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The little kid in me

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Since the weekend started the weather has been really gloomy…the rain didn’t stop and it was just depressing…my friends called me up to go and see a movie coz there wasn’t much to do…when we got to the movie theatre it seemed like EVERYONE in my State was there...all the new released movies were sold out…so my friends decided to go to GameWorks next door…honestly I almost bailed out on them and I wanted to go home but at the end I caved in…I was thinking to myself I can’t remember the last time I've been to the arcades…I felt like a little kid entering GameWorks…e7im I was the oldest in the group…LOL
We played for hours and hours…I didn’t even realize how long we were there for and I haven’t laughed this hard for a very long time…
Oh yeah just a note…I played formula 1 racing cars or whatever you call it with 4 guys and I was the only girl…e7im I came in 2nd place…LOL…
Over all, I had a blast :)

I almost forgot, another note please ignore my Rasta Tams/hat, I was having a bad hair day...girls you know how it's like ;)

But not #1st :PPP

woohoo that is cool! haha I so wish I was u right now, or at least with you! ;D it feels so good to be a kid once in a while doesn't it! ;)
And here I thought I was having fun knitting lool. Keep on having those good times girl, I love to read about them ;)

the don
what's wrong with 2nd? she scored a win-win. she won & shared in the glory of winning with another ;)

follow the bouncing balls


nice nice :)

Glad you had a good day kiddo, and second with men is first ;)

Don: I came in 2nd and that's good enough for me...don't forget I still kicked 3 other guys asses
yalla me and you...GameWorks and will see who will take first place :P

Peach: you tell him sister...LOL
yalla inshallah when I get back home...we'll both go to GameWorks and act like kids all day long ;)

Bo_Jaij: congrats on your new blog :)

nooni ;*

Purgatory: it was very nice...yalla you should do it one time..ishrayik you join me and Peach one day at GameWorks? ;)

Rabab: wallah I had a good time, I consider myself a winner even if I came in second :)

two of my favorite women, how can I ever resist ;)?

Glad u had fun dear :}

& 2nd is not bad at all ;p

Purgy: akeed you won't resist :P

QCG: al7emdallah it was fun...and tell that to Don :)

alright then....who won for the indy formula game?...smile and takecr....
frm mye...

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