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Home Sweet Home

sweet Posted by Hello

I'm back home and aaaaaaaaaaaah look at the temperature it's 71 F...sunny and just beautiful..sorry Q80's Biggest Loser...I don't mean to rub it in...hahahahahha...but now I know why I moved to the west coast...LOL
I just wanna say I had a great spring break....great time in NY and in the New England area...thank you dear cousin for being an awesome tour guide...we did a lot in the short time I was there...despite the fact I got sick and all but I think we did very well...I love you baby girl and I miss you already :*

I will post some of my spring break pictures soon....

Welcome back home JB
Glad you had a great time :)

7amdilla 3al salamaah JB :)
yallah we're waiting for the pictures :)

yallah get ready for your Don course online

Wallaaaah il3atheeem ams i told someone "bassss im9akhat.. ummita tirja3 Jelly Belly, long time since i've comented !!" hehehehe and now your baaaaaack !!
7imdilla 3al SALAAAMA WOMAN!!
andddd glad to hear that you've had funn !!

Welcome back sweetie

u lucky wITCH hehehe ... it rained here today :( oh well enjoy it... itll be spring here soon enough... anyways glad u had a semi ok time.... and can't wait to see u next heheh :)

Jewaira: thanks honey...I had a great time :)

bora bora: allah yesalmich dear...I will post the pictures really soon...I just need to figure out something with hello

Don: I'm ready whenever your ready :)

Portuga: hey sweetie...been a while since I saw you...hmmm kint et7esh feeni weya meno?

Purgatory :D

Ayya: thanks honey...I'm glad to be back to the warm weather...but I did have a great time :)

Q8BL: Honey I had a GREAT TIME not semi OK...Check please...and do the Bengali dance...LOL
I wuv you and I can't wait for you when you come here :*

glad you had fun ,, inshalla it will be a good push for you to study hard and graduate
love jaybo i missed you alot.

nooni: 7abebty walla :*

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