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I wish I knew you better

I got the phone call from my mom a couple of hours ago to let me know my uncle passed away in a car accident…I started crying hysterically…my mom was surprised that I got that emotional…you see I don’t know my uncle very well…my memories of him mostly unpleasant ones…he was always causing trouble but I guess what made me cry and very upset he was young…he wasted his life…I think he was lost…his wife and kids gave up on him and my father and his brothers gave up on him too…it made me sad that he died a lonely man…it made me sad that I never got to know him better…I remember few years back promising myself when I graduate I will make the effort to go and see him and learn more about him but I will never get the chance to do so…allah yer7imik ya 3ami…kint atmana a3arfik a7asan min chethee…ma abee a7ad ye7asebeny 3ala edmo3ee o 7ezeny 3alik….9ij iny ma a3arfik bas allah shahed 3alay inny a7abik…allah yer7imik ya 3ami.

I’m sorry everyone I’m very emotional…I don’t know why I’m even posting this…maybe I needed to express my feelings some way or another…it’s hard being away from family…it’s really hard being alone right now.

3atham alla ajrech sweety, please take good care of yourself.

allah yer7amah oo ya'3ferlah
3atham allah ajrech jello sugar :*
ed3elah bil ra7mah o al ma'3ferah o 9alelah 3asa alla ya'3fral or waqf bil denya , o inshalla etkoneen eb chithi 3arafteeeh akthar min '3eerich oo sanadteeh youm ma yenfaah shay. 7beebty jello sugar agrech bil denya oo al akhrah ya rab ameeen :*
al buga ebrasich.
ma buga shay inshalla o terge3een dertech oo eblamat ahalich o tet7al6emeeen 3ala al deera nafs kil ily yerje3oon oo et3adey, ma buga shay 7beebty .

3atham Alla Ajrech Babes.. I feel very sad for you walla.. :/ I hope you get through this.. I just can't think of what else to say except really really take care of yourself..

allah ye7emah..i wish i was there to hug u darling..the only thing u can do is read Qura'an that will give u a relief

3atham allah ajrech dear

3atham allah ajrech jellybelly
pray for his soul and let him live inside you..

Hey JellyBelly... I know that this is the first time to comment over here... I've just checked purgs blog, and all I can say sorry that your uncle passed away... I know it's hard for you to be away from your family.. but I guess that you are strong enough to confront these kind of situations alone... 3atham allah ajrech dear... Oo allah yer7emah..
take care of your self...
sorry again

May he rest in peace.. I am so glad that you posted this, because you know that we are all here for you.. to lift you up when you’re down, even when we are thousands of miles away.. We love you and care for you, even if we never met.. seek us for comfort and we shall give it to you.. We are all here for you JB.. all of us.. We love you Jelly Belly, remember that...

Jelly Bunny
May his soul rest in peace
I dedicated my post to you in a hope of being of some consolation.

3atham allah ajrech JB, o 3asa ekoon akher a7zankum.

Purgatory: ajerna o ajrek dear...wallah I don't know what to say...thank you for the post and your sweet words...I can't tell you how moved I am right now...Don't worry about me...I will be ok..some of my friends are coming over now...I needed some time alone but I guess it's better to have company right now but again thank you for everything :*

nooni: ameen ya rab...o ajerna o ajrech 7abebety...mashkoora 3ala da3wetich laha bel ra7ma o alma`3fera...ana ga3da ad3eela 6ool alyoum...allah kareem inshallah.

Jackie: Ajerna o ajrech 7abebty...mashkora ya galbi for your concerns...I'm trying to hold up but it is hard...wala the older I get the harder it is to control my emotions...I don't know why...bas allah kareem inshallah.

nanonano: mashkoora 7abebty..wala min sema3at alkhabar o ana ga3da agra Qura'an o atamana min raby inna yestejeb da3waty laha o we`3aferla we wase3 3aleeh gabara..9ij ana insana mo medayana bas wallah ga3da ada3ee rabey ina yestejeeblee ya rab.

mydream: ajerna o ajrech 7abebety..thank you.

uzf: ajerna o ajerik dear...wallah I have been praying all day today..all I could think of is some of the sweet memories I shared it with him...allah yer7oma.

Goldeneyah: I found out from your comment that Purgatory posted something so thank you o 7ayach allah 7abebty eb my blog...o ajerna o ajerich mashkora 3ala your sweet words..

Don: thank you for your sweet words dear..the feeling is mutual wallah...I know that you guys are here for me when I need you and I swear this means a lot to me...words can't describe my feelings right now...all I could say is thank you.

Rabab: your sweet poem and words made me cry...I can't tell you exactly how I feel...it's very touching that a person I only met through the net never could get through to me like you did...I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words and support..wallah eb `3orbety 7asait inny bain ahaly because of your post...thank you :*

Shosho: ajerna o ajerich 7abebty o ameen...mashkoora ya galbi

I just wanna say thank you to everyone...I swear this means a lot to me...I'm still very emotional and every time the phone rings 3ashan a7ad ye3azeeni I break down and cry...I know it's gonna take me some time to get over it...all I could think of is my dad losing his baby brother...and for some reason I'm haunted by this one black and white picture I have of my dad and my uncle back in the 60's...my dad carrying his baby brother on his shoulders...I can't stop thinking of that picture!
I have to call my dad shortly before ma yero7 al3aza o a3azeeh I just hope I will be strong enough to hold back my tears...I know it must be really hard on him...allah ye9aber eglobna weglob aljeme3 inshallah.

Jelly Bella
Atham Allah Ajerkum darling. You know that death is only a different level and perhaps it is a release from the dues we must pay of life on this planet.

The parting is most difficult, even if you were not close. Being away from home makes it doubly hard.

Don't forget to pray for his soul and to ease your heart.

3atham allah ajrich

My heartfelt condolences to you , I feel sad that you are sad, be strong and we will be here for you.

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May he rest in peace..

Ask Allah to forgive him and make heaven his last stop.

3atham alla ajrich Jelly Belly :/

Allah yer7oma and may his soul rest in peace inshallah

Try not to let any guilt feeling get into you, you are not being fair to yourself if you let that happen. You don't have to be very close to a person to love him and be just as compassionate.

Remember the good things and ignore the rest

3atham allah ajrich jelly belly wa allah ysabbirkom inshallah...

Darling I’m so sorry ;( 3atham allah ajrich o allah yir7ima inshalla o yaghfirla ..
Honey do me a favor! Go bk up and start re-reading all your comment cuz every word in them is valuable and every word is just for you .. we do love you very much & we are with u .. yes with u .. u are not alone!
Don’t be so sad about not knowing him ;( It’s just the way things were meant to be! I read somewhere that “knowing someone is what we do to them when they are not there”. And if you Listen to UzF .. “ let him live in your heart “ you will end up knowing your uncle even in death. Uz’s advice is most precious and brave.
There is a lesson here .. age ain’t nothing but a number .. deaths timing is it’s own, it does not understand numbers. Be everything u want to be & do everything you want to do now .. we don’t know about later! But now is ours. And a life is too precious to waste.

Hugs & kisses for Jelly Bean
And a shoulder to cry on .. :*

3atham allah ajrich JB, o allah esabirkom inshallah.

JB dear 3atham ALLAH ajrech :(
ALLAH yer7em o ya'3ferla
he needs your prayers ...

HOW ARE you today jello sugar?


3athum allah ajrich.

I'm sorry for your loss.


sorry for you lose. I do not know you but I know death well. It has entered your life now and it will alter something in you, please be ready and embrace that change in you.
May his soul rest in peace and for his family to find solace in the peacfulness of his existance now.
be strong

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3atham allah ajrich dear :/

3atham Allah ajrich inshalah. hope u feel better..

3atham allah ajrich. It's good to talk about your feelings

Dear Jelly Belly,
So sorry to hear about your uncle..
You'll get through it, I promise.

Inshalla this is the last you hear of loss.

I'll go check your earlier posts now, since it's my first time here... I think! :)

Hang in there and stay strong.

I'm really bad at this. But just wanted to say don't forget him in your prayers. Also, say a kind word about him to his kids if you can. It must be hard for them to have had a father everyone had given up on.

Gigi, awkwardly

3athem allah ajrek babe and gigi's got a really good point.... i think!

So sorry to hear about your Uncle.

3atham Allah Ajrech J.B.B.,

It's very very very hard being alone away from your family in a time like this, but don't worry humans have been built for resilience.

You need to give yourself the time necessary to get over his death. So Grieve as much as you need to and don't feel you have to put on a Strong Character and Stiff Upper Lip.

Personally, I view Death as a Natural Progression of any person's Life, so I have to come to accept it... Doesn't change the fact though that You Miss them terribly...

Don't think of it as the "end", think of it as a "beginning".

ina lilah wa ina ilayhi rajioun

Allah yer7uma wy'3amed ro7a eljannah ya rb, I am truelly sorry for your lost & hope that you will try to do some good deeds on his behalf to benifit him even when he is not here with us. glbi m3ach dear I hope you will feel better soon & keep him in your heart :*

Jewaira: ajerna o ajerich 7abebty, thank you…and I understand what you are saying…I guess when I first heard the news it was in a state of shock…but I do pray that he’s in a better place now.

Flamingoliya: ajerna o ajerich, thank you.

mosan: Thank you dear, I’m trying to be strong…I can’t let my emotions take over me…especially I’m working hard this semester to graduate...but I guess I couldn’t bare the idea of losing someone I wish I have known him better...allah kareem

True-Faith: Ameen, I have been praying for him.

Q: ajerna o ajerik, thank you.

Bo_Jaij: first of all your comment really moved me and I feel I owe you an apology for all the times I have been an ass to you with my comments…I’m sorry.
Thank you for your sweet words and I am trying not to feel guilty over the whole thing…I did stop the what if questions o ga3dat agool hatha gatha allah o gadara…who am I to question it…allah yer7oma and I will cherish the few memories I have of him.

bora bora: ajerna o ajerich, ameen, thank you.

Peach: ajerna o ajerich, ameen 7abebty and thank you…I will try to cherish his memories and he will live on in my heart…allah yer7oma.

bo_ghazi: ajerna o ajerik, inshallah.

ra-1: ajerna o ajerich, ameen o I have been praying for him inna allah yewase3 3aleeh gabra o yedkhala aljana inshallah.

nooni: al7emdallah doing much better, taking one day at a time.

Shewrites: ajerna o ajerich, thank you.

Beatnik: Thank you dear for your sweet words and I will be strong…it’s funny how death creeps up on you without thinking about it…I guess I never think about death that much…but since my uncles death all I want to do is graduate and go back home…I have missed out in years and years of my family…I wanna reconnect with every single one of them and not have the thought what if I did this or that…so allah yer7oma ra7 yekon dafe3 ley inshallah.

Tata-botata :)

Georhythm: ajerna o ajerich, thank you.

Aquamarine: ajerna o ajerich, al7emdallah taking one day at a time.

maryam: ajerna o ajerich, wallah I have been talking about my feelings and al7emdallah it is helping.

Shurouq: thanks dear, I will do my best to be strong…thank you for your support.

Gigi: thank you dear, I will do that and I will try to reconnect with his kids and try to know him better through them…I will always remember him in my prayers…allah yer7oma inshallah.

QBL: thanks hun, I will do my best to do that once I get back home.

Christina: Thank you dear.

PSS: ajerna o ajerich, thank you for your support dear…I have been grieving in my own way…I needed some time by myself to think and rethink about a lot of things in my life…allah yer7oma I may not known him very well but he made me realize a lot of things…I really felt I will be a better niece/cousin to my family and I promised myself I will make the effort to work on family o atmana by doing this I will have some peace with myself.

Rayhane Najib: w’salam, thank you dear.

QCG: Mashkoora ya galbi, I will do that inshallah as soon as I get back home…I will work harder in many things in my life…try to reconnect with family and his kids o I will be praying for him inshallah…allah yer7oma…and don’t worry honey I’m doing better today…I guess I really felt home sick when I heard the news…I really wanted to be with my family but my friends really gave me the support I needed…I’m so blessed to have so many loving and caring friends. Thanks again 7abebety.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and love...I'm doing much better now al7emdallah...taking one day at a time.

That is so sad, it makes me put my life into perspective. There may be no tomorrow!

todd: it is sad how death is so unexpected, my uncle was young and he lost his life in a second...believe me I started rethinking a lot of things in my life after his death...I believe we should live life to the fullest and never second guess things we wanna do...live everyday as if it is your last day!

Dear JB
3a9'am allah ajrech o allah ur7mah inshallah o u9ber globkom.

NyChick: Ajerna o ajerich 7abebty mashkoora.

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