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Jelly Belly AlBasha

For the past 10 days I have been going to the pool every day...I decided to get off my lazy ass and actually do some sort of workout and swimming has always been a passion for me...but the thing is I got so dark that I don't think my own mother would recgonize me! LOL
yesterday I was resting in one of side pool chairs and this little old lady comes up to me and says honey I wish I had your color why are you laying out in the sun...you don't need it! LOL....I told her I was just resting...`3al6ana 9ert ekwee7a why would I layout in the sun!
anyways I'm going to the pool now for a swim...so 7ayakom for a little pool party...just don't forget to bring your own drinks ;)

 Posted by Hello my complex pool...don't you just wanna jump in? ;)

LOL aham shay el basha!:P your pool is aaaaaaaaaaah. allah ehanech...ana men ya el 9eif wagol b6ob o ma 9arat..lein ghasalt eidi..
have fun:P

mammy me want like jelly belly ? why we dont have one at home...

well gurl u enjoy it to the extreme o kil ma 6abetay et'thakereny bs kafy 3alay ... i had my skin tanned and i mean light tan , o omey za3lana miny and made me promise never go in the sun without sunscreen..:)

go splash waters you belly jelly yummy colorfull.. and hey i will put this pool in our (bachlors house ) that i am biulding for all my single women :)

That is one irresistable looking pool! Khalf allah 3ala our pool. 5 feet :/

That pool looks delicious! Did I mention I'm coming this weekened? LOL. I know I have a pool and all, bass man I hate swimming alone.

La seriously, lek wa7sha I'm going to call you soon, and if I get my work done before Sat. I might really stop by. (la familia is coming next Thursday).. Yallah girly, talk to you soon :")


Looks delicious. I prefer the deep blue myself, but a pool is always a more ready alternative. Enjoy and use lots of sun protection.

Just took a dip myself.. But our pool is nothing like yours, baby!

Don't you love summertime? :D

Your pool looks really awsome. I'm so jealous! Our apartment pool is about 20 ft X 20 ft X 4 ft. What is the point of a 4 ft deep pool? Also, if you get more than 3 people in it, you can't move around. It really sucks.

So what are you doing over the summer? Just maxin' and relaxin'? Are you going anywhere? taking classes?

We've got no plans, so I have to live vicariously through others.

can i come?? for real??

Tayha: wallah 9ayra cheny basha...hahahahaha...o ba3dain it's still summer time so don't be lazy and go to the pool or the beach and enjoy :)

nooni: hahahahha...you know I think when my mom comes she's gonna give me a lecture over how dark I got...but oh well I never really cared ;)

Jandeef: 5 feet ha? is that too deep for you? LOL :P

Jaded Saudi: Sarooh I will give you a call and you should come over for the day will swim chill...do whatever I'll call you soon..can't wait 2 c u ;)

Hanan: I prefer the deep blue sea myself but the closest beach is 3 hours away...I might go for 4th of July but not sure yet! so for now I'll keep swimming in the pool ;)

Shurouq: I love the summer time but the weather the past 2 days was REALLY hot and walking from one side of the campus to another and breaking into a serious sweat is not my favorite thing :(

Sarah: well no big plans really, I'm taking both summer sessions and my parents are coming in the mid of July...I'm very excited coz I haven't seen them for 3 years now...so probably we'll be travelling around the states when I'm done with my summer session...I'm not sure for how long they are staying...all I know I have to do major cleaning before my mom shows up! LOL
how about u dear are you teaching this summer? if not you should take a break even if it's for a short weekend :)

blasha: 7ayach allah 7abebty :D


how come I can't go swimming here ;(

Hi J.B.;

Glad that you are enjoying your time; and thank you for the invitation, but I prefer to swim in the wide sea, why don't you join me :)

Shopaholic q8teya: 7ayach allah 7abebty...o laish can't you swim where u are? is it too cold? ;)

True Faith: akh ya galbi I miss swimming in the sea...the last time I did that was 2 years ago!! mafee a7la min loyat al ba7ar...lel7ain mani em9adga ina 3amame o oboy ba3aw al shalih :((

I want a floating chair and a big glass of ice tea!Wow wish I had a pool like that.It's 91F here today so could really use it.

Oh! That pool...that pool...


P.S. Girl, wear some sunblock for crying out loud, haven't you heard of wrinkles and melanoma, ismillah 3alaych?

The annoying, lecturing, mommy-ish MsB

Christina: Oh honey I know how summers in Ohio can be! is it humid too? man I remember spending one summer with a friend of mine in Akron and her apartment didn't have AC...I wanted to die! but no worries one Ice Tea and floating chair coming right up ;)
I hope you have a wonderful summer dear :)

MsBaker a.k.a mommy(ish) hahahahhaa you made me laugh with your comment...no worries hon I do wear a lot of sunsblock not only when I'm in the pool also when I go out everyday especially jawana o shamsana nafs al Kuwait and I do a lot of walking under the sun running around between classes but thank you dear for your concerns :*

Oh,JB,it has been awful this week.We almost had a matching humidity to the temps of 91F!We here in the Ohio Valley get the weather of the swamps!We do have A/C so am OK.:D It can make you feel like you will melt!

Lol! I hate you JB :@

allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah abi!

Jella bella, sorry to disappoint you, but I am definitely not turned on with that image.. I never been a summer person. I don’t like pools or seas or swimming, I hate being in the sun.. I’d rather have it snowing out and a fire place.. the only times I went to the pool is after sunset, and not alone ;).. so it wasn’t the pool I was enjoying if you know what I mean.. hehehehe ;)

That'll be nice for you to see your folks!

I'm teaching during this summer session, but it will be over in 2 weeks (July 8). I'm not doing anything after that, until school starts in Sept or Aug (not sure when). I have an aunt and a couple of cousins from Kuwait who keep saying that they are coming, but circumstances keep preventing them. . .but they promised they'll come within the next 3 months or so. So, we'll see if that happens. . . In the meantime we've been watching a lot of movies. . . Not exactly fun, but between the heat and the Ozone alerts, we don't have much choice!


I like your answer, and would add: “engage in discussions that require no words!” ;-)

(Bro, are you sure you don’t have a long lost brother?)

Anti Reason, I need to ask dad, and get back to you on that.. but so far, things are making sense.. :P

Christina: hang in there sweetie...I thank god we get dry heat here...although I know sooner or later I have to face humidity and heat when I go back home!

Jandeef: LOL...min galbik? ;P

Tequilla69: just reading your nick name makes me smile in a devilish way...your more than welcome to join ;)

Don: LOL...you are that annoying couple who makes out in the pool and make people like me say "abeeeeeeeeeeeee"
LOL ;)

Sarah: I hope your aunt and cousins will make it...it would be nice to see family...I honestly can't wait to see mine...and about watching movies...honey there is nothing wrong with chiiling at home and watching a good movie...I got the urge to do that now but I gotta pay my late fees first...LOL

Anti_Reason and Don as long lost brothers! LOL interesting! ;)

Don + J_B;

Oh, I can imagine the trailer already …

Coming soon to a theater near you!

(based on true events)

Two brothers who have never met
One of them swore to implement the law,
while the other one ... blah, blah, blah ...

From Bollywood Productions comes the movie event of the year:

The Brotherhood of the Blogs!

(Too bad Fareed Shawqi is deceased!)

ممكن أنضم للبول بارتي, راح اجيب معاي السحلب والكركديه والكمون والكراوية

Anti_Reason: LOOOOOOL that was soooooo funny....it is the typical Indian movie...but one of you has to be the cop and the other has to be a thief of some sort...then you have to get into a big fight scene and while your fighting you discover he has a mole just like yours and you scream "bayaaaaaaaaaa" (brother in urdo/hindi) LOL

Kuwaiti_man: LOL 9ij 7asaitik sheeba...tekhayltik e6ob bel pool B wezaaar....LOL
7ayak allah ana abee karkadeeh ;)

LOLOL Bollywood Productions!! Fareed Shawqi!! a joint venture movie.. sweet..

Bas the question is meno Fareed Shawqi? Anti_Reason wala Don? :P

I want 3adel Adham to play my part … Oops, he’s dead :-(
BTW, how about a post where each blogger nominates a celebrity to play him/her?

Anti_Reason: oh I love the idea! can I use it as a post?

My dear wa_Allah it’s a nice idea! Please go ahead :-D

Thank you :D

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