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sunset view from my balcony Posted by Hello

Whenever I get the chance I enjoy sitting in my balcony, drinking my coffee and enjoying the beautiful sunsets...I can't describe to you how beautiful the colors are...I just love it...so I took this picture to share it with everyone else...enjoy :)

As you sit on your balcony, sipping your coffee, remember the famous words by Yusif Al-Seba3i as he remembered his true love in AL-A6lal .

Hmm, ok I want to see your face a7san ;)

JB !! hmmm.. ???? Let me just say one thing..
you will really like the story number two I am releasing soon.. keep on checking.. :))

!!! just saw your unky ;)

that really is beautiful!

Jelly Belly:
WOOOW !! Sub7an Allah !! and 7adddddddich mazaaaaaaj !! hehehehe.. Bas ma3thoorah, with a scene this good why not wake up every dawn just to look at that gorgeous sun rise? ;P

Jelly Bunny
With this site you only need a cup of wine and elwajh elhasan, sooooooooo romantic. Ah and don’t forger enigma

Sometimes the most beautiful things in the world are the simple things.Thanks for sharing your view.:)

hmmm.. imagine how those colors would reflect on you.. it would further enhance your beauty.. make you even more radiant than you already are :) don't forget Leo! heheheh give him a kiss from me

ah! If I could just melt in red ;)

jewaira: lel asaf I only know om-kalthom song al-a6lal which is one of my favorite songs of her by the way...I know of Yusif Al-Seba3i but never read any of his stories..maybe you could enlighten me more :)

Purgatory: min 7alat my face...hahahahha...sorry no face pictures...oh what did you mean by unky? is it a typo? I didn't get it? :)

Don Juan: hun I loved the story(ies) I just hope you'll find someone just as romantic as you are :)

Sarah: oh Sarah I can't tell you how beautiful it is espcially on a clear day :)

anonymous: awal shay welcome to my blog o ba3dain I thought no anonymous users could comment in my blog but I guess that's your nick name or something...you should be more creative :P
but yeah mashallah the view is just amazing oh ana 9ij 9a7bat majaz...aswelee gahawa o ag3ad weya my music o my cigarette I enjoy the moment bas 7ata sunrise mo bas sunsets...check a picture I took back in December :)

Rabab: ooh I had that with someone before music and glass of wine but what do you say nothing beautiful last ;)

Christina: that is so true..I do enjoy the little things in the world...sometimes people make fun of me but I'm the type of a person who would smell the flowers every morning...hahahahaha...I'm glad you liked the picture :)

Chubby: oh my my...akhjaltom tawatho3ona my dear chubby...hahahaha...you know me I love to enjoy the moment...and I will kiss leo for you...9ayer wayed lovey dovy hal youmain LOL ;)

Peach: oh sounds great...but do tell me more please ;)

A sunrise to sunset date for JellyBella and a roomfull of your favourite fragrant cyber flowers delivered by Jewaira from your Secret Admirere.
Have a lovely day everyday.

no more! ;)
I just wished I could melt in the red of the sky from the view on ur balcony ;) ah!

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