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Day 2 of Spring Break

Day 2 in "New England" it's snowing outside...my dear cousin and I decided to walk to the down town area...and the next thing I know we walked into a piercing parlor...guess what? I got my eyebrow pierced...I have always wanted to get it done...what do you think? ;) Posted by Hello

I'm Jealous partly because you are in the Snow in New England. W the other part because you got your eye-brow pierced. I think that's waaaaay cool and I've always wanted to do that, too chicken-sh*t scared of pain though.

very cool, I too always wanted to pierce my eye brows. I think it is very sexy. are going skiing?


Did it hurt?

Kha6eera !

Looks good..

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a3ooth bellah men elshay6an elrajeeem !

WOW i like them

didnt they hurt?

is that redness under the silver eyebrow-ring ;p ??

sorry jb blogger was going crazy on me today :) Have a great break :)

Allaaaah JB very coool !
Once I met a girl who had her belly button pierced, she had to take care of it, a sensitive area u know.

Be careful, but I think eyebrows area is safer..

mind the piercing, Oh goodness.. the eyes.. oh the eyes.. beautiful shape.. wow.. I'm in love with your eyes..

PSS: honey there was only slight pinch when he pierced my eyebrow...believe me...I think we go through far more pain with waxing/sheera ;)

mosan: sexy? ooh never heard that before...every guy I know when I told them they thought I was nuts...take purgys reaction for example! LOL
but thanks for the sexy comment...I feel sexy too ;)
skiing...hmmmmm...I'm not so sure coz my cousin has the flu...but I went skiing not too long ago back in the west...my body was sore for a week 3ogobha...LOL

Shrouq: it did only when he first got the needle in...then I didn't feel a thing...I know we women have high tolerance of pain...at least I know I do ;)

مبتدئ : Kha6eera mara wa7da! Thanks dear, I like the way it looks...and I think it's cool too :)

Purgy: ismallah 3aleek...ishfeek? sheft eblees? :P

QCG: I didn't feel pain after the needle got in...you feel a pinch and that's it...it was pretty quick...and that's not redness honey...that's the shadow of the ring :)

Jewaira: I know it's annoying...it keeps happening to me too...I have 3 comments at the same time...but any how, I will try to enjoy my break as much as I can.
Thanks sweetie :)

bora bora: my eyebrow piercing is not the first...I have done other piercing and believe me I know I gotta keep it clean coz you can get skin irritation pretty quickly (been there) but thanks for the advice...I have to clean my eyebrow 3 times a day :)

Don: hahahhaha thanks hon...bas don't be fooled by the picture I have small eyes and when I smile they disappear behind my cheeks ;)

JB, yeah!!

Purgy: I'm 80% angel and 20% Devil
3aks ba3th alnass :P

I got my brow pierced about 5 years ago, and I wish I had done it earlier. I really like it. My hubby and mom (american) were kind of mad, but my dad (Kuwaiti) was actually cool with it. It didn't hurt, and it has given me less trouble than my earlobes, which were pierced in Kuwait when I was 5, and have been a hassle my whole life. Anyway, the important thing is for you to enjoy it :)

Sarah: hey girly, it has been a while since I saw you in my blog :)
I wished I got my piercing earlier too...LOL
I mean the time that I have left here in the states is not too long (inshallah) before I go back...I don't know why I decided to get one now after all these years being here! I know I have always wanted to get it bas I guess I needed the push...
I too have more problems with the piercing in my earlopes...I can't wear earrings for too long...but yeah the piercing in my eyebrow is good so far...but it's kind of itchy these days...but I love the way it looks :)

:P zain zain

I know. . .I've been busy with work and school and my internet has been running so slow that I just get irritated waiting for it to allow me to post a message. Thank god for spring break!

i think its super sexy.. girls who can pull that off rock my world.

Purgatory: zain is good :)

Sarah: well, I'm glad to see you stopping by...and I hope you are having a very relaxing spring break :)

Kuwaiti femme: first of all welcome to my blog and I hope I'll get to see more of your comments...and thanks for your compliment...I do feel sexy with it...specially when I raise one eyebrow (it hurts ishwaya) bas I like it LOL ;)

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