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Happy Pizza Day ;)

To honor NYChick wishes in making June 1st Pizza Day...I ordered California Pizza Kitchen today for dinner...my pizza is half BBQ chicken and half Veggie lover.
OK I'm watching the suns game (ya rab let them win) and enjoying my pizza
Happy Pizza Day dear and bon appetit everyone ;)

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Okay why is everyone set out to torture me? :/ I'm hungry now :~(

Chenna feee ham 3ala elpizza??



Sorrrrry 3al loss

bas bannat isijjiya.

yala next year maybe.. :S


Jackie: sorry sweetie I didn't mean to do that...yalla go get yourself some tasty pizza for lunch/dinner today :*

Purgy: wain al ham?! I said half BBQ chicken and half veggie!! the veggie side has: Mozzarella cheese, grilled Japanese eggplant, roasted corn, sliced red onions, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and Goat Cheese :P

Mobi: iskit mada al booz shaibreen :((((
bas wala man they played amazingly all year and I have a lot of respect for them...it's a young team and it looks promising...and as you said there is always next year.
o la etkhaleeni I hate you...shino GO SPURs? :PPPPPPPPPPP

yalla now I'll be rooting for Shaq...GO HEAT :P

allaaa california pizza kitchen, i actually used to like their pizza, ma athkir which one but fee one thats good!

Ur pic is much better (and bigger) than both Shurouq's and forza's!

a7san pizza on earth Pj's pizza yummy yummy and then hot chocolate cooki wiht icecream oh god latheeeth


Its Piston vs. Spurs no doubt

u want to bet? 3ala pizza

I like it :) shkelha wayed latheeth
I love CPK, bel3fyah inshalah

Q our pizza ( ee brez wayh my pizza too) looks good bcz we are in the states.
JB thanks for the support dear :)

3alial bil 3aaaaaaaaaaaaaafya !
sij sij yuuuuuummmmmmmmyyyyY!
bajer bat3asha SUSHI! . 7addej shaheetenee ! ( madre shako ;P )

Save me a slice from the veggie half, pleeease?

afaaa ya jelly... yalla ill celebrate with my sorry exscuse for a pizza by jc :/ nothing tastes as good as thin feels:) are u feeling guilty yet??? heheh

Q: I love their pizza...and my favorite and it's their most famous pizza is their BBQ chicken..I wonder if that's the one you were talking about? :)

nooni: where is PJ's Pizza?
o shawagteni 3ala hot chocolate cookie with a ice-cream...yummmyyy

Mobi: you're on...bas ta3al are we betting who's gonna be in the final or who is winning the final? :P

NyChick: allah ye3afeech 7abebty.. wala kan wayed latheeth and it was a good idea for dinner..it was the perfect size...and yummy...I actually had the thought of having pizza again for dinner! LOL
and you're welcome sweetie...I loved the idea...lazem insawee pizza day bedayat kil ras shaar ;)

Pink: allah ye3afeech 7abebty...3ad sushi I could eat everyday...I swear if I wasn't on a student budget sushi would've been my lunch everyday :)

Shurouq: save you a piece? affa bas affa 7abebty intay tedalalain...a6leblich a whole pizza just for you...chum sunshine 3indena (cheesy I know) LOL :*

Q8BL: LOL...thanks for the reminder...I know I know I haven't been good lately with dieting....but I'm behaving really really soon...promise :D

Jelly belly
damn this pizza looks tasty . here i am doing nothing in work . its 12:39 noon and saw ur pizza aaah i feel hungy and its my 1st day having a diet .. i wish i havnt joined ur blog . alah yesam7ich

hard luck 3ala il suns

Crappy Nappy: oh wow it's been a while since your last comment in my blog...welcome back dear :D
and I'm sorry about the pizza picture...keep up with the diet..at least you're on your diet..I'm still in the phase I'm gonna diet next monday and next mondy becomes next month...etc

o la eth'thkerney 3ala al suns :(
galbi lel7ain ye3awerni..bas there is always next year.

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