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Happy Valentines Day :*

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Happy Valentines Day everyone....May this day be filled with love..single or not...I hope you have an awesome day...Cheers ;)

oh yeah I chose this picture coz I love Pepe`Le Pew...one of my favorite looney tunes characters...a lover who wont take no for an answer...LOL

I love LePew's persistance too ;)He's hilarious.


Happy Valentines to you my dear

way to go LePew .. we could learn a thing or two from him can't we ;)
happy Vday Jelly .. wish the same to you ;)

i like the democracy; "single or not"! lol
happy love day for you too friend!

My favorite!!!Pepe`Le Pew.:D How perfect for Valentines Day!Hope everyone has a wonderful day doing whatever makes you happiest.May love find you all!


Jelly Belly:
Happppy Valen6inezzzz to do yooooou tooo !! Man.. today should be a day full of love and happy thoughts but all you can think about in Kuwait is Rafeeq Il 7areeri !! So sad and quite scary !! Anyways .. I dont wanna be a downer so Happy Valentines to y'all !!
PS. Hypothetically speaking, What would be a perfect Valentines present for a woman/lady/girl ? What does a female look for in a present (to be more precise :P )??

mwah!....luv ya babes.....fam is precious

Have a lovey, dovy,
Active, productive
Yet luscious, delicious
With mmaculate chocolate
And oozy boozy
With doses of roses
In a divine Valentine

Jewaira: hahahahaha I know that's why I love him ;)

Purgatory: /me winks back right atcha ya ;)

Don Juan: Hun sometimes No means Yes...women love to give out mix messages...come on I thought you knew that already ;P

Peach: hahahaha he showers les femme with flowers...yes we sure can learn a couple of things from him ;)

uzf: hahahahaha I'm all about "democracy" I hope u have an awesome valentines day...although it's Monday and it's the first week of exams...but I'm sure you'll do something fun ;)

Chris: wow! Another Le Pews fan...hahahahaha that's great...Happy Valentines Day sweetie...I hope you have a great day in the very cold Ohio…hahahaha sorry I couldn't help it ;)

Portuga: I know I heard the news before I left to school and a couple of my Lebanese friends are very emotional today at school...they are so worried that this will start a new cycle of violence in Lebanon...let's just hope and pray things will not escalate...
ok on a lighter note...well what should you give a woman as gift for valentines day...well personally all I seek for is attention...I want to be a day about me...I don't want the expensive gifts...I want a day of fun...you see I think it differs from one woman to another...some girls like to be showered by gifts…so that's my answer...I don't know if I helped at all :P

QBL: My favorite cousin...Happy Valentines Day sweetie...I know you are an Anti-Valentine but feel the love...hahahaha...love you :*

Rabab: thanks babe for your sweet words...I wish you love and happiness in this day to you and to everyone else.

let me fill you in a little bit on my Valentines day so far...I went to school...I saw a lot of couples holding hands...made me jealous ishwaya bas...hahahahha...then I went to get hair color and hair cut...I love my new look...I'm back to my natural black hair...and I will be going to see Tripiti for thriding (7afafa) hahahahha...when I get done...I'm gonna go out with a big group of friends as a huge date...we decided couples and singles should go as a group out today to have fun...so I will let you know how the days end...

Happy Valentines Day everyone...to everyone in Kuwait and else where who already celebrated Valentines day I hope you had a great time...and for the people who didn't celebrate Valentines yet...I hope you’ll have a kick ass time :*

Hmmmmmmm 7afafa ha? Wsalow amreeka ba3ad? Interesting, back when I was in the States I learned how to do it myself coz everyone else was waxing. And hey, I got a sweet bouquet of flowers which totally took me by surprise, it was so sweet ;)
And oh there was a typing mistake on my last comment; mmaculate= immaculate, I guess the chocolates were so tempting that I ate the “I” LOL

Oh le Pew the ideal lover.. have a happy lakers day

:* :* enjoy love ,, happy v.day sugar :*:*:*

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