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My new love interest

Mercedes 190 SL Posted by Hello

My new love interest is this classic (1959) Mercedes 190 SL…one of my friends is a car dealer and occasionally he gets classic cars…I fell in love with this red beauty…let me say I’m not a big car expert nor a big fan of sports cars but for some reason I just wuv this car…so maybe just maybe you’ll see me driving this baby along “share3 AlKhaleej” one day :)

please excuse my poor photoshop skills.

allah 7elwa :P please moreny 3ayal

good taste, go 4 it and bring it with u

NICE NICE! me want too [with you in it of course ;)]

I like it and also like the changes on ur theme. Man; my hard disk crashed, and I have been away form the net for only 2 days and the whole blogging arena changes. Now I feel so outdated

heeeeeeeeeeeeey baby ,,, got this chick don't miss it maan its beautiful ... me wuv it too :))

Like the changes in your blog jelly belly

mydream: affa 3aleech amorich o inro7 share3 alma6a3em for shawarma o cocktail...yummy I miss it ;)

mosan: you likey? well I don't know yet about bringing it home...I'm still negotiating with daddy :D

Purgatory: oh baby you wanna ride with me? ;)

nooni: Rasta baby...you know how to appreciate beauty ;)

Rabab & Jewaira: I'm still experimenting with the templates...almishkila I get sick of the same color ebser3a...so bare with the changes from time to time :)

Thats a sweet ride and I like your site.

kirk: thanks dear and welcome to my blog :)



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Purgatory: I'm not evil, I'm just an angel in an evil world :P

nice pic...the one next to ur name the one in the flamenco dress ....i just noticed it ...it reminds me of u a bit

Q8's Biggest Loser: hahahahahaha I liked the picture coz it's sexy just like me ;)
and I think it reminds you of me because of her booty LOL
Ole ole...ole ole...Ole ole...ole ole
we go rum-bum-bum-bum
Yeah we rum-bum-bum-bum
Feeling hot hot hot...Feeling hot hot hot

Ok I know you wanna shoot me now...LOL
but you wuv me coz I'm your favorite cousin in the whole wide world :P

lool exactly that ghetto booty :P

ghetto booty haaaa?! somebody is jealous...at least I have a booty :P

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