Monday, February 28, 2005


One of my good friends is visiting from Kuwait, her family lives here but she decided to go to the “home land” to work there and rediscover her Kuwaiti side (she’s half American) I warned her that things will be different there, I told her it’s not like going home for a short break during Christmas time...I explained to her that she’ll be interacting with more people from different backgrounds and different ideologies…she accepted all the risks and she was hoping while she’s there she’ll find Mr. Perfect who’ll meet her dad standards in a man and make him happy…this girl lives for her family and all she wants to do is to make her parents proud of her…but since she went back she changed a lot…she was this vibrant, funny, full of life kind of person and she came back someone else! It felt like someone sucked all the life out of her…she was stressed from her very demanding job…over worked and very under appreciated…she was surprised how people think of her in terms of her mom being American so they just assume she must be “too free” and that’s totally not the case…she was surprised how always people asked about her family name and what it means to have “A FAMILY NAME” in Kuwait…she had no clue about all these things before she went back…she was telling me how people butt into her business and they wont stop asking her questions…why do you talk with a funny accent…why are your eyes colored…why why why…man why can’t people mind their own fucking business!
she looked very confused when I saw her...I reminded her of all the good time we had together before she left to Kuwait and I reminded her of her old self…I wanted her to go back to the person I know…I really want to see her happy…her mom wants her to stay and find a job here or maybe work on her Masters Degree but her dad is hopping that she will settle in Kuwait and get married…I can see how confusing things could be for her…I just pray she’ll find happiness…she's an amazing person and I wish her well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Are you a half?!

This weekend I met 2 Kuwaiti girls who were visiting a friend of mine…they were both half Kuwaitis…one of them is half Bahraini and the other one is half American and the girl they were visiting is half Palestinian…I was thinking to myself I know a lot of half Kuwaitis…I mean in my family alone I have 3 uncles and my dad who are married to non-Kuwaitis…a German and an American, a British and Bahraini (my mom) and through out the years I met so many half Kuwaitis…it makes me wonder how many half Kuwaitis are out there? I also wonder if there are other bloggers who are half?
Another question I wanna know if there are still young Kuwaiti men who marry non-Kuwaitis? I mean I understand that’s a personal choice and I totally respect that but sheno al3aib eb banat al Kuwait? Ok maybe I know the answer to that but I would like to read your answers.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The little kid in me

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Since the weekend started the weather has been really gloomy…the rain didn’t stop and it was just depressing…my friends called me up to go and see a movie coz there wasn’t much to do…when we got to the movie theatre it seemed like EVERYONE in my State was there...all the new released movies were sold out…so my friends decided to go to GameWorks next door…honestly I almost bailed out on them and I wanted to go home but at the end I caved in…I was thinking to myself I can’t remember the last time I've been to the arcades…I felt like a little kid entering GameWorks…e7im I was the oldest in the group…LOL
We played for hours and hours…I didn’t even realize how long we were there for and I haven’t laughed this hard for a very long time…
Oh yeah just a note…I played formula 1 racing cars or whatever you call it with 4 guys and I was the only girl…e7im I came in 2nd place…LOL…
Over all, I had a blast :)

I almost forgot, another note please ignore my Rasta Tams/hat, I was having a bad hair day...girls you know how it's like ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thank You :*

I would like to thank everyone for their condolences and who shared their concerns for me…I would like to especially thank Purgatory, Rabab and Nanonano who dedicated a post in their blogs for me…I am really lost for words to express my true feelings to every single one of you…Rabab said it best…we meet on daily bases and it feels like a community and more of a family…I never thought I could love and care for people I never met in person…thank you for your support…thank you for being there in sprit…7asait feekom eb `3orberty o allah shahed 3alay.

I would also like to say I’m doing better thanks to all my friends here who surrounded me with their love and concerns…they refused to leave my side until I fell a sleep everyday…I would like to thank my friend who’s a Mormon who had a prayer service for me and my family in her church…it really moved me deeply for her act of kindness and support…I would like to thank my friends in Kuwait who smsed me before they called just to make sure if I knew the news gabel la ye3azoney…I would like to thank my cousin Q8’s Biggest Loser who called me 100 times to check on me and offered her support and love….

And last but not least thank you: nooni, Jackie, mydream, UzF, Goldeneyah, The Don, Shosho, Jewaira, Flamingoliya, mosan mosan, True faith, Q, Bo_Jaij, bora bora, Peach, bo_ghazi, ra-1, Shewrites, tata_botata, Georhythm, Aquamarine, maryam, Shurouq, Gigi, Christina, Pink Sued Shoes, Rayhane Najib, Q80 Chill Girl and NYChick for your comments and support.

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone else but to every single one of you thank you for your support and concerns.

I would like to tell everyone that I’m doing much better al7emdallah…I’m so happy the weekend is here (I don’t have classes on Fridays) I feel I need the time just to reflect and relax…it has been a very long week and my emotions felt as if I was in a roller coaster…so don’t worry I’m a survivor…I won’t let anything to come between me and getting my degree…I’m determined to work harder and graduate to be with my family once and for all…so wish me luck that this semester will go smoothly as possible.
Thanks again.


Jelly Belly

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I wish I knew you better

I got the phone call from my mom a couple of hours ago to let me know my uncle passed away in a car accident…I started crying hysterically…my mom was surprised that I got that emotional…you see I don’t know my uncle very well…my memories of him mostly unpleasant ones…he was always causing trouble but I guess what made me cry and very upset he was young…he wasted his life…I think he was lost…his wife and kids gave up on him and my father and his brothers gave up on him too…it made me sad that he died a lonely man…it made me sad that I never got to know him better…I remember few years back promising myself when I graduate I will make the effort to go and see him and learn more about him but I will never get the chance to do so…allah yer7imik ya 3ami…kint atmana a3arfik a7asan min chethee…ma abee a7ad ye7asebeny 3ala edmo3ee o 7ezeny 3alik….9ij iny ma a3arfik bas allah shahed 3alay inny a7abik…allah yer7imik ya 3ami.

I’m sorry everyone I’m very emotional…I don’t know why I’m even posting this…maybe I needed to express my feelings some way or another…it’s hard being away from family…it’s really hard being alone right now.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day :*

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Happy Valentines Day everyone....May this day be filled with love..single or not...I hope you have an awesome day...Cheers ;)

oh yeah I chose this picture coz I love Pepe`Le of my favorite looney tunes characters...a lover who wont take no for an answer...LOL

Thursday, February 10, 2005


sunset view from my balcony Posted by Hello

Whenever I get the chance I enjoy sitting in my balcony, drinking my coffee and enjoying the beautiful sunsets...I can't describe to you how beautiful the colors are...I just love I took this picture to share it with everyone else...enjoy :)

Monday, February 07, 2005

I need a man to kiss ;)

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I went and saw The Wedding Date, starting the funny Debra Messing from (Will and Grace) and the sexy Dermot Mulroney (Remember him from Julia Roberts movie My Best Friend Wedding) the movie was a good chick flick in my opinion...I haven't seen a good chick flick movies for a while now. Debra was just funny and goofy and Ladies...ooh ladies...Dermot made me miss being kissed by a man...there is this scene in the movie (shown in the picture above) where he almost kisses her but not really...he just whispers in her face...and her knees gets weak...I so want that....LOL
I'm not gonna say more about the movie so you can go and see it...but aaaaaah I wan a man to kiss...I just want to kiss...kiss kiss kiss….LOL ;)

Sunday, February 06, 2005


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Today I’m feeling much better…I had a lot of rest yesterday and a little birdy told me to take a shot of tequila to feel better and voila` here I am I feel great today.
I’m getting ready for Super Bowl (Philadelphia Eagles Vs. New England Patriots)
my friends felt sorry for me since I was sick and all…so they’ll bring the spicy wings, the beer and the snacks over to my place to watch the game…I’m not a big football fan…I’m more of basket ball fan…I’ll be waiting for half time…I can’t wait to watch the ads ( I hope this year ads are better than last year…oh well I know I will be cheering for Philadelphia Eagles since I lived in Pennsylvania and Philly is one of my favorite cities in the states… so GO EAGLES : )

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Charlotte where are you when I need you?

Ok I don’t wanna sound like a spoiled brat…but I’m covered with 2 blankets here on my couch...cold and miserably sick…which made me miss our house keeper in Kuwait (Charlotte) oh I would love it if she would come over here and take care of me…to cook me a delicious chicken corn soup…clean my house…and do my laundry :(

Friday, February 04, 2005

Drama Queen

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I have a friend of mine who is the definition of Drama Queen…she’s very emotional and moody…she changes mood in a second….I love this girl so much but sometimes I don’t know how to deal with all her drama…yesterday she called me crying telling me she tried to commit suicide!! I went crazy…I drove to her place in the middle of the night…she lives 30 minutes away from my house…I was sick and already under the influence of NyQuil….I’m not complaining here because I know if I was in trouble she would come to me in a heartbeat…but what bothered me the most she lied about the suicide …I saw her husband (major jerk) and he told me she created the whole thing…I didn’t believe him at first then he showed me the hospital paper work stating she needs psychiatric help…I cried right there and I told him maybe you drove her to this point…I told him you only married her for the green-card (he’s an Arab) I walked into the house and she was in the bedroom talking to one of her guy friends and crying…I waited for her for at least 20 minutes to end her phone call…I didn’t mention to her that I know about her “suicide” lie…I just went along with her and tried to convince her she needs to see some sort of therapist…I even offered to take her personally…she said she’ll think about it…we talked for a while and she was getting sleepy…I left her place when she finally went to sleep….driving back home all I could think of is how could this strong/independent woman that I met 4 years ago became an emotional basket case? Is it her husband? Well she always dated jerks…she’s a 32 year old woman who acts like a teenager most of the time!
I wanna be the good friend and be there for her but sometimes her drama is way too much to handle…I don’t know what to do with her…I feel guilty ignoring her phone calls because she did a lot to me but yet again I don’t know how to be around her when she’s in her drama phase!
Am I a bad friend?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My new love interest

Mercedes 190 SL Posted by Hello

My new love interest is this classic (1959) Mercedes 190 SL…one of my friends is a car dealer and occasionally he gets classic cars…I fell in love with this red beauty…let me say I’m not a big car expert nor a big fan of sports cars but for some reason I just wuv this car…so maybe just maybe you’ll see me driving this baby along “share3 AlKhaleej” one day :)

please excuse my poor photoshop skills.