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Swine flu hits the people I love

Today I was watching TV with my parents when I got the worst phone call in my life. It was a call from my brother and my sister in law who are living abroad telling me that they got infected with the swine flu virus! I was so overcome with emotion that I had to leave the living room so quick so my parents wont notice a thing. They told me that my nephew caught it from some kid in summer camp and he passed to his baby sister who is only one year old and then to his mom and dad!!!

I was crying on the phone but they reassured me that they are OK and they are all responding to the medication but all I'm thinking of is getting on the first plane to go and see them.

I know everyone is telling me its fine and the media is just blowing it out of proportion but I can't help but worry about them. especially the kids and how young they are 7abaybee.

of course I didn't tell my mom the news because she will go crazy but I had to tell my dad and he was emotional but I had to tell him its like regular flu if they take their medication but deep inside I'm just as worried as he is. I'm worried about the side effect of the medications that they are taking, I'm worried about how well the kids are doing and I can't even imagine the state of mind that my poor sister in law is in with worrying about her babies.

I'm praying for them... 3asa allah ye7afethum bas we6ameni 3aleehum eb asra3 wagat.
Please pray with me and please reassure me that it is ok and I'm only overreacting :(

Im so sorry.. its an awful news! especially when it hit people who are In your life.. I pray for you, ur family and the little ones, inshalla alla yashfeehom wi3afehoom wiqawmhom bilsallama

i hope they recover real fast... my aunti and mom call us everyday here in the US just to tell us NOT TO GO OUT AND NOT TO TAKE MY SON TO HIS KARATE AND SWIMMING CLASSES because they r terrified of the virus... i keep thinking that media is blowing it out of proportion and that no one is really infected i know its silly to think that but since i didnt know anyone who is infected i thought it was never gonna happen.. i recieved the news that 3 of my cousins and their kids and wives got it while they were on the plane.. it really helps me to remind myself that its just a flu...

well!! people are responding to medication which is great! I am sorry about this news!! hope they feel better soon ;*

egomoon bisalamah inshallaa and really there is nothing to worry about its just a normal flu :)

Oranjina: mashkoora 7abebty 3ala do3a2 o ameen ya rab we7afeth kil 7abaybena min kil shar.

Organic Kwt: I was one of those people who never ever thought it would happened to someone I know! plus I was the one who was calming my sister in law before they left that everything is going to be fine! bas now I'm so paranoid and so worried you have no idea! 7abebty she keeps messaging me and reassuring me o ana I won't feel better until the doctor clears them from the virus and they can leave the house!!
o 7abebty please be careful with your kids, ismallah 3aleehum they are around the same ages of my nephew and niece and you live in South West State, close to Mexico so the chances are high!!
Allah ye7afethum inshallah bas haman 7e6ay balich.

Shopa: Thanks 7abebty, they are responding to the medication al7emdallah bas the kids medication was hard on tiny bodies 7abaybe :(

Laialy: allah yesalmich 7abebty, wala that's what I keep reminding myself and since yesterday I've been doing my own research on the net about the virus but I'm not so sure if that made me feel better or feel more paranoid!

Jelly, some people have been catching it on purpose this summer, as it is relatively mild and they are hoping it will give them antibodies against future, stronger viruses. Everyone I know who has had it has had a very mild case, felt tired, mostly, for about a week and then it was over.

Jelly, 15 of my cousins got infected in summer camp, its wide-spread all over europe and they were treated with antiobiotics, got released.. Again, the media is blowing it. with our dust, its expected to reach most people this year.. 3aadi no need to panic!

Hoping your family will get better soon
Much love

as long as the doctors asking them to stay home, that means they are not in life threatening danger dear, if so, they would be in the hospital, or quarantined.. but they are not.. so relax sweetie.. they will be fine.. :)

I hope they recover soon and be okay..
I'm glad they are responding to medication :)

First of all calm down and realize that going to them won't help that much but would expose you to the same thing! Secondly the kids are out of the age range that it is worst in. This flu stikes the hardest in those 15-40 yo. Nt to say that everyne else is immune but to say their chances are much better. This flu mimics the 1918 plague in that mannor and they bee;live it has to do with how a strong immune system can attack itself. I will be sure to add them to my prayers and you try not to stress yourself out too much! it will be ok. :)

Thank you everyone for your comments and words of encouragement, al7emdallah my brother and his family are doing very well and they have recovered completely and they are doing fine. I guess we all overreacted because we didn't know much about the disease and it was treated as a regular flu, Thank God!

Again thank you everyone for their concerns and prayers :*

و الله قلبي كان معاكم
الحمدلله على السلامة و ما تشوفون شر ان شاء الله

Waaay el7mdilla 3ala salamat-hom!

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I am felling sorry for you and your family. As it's an old article, I wish they are already cured..

I am really sorry for it. My dad was also caught by swine flu and I was really very scared and worried at that time. But now he's fine.
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There wer many people in my city were affected by swine blue and bird flu. Initially many people had died as well because there was no proper medicine for it. But now thanks to God everything is under control.
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