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Lakin Sama'oka Mom6era-ton...Wa 6areegoka Masdood-in Masdood

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OK, I'll start with the obligatory: “Oddamik sekkit safar!”

hehe wayed 7ilu ilpost

if i post my coffee cup . would u read it for me? ;p

بصرت و نجمت كثيرا لكن لم اقرا ابدا فنجان يشبه فنجانك....
ارمي بياضك يا شابه..
alla walla shawgteni 3ala gahwa turkeya.. 3ad sij garetay

6areequki bewardi mafrooshun ya jelly ... Mafrooshun mafrooosh :)

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oh u should meet the lady i met .. she reviewed my life in that cup scary i know but wow it made me take the cup and wash it ... and till now every thing is happining exactly like what she told me.

but hey i see a ghost in ur cup :P

BTW u have a scary cup

I see dancing figures.
I like :)

I see a penguin doing something :)

أوكي إشرايكم؟

راح اطالع الفنجان بتمعن, إهني وجهي يتغير ويصير جاد وتختفي الإبتسامة, وراح أطالع جلي بلي, وأقولة: لا لا مافي شيئ بفنجانك, وطبعا لازم أحاول أبتسم إبتسامة باهته, زيادة بالتخريع

أقص إيدي إذا جلي بلي قدر ينام بالليل, من كثر التفكير

على فكرة, أنا كنت اقرا الفنجان لما كنت صغير, تعلمت القرائة على إيدين ساحرة مبتدئة


*@@* Nooni!!! Probably the one that reviewed your entire life is one of my relatives!! Boy she is hell of a spooky lady:S Though I don't fear her, hmmmm sometimes I do :S Bas wallah ya bella law tegrah lech!! tekhtar3ain, they have told me stories on how she once told her friend that her son is about to get sick Oo He got sick :|, Oo she knew that one of her girls was about to commit a suicide :S creepy elly whenever she is around I try to avoid eye contacting her, cause she reads your mind as well :/ I know you may not believe what I'm saying, me never believed hal stuff, bas she is "tkhare3" and professional in this field :/

Oo Ham 2odamek sekket safar
yakhcccchy hehehehehehe :pP~~

Stay Safe Girl:*


I don't know about you guys, But I can clearly see a tall girl with, long hair and a short skirt walking beside a chubby girl wearing capri and there is this short fat guy behind them.. I dunno but he looks like a theif or something.. I swear i am not kidding, try finding what I'm talking about

Anti_Reason: hahahahaha...you're right oddamy sekat safar on 4th of July ;)

Mobi: Affa 3aleek a9eerlik "Gar'e'at Fenjan" ;)
and I'm glad you liked the post :)

Tayha: rameena baydana...intee shayfa eeh ya 7aga? LOL
ana ya tayha ma ta3amal ma3a Starbucks coffee in the morning! I have to make Turkish every morning so I can function LOL...so ay wagat meshtahya gahwa turkeya 7ayach :)

True Faith: ya 7ayateee...thank you :*

nooni: I know I have scary cup....6areegee masdooden masdood..LOL
la bas 3ala 6aree the lady you know...I know someone who reads really well too...bas I never believe what they say...I just look at my cup for fun ;)

Shurouq: I see what you see ;)

Purgy: what is the Penguin doing exactly? ;)

Kuwaiti_Man: awal shay 7ayak allah in my blog...I believe this is the first time...o mashallah 3aleek ma dareet inik chethee khebera...LOL
bas 3ala salfat alnooma inta 9aj...kil 6ayer min e3yooni alnoom :(

Goldeneyah: LOL you have one scary relative!! sakenhom eb mesakenhom...hahahahhaha...and ham yes 3indee safra gereeba ;)

Sarah: hahahahhaa that's the first thing I saw in my cup the girl with the short skirt...I don't know how almost everyone else missed it! your good....do you see the guy on her far left? he looks almost like he's dancing...when I saw my cup...I was seeing a busy night club...LOL

"Masdoodon masdoodon masdoodon ya bintee

Don: LOL...Al gawab bayen min 3inwanooo ya khooya ;P

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