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We drove to Vegas and haven't had any sleep...got there to find out we forgot the tickets!
Couldn’t sleep until we figured out the ticket situation...everything was set...we went to the concert and none of us had any sleep!
Never the less all of us looked great...our table was surprisingly really good...considering we bought the tickets a week before the concert!
Nancy started off the concert...she wore this tiny golden outfit...most of the guys were up and dancing when she started singing...I tried dancing dabka...
then akh Kathem came on...he was amazing...he started off with Kathora al7adeeth...I danced choby when he sang ish9ar ishda3wa with some Iraqi friends who attempted to teach me...LOL....after the concert went to the hotel changed and hit the casino's...let's just say playing war and black jack is so addictive :(

I had a great time even though I'm so broke at this moment LOL

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qal3tech, 7aram :P

Purgy: gal3ety? affa :(

LOL! Miskeena...
Glad you had a nice time :) Except for the money thing ;)

eee eqamaar 7araaaam :P

MsBaker: I had an awesome time...and the money part...you know what "al efloos etroo7 o etyee" as long as I had a great time...hahahahahhaha

Purgy: ana le3bat egmar? meta? bas la3bat janjefa that's all I did :P
o ba3dain I'm broke from the trip...you know...hotel...gas money...food...etc

crazy gurlz wallah ... oo mataboon 1/4 puonder !! i think you will live on it now :P

now u need money ! do grage sale :)

7amdilla 3alsalama ..

Allaah i was anticipating the rest of the post after you said "we forgot the tickets" :P I bet it would've been one of the all-time best posts.

Ba3dain ta3aaaaaaalaaaay! .. where is Nancy's picture?

Posting Nancy's is much better than bo waih wadir. Ma7ibbooosh :@

How much were the tickets by the way?

cool. you didn`t say more stuff about Nancy!.. i am going to her concert this friday.. so tell me if she was cool..


nooni: LOL e walla 2 dollars will get you a kids meal ne3ma! LOL

no nooni when I'm broke a6bakhalee em3adas...hahahahaha

Jandeef: allah yesalmik dear...wala kan film forgetting the tickets...I should've known Mama Jelly Belly has to do everything by herself...bas at the end we had to call ticket master and verify the credit card number so they can issue us new tickets!
it was a hassle but at the end we got things figured out.
the tickets were for 120 dollars a piece...and as I said I was surprised because our table was pretty good!

Graffitti Lloyad: sweetie I already told you about the concert if you check the previous post...but I will tell you again...I think you'll enjoy the concert...she didn't sing much...I think she only sang 5 songs..but she made the crowd stand up and dance...she sang all her famous songs (akha9mak ah...ah o no9...loan 3yonik...and she also sang ya wad ya te'eel)
anyways I think she was fun...she go...have fun and report back ;)

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