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Cigarettes and nutella....oh boy! Posted by Hello

hate cigarettes.

love nutella. oh boy oh boy oh boy

but what's that thing you got dipped in ur nutella.

add a bottle of wine to that combo and im yours...hehehe damn u and ur nutella.... u left ur jumbo family sized nutella in my living room and its been haunting me hehehe...i just dont know what to do with that much chocolate... heheh i just thought bad thoughts heheheh... i guess i do know what to do with that much choco hehhehe

I LOVE crepes filled with nutella and banana .. my favourite

ashwa inni shab3ana , just had my banana flavoured mocha

you are smoking again :) good good, keep up the good work

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy nutella my best friend when stressed yummmmmy yummmmmmmmmmmmmy yummmmmmmmmmmmmy yummmmmmmmmy yummmmmmmy ... Did you ever try FROZEN NUTELLA?? you should try it

Yummy Yum YUM... nutella!! hmmm as it seems to me "Nutella" the girls best friend during "anxiety state",
Girl sorry for your grandma:/ and @@nooni I've tried it frozen I've tried it hehehe.. bas jarbeeh Laman yfech shway we yseer warm... yum yum akthar... I hate cigarettes :/ but I like it when someone Hubble bubble's " sheesha".

Take care of your self dear..:)
Stay safe


HAHAHA BEST COMBINATION ON EARTH!... if i had an after life, i'd want that minus the lung cancer :P

the first thing i noticed the lighter i love kuwait...loool u bought it from kuwait airport
بس بكل سفره لازم تطلع وحده معاها هالولاعه شاريتها من المطار

I don't like nutella

نانووو ألحين عرفت انتي ليش عصله هيهيهيهييييييييي :)

noony: I wish I could hate cigarettes too...bas inshallah one day!
nutella is a girl best friend when she's depressed or pmsing...but her biggest enemy on her belly and thigs :(
and I have a plastic spoon dipped in my nuttela :)

QBL: oh a nice bottle of red wine...how did I forget :P
and I left you the jumbo nutella as a gift...lol
take a good care of it and only take a spoon a day with some bread...hahahaahhaha

bora bora: ah I love crepes with nutella and bananas tooo...ooh shawagateni aroo7 akel crepes allah yehadach...hahahahhaha...maybe after a nice sushi lunch/dinner...I have been craving sushi for a while now.

Purgy: yes I'm somking again...not good if it's a pack a day...aah my lungs are crying out for help :(

nooni: ee wala a girl best friend....hahahahha and no I never tried it frozen! bas ana a7eba thayeb o saye7...I don't know if I'm gonna like it frozen...bas when you say frozen do you put your nutella in the freezer?

Goldendyah: thank you 7abebty...and yes nutella makes me happy when I'm sad...hahahahaha
ooh sheesha girl...I love sheesha too...I smoke my sheesha in my balcony when the weather is nice...and my neighbors are always curious about it...so I invinte them a couple of times to my place and now every time they see me...when will you fix us sheehs...khale9aw lem3asal maleey LOL

Kuwaiti Femme: hahahahaha dido!

nanonano: hahahahaha yeah the lighter was a gift from Kuwait airport...you see my smoker friends bawageen wala3at...kil ma et9eer 3indi wala3a tenbag...bas since I bought the cigarette case and if someone ask for a lighter and I don't see it asweelhom film...haahahahhaha...bas yeah I love that lighter...
oh you hate nutella!! aaaaaaah ma a9adeg...do you like chocolates at all?

nooni: mashallah 3aleeha :)

I love you Jelly Baby! I also quit smoking ;) ill faal lich inshalla!

D&G: I love you too baby girl...o AMEEEEEEEEEN....I have been smoking for 13 years and I don't know when I will quit but soon inshallah!!


I hate this picture :(

Oooohh.. nutella..so delicious. Try Gianduia chocolate if you like nutella :)
Stay away from the wacky sticks young lady.
*Ms Baker wags her finger at Jelly*


True Faith: it's ok dear you don't have to like everything I post...but what do you hate about is the question? the cigarettes or the nutella? :)

MsBaker: hahahahaha ok "mama baker" believe me dear I have been trying to quit for some time now...but inshallah soon! wish me luck :)

What I hate is you harming your self.

True Faith: thanks 7abebety :*
bas you still didn't answer my question is it the cigarettes or the nutella or both? ;)

Well, both but cigarettes most.

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TF: thanks 7abebety...I will quit inshallah one day :)
bas nutella aaah I don't know if I could ever quit that ;)

You know what's better than Nutella?... white nutella!

nutella good

ciggs BAD

check this out ..


1814: welcome dear to my blog...and ooh yes I love white nutella too...remember they used to sell them in little packets half white and half dark chocolate with a little plastic spoon...hmmm I wonder if they still sell them...yummy!

Peach: I know :(
I did check it thanks honey...and inshallah I will quit soon...by the way how are you holding up?

holding up just fine ;D I am now officially a non-smoker & it feels great YiPeeeeeeeee ;) 3o'balich you don't know what ur missing ;)

Peach I know what I'm missing and inshallah I will be a non-smoker too...I'm so happy for you dear :)

Somking and Nutella! You are the best, Jelly!


sorry Al I didn't notice your comment....hahahaha yeah two guilty pleasures that I wish I could cut down on ;)

It's okie! Jelly! nah! there's no sins in Nuttela and cigarettes..the only sin here is to be madly in love with a man!
ya know: Men are PIGS!


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