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Thank You :*

I would like to thank everyone for their condolences and who shared their concerns for me…I would like to especially thank Purgatory, Rabab and Nanonano who dedicated a post in their blogs for me…I am really lost for words to express my true feelings to every single one of you…Rabab said it best…we meet on daily bases and it feels like a community and more of a family…I never thought I could love and care for people I never met in person…thank you for your support…thank you for being there in sprit…7asait feekom eb `3orberty o allah shahed 3alay.

I would also like to say I’m doing better thanks to all my friends here who surrounded me with their love and concerns…they refused to leave my side until I fell a sleep everyday…I would like to thank my friend who’s a Mormon who had a prayer service for me and my family in her church…it really moved me deeply for her act of kindness and support…I would like to thank my friends in Kuwait who smsed me before they called just to make sure if I knew the news gabel la ye3azoney…I would like to thank my cousin Q8’s Biggest Loser who called me 100 times to check on me and offered her support and love….

And last but not least thank you: nooni, Jackie, mydream, UzF, Goldeneyah, The Don, Shosho, Jewaira, Flamingoliya, mosan mosan, True faith, Q, Bo_Jaij, bora bora, Peach, bo_ghazi, ra-1, Shewrites, tata_botata, Georhythm, Aquamarine, maryam, Shurouq, Gigi, Christina, Pink Sued Shoes, Rayhane Najib, Q80 Chill Girl and NYChick for your comments and support.

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone else but to every single one of you thank you for your support and concerns.

I would like to tell everyone that I’m doing much better al7emdallah…I’m so happy the weekend is here (I don’t have classes on Fridays) I feel I need the time just to reflect and relax…it has been a very long week and my emotions felt as if I was in a roller coaster…so don’t worry I’m a survivor…I won’t let anything to come between me and getting my degree…I’m determined to work harder and graduate to be with my family once and for all…so wish me luck that this semester will go smoothly as possible.
Thanks again.


Jelly Belly

Sending all of my luck to you!Glad to hear you feel better and have so much determination.That will carry you far.:)

Glad to see your getting better, keep up the high spirits and inshallah all will be good :)

I’m glad to see you up and about again sweet jella bella.. I love that spirit of yours.. I know that you are going to do well in school.. because I can feel the power you have when you determine to do something..
Smoking is not the case here though.. LOL

And you don’t have to thank me.. don’t mention it really.. I wish I could have done more…

Anyway, take good care of your self, and easy on the smoking.. :P

b3ad 3omry... that's the least thing that we can do to make you feel better.. :*

take care of our self Oo eat well...


welcome back jelly! it's good to see that ur feeling better and ready to go through with the semester. gluck sis! :)

That’s the spirit girl, glad to know you’re ok now. And hope that we could have done more but as you know .. wait here is something I hear, can you hear it:
Smile a little smile for me… Rose Mary, Rose Maryyyyyyyyyy
Love you babe wi inshalla ni7tifil eb takharojich soon, even if it was only through the net :)

way to go, that's my girl ;) I'm so glad your ok & bk in the game sweety o el 7amdilla for all your friends and loved ones & for the weekend .. you always say 7amdilla for a weekend .. it's what keeps us sain ;) Take long walks in that lovely red sun rise of yours and be good ;*

I knew u will get through it hun :* el7mdellah ur feeling better & with all the things u said u will do for him & his family when ur back home i think u will make him happy, even if he left this world you are still here to be there for him :*

Oo kel hal ehtemam feech tra it came originally mn 6ebat glbch u truelly touched every one that commented for you in a way or an other else why would they come to be there for you if you didn't have such a pure heart ?

I wish you all the best dear ((hug))

Christina: Thanks hun...I need all the luck in the world...I'm trying my best :)

Purgatory: I'm trying to keep up the high spirts...thanks to you and to everyone else who supported me..your simply za best ;)

Don: you have done a lot...just by your sweet comments and yeah about smoking hahahaha, yeah I still don't have enough will power to quit...especially after hearing the news I have been smoking a pack a day but I know I have to work harder on that...wish me luck!

Goldeneyah: 7abebty thank you bas eating is all I'm doing which is bad coz I'm an emotional eater...I have to get back on a diet otherwise I will gain more unwanted weight.

Aquamarine: thanks 7abebety...I'm trying to catch up on all the things that I missed school wise..bas al7emdallah doing much better :)

Rabab: thanks 7abebty for all your sweet words...o ameeeeeen 3ala ale7tefal for my graduation...abee virtual thebaye7 o abee virtual noon...hahahahhaha...love you hun :*

Peach: thanks 7abebety walla for everything..o what walk under the sun? min beda alweekend and the weather is gloomy...it has been raining like crazy...I can't stand rain, it just depresses me...I hope we'll see some sun soon :)

QCG: 7ayati walla...intay ilee 6ayba o 7abooba...o mashkora ya galbi I'm doing well with everyones support (sending you a virtual hug)

Better than all the rest ;)?

: )

ah Jee honey I'm sorry, I hope it's all sunny by now! hit me bk with a comment o 6amneeni, how is it going at school?

Beloved sun ..
Show me your face ..
So that I bloom under your glow ..
& run to the yard with all my grace

mumble this little charm to yourself kitten it'll make you feel better ;) Scream it even! great presure vent ;)

Purgatory: Do I really need to answer that? :P

True Faith (:

Peach: are you a witch doctor of some sort? LOL
today there is some sunshine...which I will take any time over rain...your good...
school is going well babe...I have Monday off which good...a very long relaxing weekend :)

7amdilla for the weekend! ;)

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