Don: yal fattaaaaaaaaaaan :PPPP

Jewaira: I had a great time...thanks dear :)

UZF: al7emdallah I think the weather was not as bad as I expected...I think New York weather treated me well...but as I said I got a bit sick when I was there but thanks to my cousin we did make the best out of our stay :)
I hope you had a good spring break yourself UZF :)

Snookie: hey girly, sorry couldn't stick around until Friday...we left that day...but we did pass by MTV :)
oh by the way I like Drew Barrymore too...kind of like my personality...went from crazy to mature...bas ana lel7ain working on the mature part LOL ;)

nanonano: ya ba3ad galbi mashkoora...o inshallah et7a9lich safra 7elwa chethy soon :)

Ayya: Thanks babe...al7emdallah I had a good time :)

Q8BL: Oh baby girl...I miss you already...I miss our chit chats...me trying to keep up with you walking...LOL
and our little fights...but thanks honey for a wonderful time...I really needed it :****

Glad you had fun JellyBaby and na3eeeman on the eyebrow piercing! You got your eyebrow pierced wana layl7een I didn't. '7iyana! La just kidding 7abooba, take care yeah? laters! ;)

D&G: Hey sweets, allah yen3am eb 7alich ya galbi and thanks wallah...yalla next time I go to the piercing parlor I'm taking you with me...there is one more place I wanna get pierced before leaving to Kuwait ;)

Lucky you! I've always wanted to vist NY, always thought it's a place very dynamic and vivd. One of my freinds have been invited by the US government to attend an international prog. for writers and the sucker did it and visited NY, but he has such blessed heart to bring me an adorable present from there, a book for Orhan Pamuk (have you ever heard of him?) the novel called Snow, hope you to read.

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