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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad,

31 years ago a young Bahraini woman visited Kuwait with the Bahraini Graduate Society…at first she didn’t want to go since she wasn’t a big fan of politics…but her friend convinced her it would be a great opportunity to see her younger sister (who’s married to a Kuwaiti) and some of her old college friends…when they arrived to Kuwait…there he was a young and handsome Kuwaiti man representing the Kuwaiti Graduate Society…He was in charge of greeting his Bahraini guests and showing them around…at first he glanced at her but she was too busy trying to find her box of Bahraini 7alwa (sweets)…a poor Indian worker drops her box and she started yelling at him in Urdo/Hindi…and right at that moment the young Kuwaiti man fell in love with this feisty Bahraini woman who spoke Hindi…the entire trip he was trying to impress her but she was playing too hard to get…their visit to Kuwait was over…she left to Bahrain and he couldn’t stop thinking about her…he started searching for information on her…he found out she used to study in Cairo…then he tracked down one of her Kuwaiti college friends…he started asking a million questions about her and he finally got hold of her number in Bahrain…he made his younger sister call and ask for her…she answered the phone to find him on the other end…expressing his love to her…he only wanted to know if she shared any feelings towards him…she hanged up the phone…he took that as a sign of her saying yes LOL…2 weeks later he flies to Bahrain with his parents to ask for her hand in marriage.
They have been happily married for 31 years now (mashallah) they have 2 sons, a daughter (e7im me) and a grandson.

Mom and Dad I love you dearly and I wish I was there to celebrate with you…Happy Anniversary :*


Thats only what you know Jelly.. Thats only what they've told u :P

3asa 3ala ydoom il m7aba

Mobi: hahahahaha...I'm sure there is more to the story but that's what they told us over the years ;)
Ameen o mashkoor ya e3yooni :)

How sweeeet :D

happy anniversary :D

that's sweet :)

Awww, very sweet.

Yarabi ekhaleekom 7ag ba3ath inshaAllah.

Happy anniversary to your parents. :D

walla your dad ebser3a ye7b, handsome ba3ad :P

Allaaah wanasa!! how old were you back then that you can remember all that?

Mashalla... Happy Aniversary to ur parents;)!! o Inshala doom ;)

lol Jandeef

Happy Anniversary to them and many more to come :*

Best wishes for many many happy years to come inshallah and wishing them a memorable anniversary JB :)

OMG. This story is soo sweet my eyes started to get all teary. Mashalah. Mashalah. Allah y5aleehom 7ag ba3ath inshalah.

So sweet!

So sweet,

allah ykhaleehum el ba3th o lich inshallah

btw, it reminds me of "Al-Aqdar"

i love it! i hope i have a story that's that interesting about how i meet my husband *crosses fingers* one day... one day.. ;) mabruk to them, and many many many more to come insha'Allah

Nice story. JB, do me a favor & dedicate this song to them :)

allah ABEEEEE,,,LOOL what's going on with me, whenever someone says something I go "allaaaaah ABEE" heheheh such a sweet story, jelly I am glad your parents made it through out those years ;p

amazing ..alah yekhalehoum 7ag ba3ath ...oo et7ebonhoum

haha.. inshalla everyone gets a nice story to tell their kids :)

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So sweet :)

Shosho: thanks dear :D

Flamingoliya: thank you dear :)

Dunes: welcome to my blog awalan..o Ameen and thank you :)

Purgy: hahahahaha ishloon ma ye7ebha min awal nathra...she was drop dead grogeous..I think she still looks good for her age and speaks hindi LOL
o my dad is handsome...kil ma yekbar kil ma ye7law...and I'm not saying that coz he's my dad...eb shahadat my friends ba3ad ;)

Jandeef: LOL...hmmm it9adeg I don't remember how old I was bas I remember their wedding in Bahrain...they had a mix wedding...I wish I could have a wedding like that now..LOL

yaryoor: Rwaished #1 fan...hahahahaha...7ayak allah in my blog o mashkoor ya e3yoni :)

Shurouq: Ameen and thanks Sunshine :*

Jewaira: inshallah 7abebty thanks...when I called them to congradulate them...they both forgot...LOL
and my dad always has a clever answer he said everyday with your mother is anniversary...LOL

Salted-Caramel: Ameen o mashkoora 7abebty :*

Idip: Ameen, thank you dear...bas 3ad the story of 3aysha o Bader bel AQdar was different...coz technically she's not Ba7raini Obooha Kuwaiti...bas yalla ma3aleeh a6wefha lik...LOL :)

mushkillah mushillah: welcome to my blog first of all...o ameen inshallah...o na9ee7a meni learn Hindi...LOL
no just kidding 3asa allah yarzgech eb weld al 7alal ilee yes3edich inshallah :)

Bo_Ghazi: allaaaaaaah Layla Murad...I love her...one of my favorite songs is ana albeee daleelee...thank you dear I will pass it on...although my parents are loyal fans to Om-Kalthoum.

Shopaholic q8eya: hahahhaha chenich ana...I do that all the time allah abeee (with a kids voice) hahahahhaha...mashkoora 7abebety...o golay inshallah allah yarzgech eb wa7ed yes3edich inshallah :)

nooni: Rasta Baby..thank you 7abebty :*

Snookie: LOL...AMEN :D

True Faith: thank you dear :)

Ooooooooooh JB that is so sweeeeeeeeeet

3sa allah la y7remhum mn b3ath wla y7rmkum mnhum yaaaa rb

god romance still exists :) allah la y'3ayer 3leihum oO hope u have a simmilar nice love story ending with for ever happiness

I Still do not buy it :P

That was SO incredibly cute! Allah ye5allehom lba3'9 Inshallah =)

Maybe I'll share my parents' "love" story when their anniversary comes around :O)

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