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Dedicated to Jandeef :P

OK Jandeef this is the only decent picture I have of Nancy...since ma ta3anait min mokany 3ashan a9werha...I did it only for Kathoomee ;)
I took this picture off the projector screen in front of our table...Enjoy ;)

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wallah she changed since I left her.

Jandeef: LOOOL 7elwa she changed since you left her!!
what was she your ex-girlfriend? :P

al bet beeda beda beeda al bet beeda wana a3mel eeeeeeh :P

walla she is the new miss piggy they should award her ...but her you said short little dress !! i dont see short?

How come I lived in the States for 5 years and we only had crapy conecrts? Now, I leave and in 1 year they have bunch of them? HUH!!

nooni: e wala al bet beeda...LOL
and trust me honey she was wearing a short golden dress...this is the best picture I have of her otherwise I would have posted a picture where you can see the entire outfit ;)

Shopaholic q8eya: hmmm well in your time frame there was another good concert in my opinion that I attended to...it was Warda and 3abdallah Rowashid...it was also in Vegas ;)

Warda? INtay min sijich? I like Rwaished & all, but you have him in all ur family events (Dinner, Lunch, weddings, Shalaih and travelling together), you get kind of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;P

Shopaholic q8eya: walla dear I like warda's old songs...and I don't see Rowashid in Shaileh nor for dinners...so it was nice seeing him in concert...espcially when he ends his songs eb 3ashat lena al Kuwait...I remember I got emotional at that moment since I was home sick...bas it was a nice concert that I did enjoy :))

o ba3dain there were many other "7aflat" bas they were smaller...some were held in restaurants...like bybloys in westwood, California :)

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