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I need a man to kiss ;)

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I went and saw The Wedding Date, starting the funny Debra Messing from (Will and Grace) and the sexy Dermot Mulroney (Remember him from Julia Roberts movie My Best Friend Wedding) the movie was a good chick flick in my opinion...I haven't seen a good chick flick movies for a while now. Debra was just funny and goofy and Ladies...ooh ladies...Dermot made me miss being kissed by a man...there is this scene in the movie (shown in the picture above) where he almost kisses her but not really...he just whispers in her face...and her knees gets weak...I so want that....LOL
I'm not gonna say more about the movie so you can go and see it...but aaaaaah I wan a man to kiss...I just want to kiss...kiss kiss kiss….LOL ;)

heheheh....u wanna do bad things to him haa??? ;P

QBL: you already know this...since I've seen the movie all I wanna do is kiss a man ;)

loved it .. one of the best chick flicks ..reminds me of pretty woman but on a classier note :>

If you wanted to kiss any man, ilkood eb bayzah, but it seems you have a special kind of man on your mind ;)

So are you going to share? or Not?
PSS ;)

Mmmm..fuzzy, furry, fantastic feelings :)

georythm: welcome to my blog first of all...and it's so funny you mentioned Pretty Woman coz it did remind me of it too...hahahahahaha.

PSS: no honey I wish I could say yes...I'm just "in heat" and I need to kiss someone LOL
ooh mo ay wa7ed...a good god damn kisser ;)

Jewaira: Oh Jewaira, I miss that feeling ;)

hehehe, jelly belly you are not the only one who needs a man to kiss ;)

im a virgin.... -wanna be kissed- for the very first time :)

Ok, lets do it

Oh to clarify, thats for JB. Anyone else who wants to be kissed stand in line after her :P

I haven't seen the movie yet but isn't that Dermot Mulroney put together so nicely?I'm not a person who goes crazy over actors but WOW! I can understand why you feel the way you do!It would be too hard to watch him and not feel that way......Hint to guys...maybe this is a chick flick you should sit through with a date?:D

damn u JB!!! u must be contagious or something cuz im suddenly feelin a yearnin for a pretty boy maybe somethin jude lawish? with a tan? who will bring me purple baby sunflowers? and some strawberries? so we can..... Bad QBL's doppelgänger down girl!

yeah kiss kiss kiss, i wish i can try a kiss only ,, hmmmm yala jeeboo khal ensawee kiss assosiation of kuwait ?

JEWERA eENATY KILLA ET7ERRREENA sometimes when you talk about love you make me feel this world is so pure and there is no such a man thinks only about sex , we sometimes make me believe men are romantic ....

Give me just few hours with Dermot Mulroney, and i assure you I can do more than just a kiss ;)

hehehe as i read your blog.. something funny happenned.. I turned on the TV and Britney started singing " My loneliness is kill meeeeeee " LOOOOOL I was like WHYYYYYY LORDDDDDD WHYYYYYYYY?

TAKE A NUMBER! ana ga3da a7en gablich 3ala hal mawthooo3.. I puckered up with no one to kiss.. my lips are gonna start getting chapped if I don't kiss soon ;)

Shosho: hahahahhahaha...ooh someone is "in heat" too...call the love Doctor ;)

Vintage: Vintage a.k.a Madonna...hahahahaha ya7leelich wallah first welcome to my blog and second of all we all wanna be "touched for the very first time...like a virgin" ;)

Purgatory: Purgy I'm only gonna kiss you if you are a good kisser ;)

Christina: it is a good date movie and I do think you should go and see it Christina...and yes you'll go Ga Ga for Dermot...maybe you should go alone to enjoy him on screen...LOL

QBL: Sorry hun...hahahahaha...I hope you'll find that tanned Jude...Good Luck ;)

nooni: Rasta baby yalla start the association in Kuwait bas haa you gotta find good kissing men...with nice juicy lips LOL

Rabab: hahahahahhaha ooh Rabab...I'm sure you can do more than kissing...hahahahhaha...bas for me all I want for now is a kiss ;)

Chubby: I'll take a number wala tez3alin bas...hahahahahha...I hope you'll find one to kiss before you lose your beautiful lips looool ;)

Man I just realized a lot of women "in heat" hahahhaha...I'm glad I'm not alone ;)

JB, you have to try to know ;)

I'll take my 2 sisters and we will leave the husbands at home.;)

Purgatory: OK ;)

Christina: you do that and let me know what you think of the movie ;)

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