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7elm zafer!!

I just woke up and I had the weirdest dream ever!!
7almana inny 6al3a 7addag! o labsa ewzar o faneela ba3ad....o ga3da bel 6arad o ga3da a7adeg with some friends...ga6ait al khai6 wala khoosh naber...bas kil ma as7ab al khai6 I get nothing...o my friend kil ma yes7ab al khai6 7alalee ish3oom 3ala sha3irya 3ala isbai6e!!
o ana a6la3a o me7tara...faja'a chan ashoof 3omery radait 9ob shailhina al3ateej...walla ishway ana emnazla al 6aroof...o ila abee a9eed shay...ga3dt an6er o an6er..sa7bat al6aroof ila al6aroof kila ge9ai3 o 6aroof my friend kila semach!!
o bas ga3dt min alnoom metnarfeza ishloon my friend 9ad kil hal semach o ana 7ata sels ma 9edet!

ya jema3a ila 3inda tafseer 7ag hal 7elm al zafer yegoolee?!

Your friend would soon get to be a millionaire wi inti 3ala 7a6at eedich.
Sorry about that :)

well people say that dreams mirror real life so maybe YOU'LL be the millionaire :D

la tinsein itsalfeeni !!!

fish = money
ya3ny your friend will have lots of money and you will not :) simple dear

The sea represents life in general, fish are its prizes, success. It seems that you see friends as being more successful than you, they achieved more, you wonder when it will be your turn. You go back in time and its the same thing. Nothing changed since you were a child. It seems you are trying hard to repress that feeling, not easy being a Kuwaiti, pressure from family and friends can be overwhelming. Try to see the positive things in your life, and stay away as much as possible from pressure ( direct or indirect ) from people close to you.

Bo Jaij The psychologist

Walla Bo Jaij moo shwayya..!

Jelly Belly babe,
Did you wake up tanned?

According to
"Tafseer Al-A7lam wa Al-3aja2eb li ibn iDip"

All what happened in the dream & your describtion of it (khai6, naber, 6aroof, fish names ...etc) has a message to you, which is:

You have nothing to do with 7adag, and all the details in your dream are just a lead to the end, when you caught no fish, but your friend did.
So try to think about something else to have the chance to dream about (think about painting) and totally forget about 7adag.

hatha 8awl al faqeer iLLiah ibn iDip fee ma tra2a min 3aja2eb, wa ma jara fe Al-A7lam, wa Al-Salam khair Al-Khitam.

P.S.: if you think (later not now) that I expained your dream better than others, then I'll find a job as Mufasser A7lam 3ala Al-Rai o at7adda Mr.Nahham

Ooh JB wainich 3n el ngroor el mashwi eli kaleta el yom!?
I don't kno about dreams but you've got some interesting explanations so far..
but i kno that the nagroor i ate today was unforgettable. I had it at a hidden restaurant in souk al mobarakia. you HAVE GOT to try it once you get back home inshalla!
I'll give you the directions :D

you know how they say theres plenty of fish in the sea??? maybe ur afraid that ur friend is doing a little too much fishing n u have lost the fish that was on ur line?

It means that bi3aynoonich bil balady :P

Wow so many interpretations...hmm let's start replying..

Ayya: hahahahaha...yalla yestahil the money...I'm already broke...but the funny thing is he is my back up...meaning if I reached 35 and I'm still single he'll marry me…so if he's gonna be a millionaire khair o baraka ;)

Snookie: hey sweetie...it's been a while...hope you're enjoying your stay in Kuwait :)
o itha 7asheni 6eshar al million affa 3aleech intay awal wa7da aslfich...bas haa with interest ;)

nooni: 3ad it9adgeen I have a Turkish friend kil ma tegra fenyalee itshoof fish o itgoolee ya3eni money...bas ma shefna shay lel7ain :(

Bo Jaij: wow man that was really deep and scary!!
You see one of my best friends just had a baby and I started thinking a lot since she gave birth...I started reflecting on my own life and feeling sorry for myself!
We both came to the states at the same time but she got done and went back…she has a great job...married and with a kid now!
I know I have wasted a good amount of my life playing around...and when I was finally ready to put the broken pieces back together things are not going my way! I know I shouldn't bitch and whine and just suck it up bas I can't help comparing myself to others...man you got me going...I swear as if you were reading my mind!!
I don't know if that's what the dream meant but I know this is how I feel about my life right now.

oh and Bo_Jaij could you tell MadM I love his Star War series and I wanna see a showdown between princess Leia and queen Amidala ;)

Shurouq: hahahahhaha actually ana more than tanned right now...9ayra cheny basha emnag3a bel pool ;)

Idip: first of all welcome to my blog...o tafseerik mawteni min al the7ik...actually I do know about 7addaq because my dad used to take me fishing and I enjoy fishing...bas dreaming about paintings is not a bad idea...I'll try looking at a beautiful painting before I go to bed :P

UzF: hey sweetie, it has been a while...I hope you are having a good time in Kuwait...o hani 3afya 3ala alnegareer..bas yal ta3ban 9ij shawagteni...I want directions coz ana wa7da amoot 3ala al ezfara ;)

Q8BL: hmmmm your interpretation kind of scared me! And no I think my fish is still hooked...LOL

Q: we7yatik ma fahamat your comment...care to explain more "pleath" :D

Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Don't think too much about it. Let Time reveal the truth; weather the dream really means something or not. But if you just can't help but wonder what the hell it means, just stick to a positive tafseer. It will make you feel better and look forward to something good in the future! ;)

I'm in the "a dream is just a dream" camp . . .but isn't it funny to wake up from a dream, and still be mad at or jealous of the person you dreamt about, even though it's not their fault?

Happy fishing!

maybe the boogey man was giving u a head massage while u were sleeping! ahhh i scared myself:/

SaltedCaramel: I believe this is your first time in my blog...so welcome dear...and thanks sweetie I'll try to stick to the positive tafseer only ;)

Sarah: hey girly...it's been a while...and it was funny how I felt about him when I woke up...I even called him to tell him how pissed I was...he kept reminding me it was a dream but it felt so real...LOL

Q8BL: shino boogey man giving me a head massage....girl you have been watching a lot of movies lately..no more blockbuster for you young lady :P

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