Monday, June 27, 2005

Calling all Cooks

For the past month I have been craving Dolma (grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat) so asked around and I got the first attempt was see it tasted good but the problem was it fell apart (tefachechat al dolma) some told me I probably had a lot of rice in the leaves, others told me I didn't roll them well! I think I know how to roll grape leaves :P
some said ma kebasat know adding a heavy plate...I'm gonna have a second attempt in cooking dolma and let's hope this time they won't fall apart!
oh since I'm in the mood of cooking these days why don't you share with me some of your favorite recipes...I might try them out and tell you how it turns out :)

oh and don't ask me why while I'm cooking I kept singing Shadia's song "we7yat 3aink fadaha 3ainya...ana ba7abik ad ad la showaya...6ab ad 3omeree...bardoo showaya...7ayarteni...tawahateni...`3alabtenee weyak keda laih...nasaitenee kont 7a'olak eeeh...aaaaaah...we7yat 3aiank wefadaha 3ainya ana ba7abik ad 3ainya...wala 7ad ablak fat 3ala albee...wala 7ad ba3dak yemla 3ainya ya 3ainya" the song was from the movie zawaja 13...which I is the link to the song and sing along ;)

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lakin Sama'oka Mom6era-ton...Wa 6areegoka Masdood-in Masdood

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jelly Belly AlBasha

For the past 10 days I have been going to the pool every day...I decided to get off my lazy ass and actually do some sort of workout and swimming has always been a passion for me...but the thing is I got so dark that I don't think my own mother would recgonize me! LOL
yesterday I was resting in one of side pool chairs and this little old lady comes up to me and says honey I wish I had your color why are you laying out in the don't need it! LOL....I told her I was just resting...`3al6ana 9ert ekwee7a why would I layout in the sun!
anyways I'm going to the pool now for a 7ayakom for a little pool party...just don't forget to bring your own drinks ;)

 Posted by Hello my complex pool...don't you just wanna jump in? ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Drama Drama Drama!

The only day where I finally decided to fix my sleeping pattern and I actually went to bed at 11 P.M…I get a phone call from a friend…she had a huge fight with her roommates…things were really bad…that I had to drive down there to try to be some sort of a mediator…one of them stormed off and was very emotional…I had to go after her looking for her like a mad woman…because she was in no condition to drive…it was just a huge mess!
I guess they’ll no longer be roommates after this fight! I hate it when close friends hate each other after rooming together (it happened to me personally…long story but me and my ex-roommate won’t even say hello when we see one another in Kuwait and I have known her since elementary school) sorry I sidetracked…but their story reminded me of mine…I came to the conclusion that you rarely find successful stories on girls rooming with each other…I swear if I had the choice I would rather room with a guy than a girl…ekh the drama is just too much too handle!!

Did I mention how much I hate to be Mama Jelly Belly…always to the rescue…always worried about others…I wish I didn’t have this in me…

Oh more note, I will reply to previous posts…things kind of been busy…and I had to write this post to vent out…

I just notice this is the second post I have on girl drama…no wonder I have more guy friends than girl friends!!

ed3olee inny anam methel alnass! although I don't see the point of me sleeping since it's 7 A.M now!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Things I don’t understand about women!!

Yes I’m a woman but sometimes I don’t get how other women think/act…sorry ladies!
Some of the things I don’t get from girls I know personally…

When a girl talks to a guy on the phone all of the sudden she becomes so feminine and sexy…I mean if the guy could only hear her talking to her friends…or even worse when she’s burping like a man! LOL

Why can’t a girl admire another girls beauty…ya3eni if a girl is beautiful she’s beautiful…lazem ye6l3on feeha e3yoob…she has a big nose…small eyes…funny walk!

Why some girls have to have all the attention on them? I mean they can’t stand it if another girl sounds more intellectual or have more interesting things to say?

Why some girls are so jealous and envious?
Ok now this is maybe what triggered this post…an old friend from high school sent me an sms to tell me about another high school friend that we both know…she started off her sms by “mara7 it9adgeen eflana got married AGAIN!!!”
OK “flana” got married right after we graduated from high school and the girl (mashallah 3aleeha) is so beautiful…but I guess she was young and the marriage didn’t last…she got married again when she was in college but it turned out her husband used to hit her and she got divorced…now she’s getting married for the third time…so the girl who sent me the sms me7tara inna flana got married 3 times and supposedly all 3 men were a good catch from what I hear…ga3d agool eb galbi…why can’t she be happy for her?
She kept saying what does she have that I don’t have?
I was very honest and I told her…she’s gorgeous and you’re ok
She has a big heart…and you don’t
O yemkin allah ye7bha more than you? LOL
She didn’t reply so I’m guessing she got pissed!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad,

31 years ago a young Bahraini woman visited Kuwait with the Bahraini Graduate Society…at first she didn’t want to go since she wasn’t a big fan of politics…but her friend convinced her it would be a great opportunity to see her younger sister (who’s married to a Kuwaiti) and some of her old college friends…when they arrived to Kuwait…there he was a young and handsome Kuwaiti man representing the Kuwaiti Graduate Society…He was in charge of greeting his Bahraini guests and showing them around…at first he glanced at her but she was too busy trying to find her box of Bahraini 7alwa (sweets)…a poor Indian worker drops her box and she started yelling at him in Urdo/Hindi…and right at that moment the young Kuwaiti man fell in love with this feisty Bahraini woman who spoke Hindi…the entire trip he was trying to impress her but she was playing too hard to get…their visit to Kuwait was over…she left to Bahrain and he couldn’t stop thinking about her…he started searching for information on her…he found out she used to study in Cairo…then he tracked down one of her Kuwaiti college friends…he started asking a million questions about her and he finally got hold of her number in Bahrain…he made his younger sister call and ask for her…she answered the phone to find him on the other end…expressing his love to her…he only wanted to know if she shared any feelings towards him…she hanged up the phone…he took that as a sign of her saying yes LOL…2 weeks later he flies to Bahrain with his parents to ask for her hand in marriage.
They have been happily married for 31 years now (mashallah) they have 2 sons, a daughter (e7im me) and a grandson.

Mom and Dad I love you dearly and I wish I was there to celebrate with you…Happy Anniversary :*

Saturday, June 04, 2005

7elm zafer!!

I just woke up and I had the weirdest dream ever!!
7almana inny 6al3a 7addag! o labsa ewzar o faneela ba3ad....o ga3da bel 6arad o ga3da a7adeg with some friends...ga6ait al khai6 wala khoosh naber...bas kil ma as7ab al khai6 I get nothing...o my friend kil ma yes7ab al khai6 7alalee ish3oom 3ala sha3irya 3ala isbai6e!!
o ana a6la3a o me7tara...faja'a chan ashoof 3omery radait 9ob shailhina al3ateej...walla ishway ana emnazla al 6aroof...o ila abee a9eed shay...ga3dt an6er o an6er..sa7bat al6aroof ila al6aroof kila ge9ai3 o 6aroof my friend kila semach!!
o bas ga3dt min alnoom metnarfeza ishloon my friend 9ad kil hal semach o ana 7ata sels ma 9edet!

ya jema3a ila 3inda tafseer 7ag hal 7elm al zafer yegoolee?!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Happy Pizza Day ;)

To honor NYChick wishes in making June 1st Pizza Day...I ordered California Pizza Kitchen today for pizza is half BBQ chicken and half Veggie lover.
OK I'm watching the suns game (ya rab let them win) and enjoying my pizza
Happy Pizza Day dear and bon appetit everyone ;)

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Dedicated to Jandeef :P

OK Jandeef this is the only decent picture I have of Nancy...since ma ta3anait min mokany 3ashan a9werha...I did it only for Kathoomee ;)
I took this picture off the projector screen in front of our table...Enjoy ;)

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We drove to Vegas and haven't had any there to find out we forgot the tickets!
Couldn’t sleep until we figured out the ticket situation...everything was set...we went to the concert and none of us had any sleep!
Never the less all of us looked great...our table was surprisingly really good...considering we bought the tickets a week before the concert!
Nancy started off the concert...she wore this tiny golden outfit...most of the guys were up and dancing when she started singing...I tried dancing dabka...
then akh Kathem came on...he was amazing...he started off with Kathora al7adeeth...I danced choby when he sang ish9ar ishda3wa with some Iraqi friends who attempted to teach me...LOL....after the concert went to the hotel changed and hit the casino's...let's just say playing war and black jack is so addictive :(

I had a great time even though I'm so broke at this moment LOL

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