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We can forgive but we will never forget

I remember back in August 2005 when a dear blogger (Sarah/Papillona) started the campaign of We can forgive but we will never forget and I think it's only appropriate to remember that day and remind everyone that we can forgive but we will NEVER FORGET 2/8/90.

عسى الله يحفظ الكويت وأهلها

Forgive? why should I forgive?

I won't forgive nor forget.

الله كريم

Purg: its a hard thing to forgive.

Superman: ee wala allah kareem!

alaah kareem enshalah but we will never forget

Forgiveness is not so easy.. As forgetting is also. I think I am one of them who can't forgive and can't forget.
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So inspirational! It is right that we can forgive the other mistakes and their behaviours but it is very difficult to forget them. They become a part of our memory.

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