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What are you looking at? Posted by Hello

;) oh I know, but cannot say it

beautiful cat.

*Let me be woman !!*
it's thinking that !!

Me Yaw ,, Nice cat + pic :)

cute :D

is it a male?

heheheh funny.... is that the new one or the old one? don't matter i still think its a little pain in the derriere;).... (runs away yelling beware of the crazy cat lady!!!!)

Purgy: hmmmmmmmmm! OK :P

nooni: thanks sweetie :)

Don: 3ad you know what..ana emyanenta o ehowa emyaneney...so we are even...but I love him :P

bloboz: welcome to my blog and thanks :)

QCG: he's a naughty male :)

QBL: I know you pretend to be a cat hater...but remember when you used to stay at my place and I'll catch you late at night playing with the cat...so deep inside you love cats...LOL :P
and he's the second cat :(

hmmmm is the right expression ;)

ooo he looks just like my late Chaos ;( bas my Chaos kan a7la ;p

Jelly Belly,
Alla ykhallelich yah
I lost my Here-Boy a couple of years ago and i'm still recovering :(

He looks so haughty!
Most cats that colour are male though you will find some that are females.
Cats are so expressive with their eyes and ears.
Does he lick your ears?

Purgy ;)

Peach: allah yer7oma...bas hey my baby is cute too..don't you be dissin him now :P
no but I do remember your earlier posts about your cats...you have some beautiful cats...how many cats do you have in total peach?

Shrouq: e3tham allah ajerich eb your cat...I know it's hard losing a pet...bu-s3ayed is my second cat..my first one I have no idea what happened to him...you see when I went home for christmas 3 years ago..I left my cat with a friend and she called me up to tell me he ran away...I went to all the animal shelters around the area but nothing! I like to think that a loving family found him and are taking care of him now :(
my new cat has a computerized chip in his back so if he gets lost and someone found him, the can scan him at the vet and my number and address will appear...I love my baby so much :)

do you have other cats?

Jewaira: he's a very naughty male and you are right about the color...no he doesn't lick my ears but he does this thing that it was cute when he was a kitten but not now since he got so heavy...he steps on my tummy and he pushes one of his hands down and lifts the other as if he's massaging me somehow! LOL
but he's very naughty...I let him out sometimes and brings home birds that he catches and that drives me crazy!!

He is bringing the one he loves "gifts".He is beautiful.One of mine looks like he does.It is true,Dogs have owners,cats have staff.All of mine are so spoiled!

Christina: I love cats personality...when I was in Kuwait I had a dog and I wanted to get one here but since my apartment complex doesn't allow dogs so I decided to adopt a cat and I can't tell you how much I love cats now...I still love dogs but cats Rule ;)

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