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Things I don’t understand about women!!

Yes I’m a woman but sometimes I don’t get how other women think/act…sorry ladies!
Some of the things I don’t get from girls I know personally…

When a girl talks to a guy on the phone all of the sudden she becomes so feminine and sexy…I mean if the guy could only hear her talking to her friends…or even worse when she’s burping like a man! LOL

Why can’t a girl admire another girls beauty…ya3eni if a girl is beautiful she’s beautiful…lazem ye6l3on feeha e3yoob…she has a big nose…small eyes…funny walk!

Why some girls have to have all the attention on them? I mean they can’t stand it if another girl sounds more intellectual or have more interesting things to say?

Why some girls are so jealous and envious?
Ok now this is maybe what triggered this post…an old friend from high school sent me an sms to tell me about another high school friend that we both know…she started off her sms by “mara7 it9adgeen eflana got married AGAIN!!!”
OK “flana” got married right after we graduated from high school and the girl (mashallah 3aleeha) is so beautiful…but I guess she was young and the marriage didn’t last…she got married again when she was in college but it turned out her husband used to hit her and she got divorced…now she’s getting married for the third time…so the girl who sent me the sms me7tara inna flana got married 3 times and supposedly all 3 men were a good catch from what I hear…ga3d agool eb galbi…why can’t she be happy for her?
She kept saying what does she have that I don’t have?
I was very honest and I told her…she’s gorgeous and you’re ok
She has a big heart…and you don’t
O yemkin allah ye7bha more than you? LOL
She didn’t reply so I’m guessing she got pissed!

your post was quite interesting... i know exactly what you mean girls can be annoying and quite self centered... bes then i realized ina ana hamen i can be like that, self centered and di3la...reallly made me think how i should or how women should change their attitudes towards themselves cause i9ara7a it sucks and u dont see guys getting jealous or catty towards each other!

Jelly Belly,
That was a bit harsh, I loved it lol

نعتبر هذا تعميم رقم واحد؟:)

oh god jelly sugar you tooo...

i thought there was something wrong with me ..thank god you feel what i feel :)

yes i totttttaaaalllly true ..i had the same guesses toooo :D :D

oh god thank god (dancing from happiness) finally someone agrees with me and can't understand those acts from women :) gurl i know you rock and there you go YOU ROCK (WANAAASSAA)

i dnt think this friend will be happy after what you told her but hey didnt you notice girlz says they hate makeup and they dont put makeup while their face is full with products :)

or when they bet on a guy and that she can get him with her eye lashes and suddenly a girl from no place got his heart ..do u see how they react?!! they start talking bad stuff abt the girl

oh jellyoo we have to get together when u come to kuwait :) :D

or or when there is this ugly actress on tv and they used to hate her one of the sudden they like her alot because she have their smile or something :D hehehe

or or when they talk about their intimate relation with men or sex did u notice that they always say WEE3 shal 7aywana while they are deing for something :D and then you leave the place to find one of the girls french kissing her pal in a car :D hehe

or when they say they yakhafoon allah and 7aram and they dont stay with girls who know guys and have a boy firend because yekhafoon 3ala som3at'houm and then you see her with her boyfriend hiding is black em'3ayema car hehehe ..

oh god i can talk non stop in this ..

u rock ( KISSES)


My friend and I were complaining about the exact same thing yesterday. This is so true.

Great post .. and True ..

Some of the girls are so sick ..el 7emdellah wesheker

كلامك كلّه صح...أنا ما يحرني شي كثر
لمّا البنات يتنيعمون على التليفون...و بعد أنا اللي يحرني وايد...و صاير بزوده...سخافة البنات...ما تقدرين تسولفين معاهم سالفه سنعه...و لا موضوع جاد...ما عندهم سالفه الاّ فلانه ولدت يلا متى استقبالها...وهذولا متى عرسهم...خذيتي موعد مكياج...و تخلص القعده ما انقالت سالفه سنعه

waaaaaaaaaaahhyyy 6aaaa3 hatheeeeeeeee ishtabeeeeeeeeeeee ge6eee3aaaaaaaaaaa umbaaaaaaaaaay hehehhe

Although you are absolutely right, I have to blame "society." Women look in magazines, or on TV, and see skinny beautiful women who claim to have been born that way (although in some cases it's obvious that it's surgery or they are starving themselves). In Kuwait if you're not married by a certain age (depending on your family's standards) people think there is something wrong with you. So your typical Kuwaiti woman feels ugly and fat from looking at magazines, and feels unloved and like she has a bad personality if she doesn't start getting proposals while she's still in high school.

Men also have pressures (if he's not macho people start to say he's gay, etc).

The point is, when we feel insecure, we start pointing fingers at other people, so that nobody will look at us. Eventually we'll realize that we are ok as we are, and should seek happiness from within.

I was always told that if i didn't have anything nice to say, i shouldn't say anything at all. Never did i do what i was told. Another milked subject another "look at me im different"....yawn... What suprises me is how every female agreed and protested their disgust towards how females critic eachother in every way possible. Whether its clothing, intelect or a hair-do, skirts will always find something mean to say, and when this fact is mentioned, all the ladies in the room point fingers and exclude themselves from that "large" group of develish beings.
m.susie at least u were proper and brave enough to mention how u can be the same way sometimes. Unlike the person who posted this, and publicly shared the conversation she had with her "old friend". It's not wrong to mention certain personality defects in others, but at least have the decency to do it in an unhateful way. Your point came across excelently, ur post was a great example of how ladies constantly give eachother a hard time.
No malice intended, don't get ofended just me speaking my mind the same way u do with ur blogs. I really do enjoy ur blog or why else would i be reading it...

il7areem ya zalama

allah y3eenkom 3ala nafskom :p

(ma3indi shai mofeed agolah)

That is so true! I hate it when girls do that to other girls. I hate it when girls try to BE somethign they are not just to please others! men or family its so cheap & so not worth changing for!

I belive that God did not created us equal so if there is some girl better looking than me then am ok with it :} coz am happy with who i am (except for the weight ;p need to be fit) .. The one thing that might get me on the edge is the brains :} of a man or a woman I like to be mentally educated & beautiful :>

I think most girls look for LOOKS only not brains too, & even if they got the brains ENVY is still a very bad thing.

Great post JB ,, GOD I missed commenting here :}


yes! I know one girl would gooo crazy crying every time she hears "some girl is getting married!" I sware she is so 7asoda.. I once told her (allah ma ra7 ywafgich laima tet3alemain inich tetmannain il khair 7ag ghairich)
and that was the last time we talk :))

btw, I am a different Sarah ;)

p.s. I pitty those girls who change their voice tone when ever they talk to men.. yet, it's so funny


These people need to get a life, seriously.


It's because they are WOMEN..AAAH!!

Nooni, ambeh u just spoke my heart ;*

Oh Jelly Belly, I swear to God I ask myself those same questions daily! I really don't get women.. and I sure do hope I don't come off as being one those types of girls :p I do belch in front of guys... maybe not on the first date, but they always have that look of astonishment on their faces like they can't believe a girl like me would do such a thing. I blame it on my brothers! :P

I'm glad you told your friend off for dissing the other girl.. Besides, she should be lucky it's her third husband, it means she's had a variety of men throughout her life :p

<3 Sarrah

Jealousy is not only a trait in some women, some men do feel jealous too but they are not as obvious about it as women.

Jelly, i agree with you, me myself dun get girls mostta the times, i knew a girl who sees nothing in ppl but thier shoes. she goes like WOOW look at her shoes, or gosh, that dude been wearing that shoes since ever.. but "esmi7ily" the burbing part!! i've never knew a girl that did that infront of me.

and for your friend, alla yhaneeha walla, enshalla she finds happiness with this one.


Love the post!

hala 7abibti :) MAN! i'm so glad that i'm not the only one who thinks this way!! more power to you girl, i believe you did the right thing by telling her how it is, i hate girls who hate on other girls. it's pure jealousy and that's not cool. fa good job!

I think this is probably the reason I've always had more guy friends than girl friends.Girls sure can be mean when they are jealous and insecure.Asking why to me is like children asking why the sky is blue.Without a long scientific explanation must wouldn't understand anyway....it just IS!

Your friend probably wanted sympathy more than the truth.;) The truth hurts sometimes.

OOPPPSSS that should be most not must!:o

Totally off topic but are you anywhere near the earthquakes?if you are,PLEASE get your emergency kit ready!

ur tottaly right !

thank god ... i thought i was the only girl who felt that way.

اتسائل هل هو شي متعلق فقط في بنات الكويت

او البيئة الشرقية عموما

او هي طبيعة لكل انثى

Here's another one to add to your list: How come women hate it when someone else is wearing the same thing they're wearing, but go thru surgery to look like someone else!?

But you're right about that, girls have to find flaws in otehr girls.
But I have to admit, sometimes when I'm mad at someone and someone else praises them, I can get like that. I guess it's just something we girls should work on

Jelly Belly,

I feel you totally!

Jelly Belly,

I think that people hate what they don't have i.e. Slimness,Beauty,Personality! So it's easier to put others down, then to admit they have better qualities then you. If I hear people putting down others, I tell them they must have had their "Haterade" that morning. ;0) Also Chica, your Blog is one of the best around, its very witty,hilarious, and TRUE! I think this makes you a total Hottie, and that all women should try to gain a little dose of "UNIQUENESS" that you have an abundance of!

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