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Drama Drama Drama!

The only day where I finally decided to fix my sleeping pattern and I actually went to bed at 11 P.M…I get a phone call from a friend…she had a huge fight with her roommates…things were really bad…that I had to drive down there to try to be some sort of a mediator…one of them stormed off and was very emotional…I had to go after her looking for her like a mad woman…because she was in no condition to drive…it was just a huge mess!
I guess they’ll no longer be roommates after this fight! I hate it when close friends hate each other after rooming together (it happened to me personally…long story but me and my ex-roommate won’t even say hello when we see one another in Kuwait and I have known her since elementary school) sorry I sidetracked…but their story reminded me of mine…I came to the conclusion that you rarely find successful stories on girls rooming with each other…I swear if I had the choice I would rather room with a guy than a girl…ekh the drama is just too much too handle!!

Did I mention how much I hate to be Mama Jelly Belly…always to the rescue…always worried about others…I wish I didn’t have this in me…

Oh more note, I will reply to previous posts…things kind of been busy…and I had to write this post to vent out…

I just notice this is the second post I have on girl drama…no wonder I have more guy friends than girl friends!!

ed3olee inny anam methel alnass! although I don't see the point of me sleeping since it's 7 A.M now!

it's all about compromising, I just moved with my friend, my room mate now:) magdar agol it's better than being a lone, but it's ok. "ya3ni you find a7ad to say to honey am home:P"
all I need to do is keep my music down and sweep my trash right away:P
well.. maybe they've been spending too much time with each other.. I try to stay away 3shan I miss my room mate:P yalla u have a good sleep

I always hated my roommates after living with each other for a while. I prefered to live alone. I'm suprised my hubby and I haven't strangled each other after living together for 5 years. We even share an office at work, so we're pretty much around each other 24-7. But I think we both understand that some times we need our own space, and don't get offended if we watch tv in separate rooms (for example)

all girls are crazy!


Good luck fixing your sleeping habits, baby.
Here.. cough medicine? ;)

lol Q,
Your momma

La.. la et3udleen enoumah, then whom am I gonna chat with while I’m at work ? :P

Yallah kharbeeha marrah thania, and let’s have a good laugh tomorrow.. :PP

Girls never lsiten to me! Roommating is a BAD BAD BAD BAAAAAD idea, been through all this $hit for too long.

Hope you get your beauty sleep soon ;P

Yikes, sounds like nasty female drama (the worst kind) allah ye3eenek, mama. :p


You should be proud of yourself! They turn to you because of your kind heart and good nature!

As for getting a healthy amount of sleep, oh well, just turn off your phones and put a “Do Not Disturb – I have a shotgun!!” note on your door – missing one day of school and/or work will not hurt!

hola chica!

friends should never be roommates. it is the worst, unless the parameters are set in and rules are mutually agreed upon and established. but even then drama will prevail. I lost a good friend from rooming with her too. but I also learned alot about taking care of my friendship and letting go of things that are not worth it.

yes babe, guys as friends are much better

Yes, I am sad to say that I lost a good friend after sharing an apt with her for 4 years. It was sad and so stupid. This is ten years ago, bas I still miss her and regret the stupid fight we had at the end, after 4 years of being friends and roomates *SIGH*.

What are you gonna do...

hummmmmm..... cat fight ;)

WAtching the finals! wela khalas 3gub ma il suns out?

Meoooow is right Jelly Belladonna.

I love the image of you as Mama Jelly. Something very comforting and soft about that ;)

Tayha: that's the thing, one of the roommates it's her first experience living with others and she's not used to the whole compromising issue...she was shocked on how even in the fridge they divide their food...I told her this is how some roommates are!
but personally Tayha after my experience with my roommate I love living alone...I can't live with someone now...it's so hard and I don't feel alone because I have my cat to keep me companied...but good luck with your roommate :D

Sarah: you know I love living alone so much that the fact of me getting married one day and sharing a place with someone scares me...because just like you I like to have my space and I really hope I'll find someone who'll give me the space I need...I'm happy you have that mutual understanding with your hubby :D

Q: LOL PMSING 3ad?!!! not all girls are drama queens :P

Shurouq: I'm happy to report that my sleeping pattern is getting better...and I'm having more hours of sleep than usual...I finally enjoy waking up in the morning!

Don: hahahhahhaha wala kan nefsi because chatting with u is always fun bas alnoom sul6an :P

Shopaholic q8eya: I know what you mean sister ;)
thanks to my dad when I thought of saving money and rooming again with someone he's reply was 7abebty ana ashteree ra7tich...I gotta love him for that.
o 3ad it9adgeen before the girls roomed together I told them it was a bad idea bas I don't wanna sound like the person who say I told you so! fa kaifhom!!

Jaded: Sarooh....hahahahaha you don't even wanna know how bad it was! I miss my boys and I can't wait for them to come back from their summer break...less drama! ;)

Anti_Reason: thank you dear for your sweet words...I try not to play the mama role but I guess it's in my nature to worry about things!
and I have been turning my phone on silent and having a much needed sleep finally! (al7emdallah)

Luminous: believe it or not before they roomed together they've set up all the rules but as you said drama will prevail and it did!!
I really hope they won't loose each other as friends...because it's sad to see that happening again...and I hated being the one in the middle!!

MsBaker: I'm sorry dear you lost a friend too!! after my experience with my roommate my mom wanted me to room with another friend and her mom wanted that too...but we both told them we love each other too much to mess with our friendship!

Bo_Ghazi: Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;P

????: meno int haa? :P
LOL mobi you gotta do something about your nick name...and yes I'm watching the games....it's very exciting...I can't wait for tomorrows game...GO PISTONS! :P

Jewaira: hahahahahaha...thanks dear I guess being the oldest and seeing them go through the same mistakes I have done in the past makes me feel being a mama and telling them what to do...I have to say it's not an easy job ;)

UPDATE: the girls are still not talking to each other...I kind of feel in the middle which I hate because I don't wanna side...I think they'll be breaking their lease very soon!

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