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Today I’m feeling much better…I had a lot of rest yesterday and a little birdy told me to take a shot of tequila to feel better and voila` here I am I feel great today.
I’m getting ready for Super Bowl (Philadelphia Eagles Vs. New England Patriots)
my friends felt sorry for me since I was sick and all…so they’ll bring the spicy wings, the beer and the snacks over to my place to watch the game…I’m not a big football fan…I’m more of basket ball fan…I’ll be waiting for half time…I can’t wait to watch the ads (http://dyn.ifilm.com/superbowlads/) I hope this year ads are better than last year…oh well I know I will be cheering for Philadelphia Eagles since I lived in Pennsylvania and Philly is one of my favorite cities in the states… so GO EAGLES : )

JB, happy your better ;)

Yyyyyellooow Jelly Belly:
Its goood to know ur recovering from ur illness !!
One question though for y'all which has nothing to do with you JB: Is laziness an illness or not ?? hehehe
Hope Eagles win babe ;) and never forgot to ROCK ON !!!!

Ok so the Eagles lost, it's ok there is always next year...hahahahhaha...the ads were not all that either...imagine a 30 second ad costs 2.4 million dollars and nothing that creative! I was really disappointed with Budweiser and Heineken…I miss ads like the Wass-up guys or the talking frogs…the good old ads.
But if I have to pick a favorite it will have to be an ad for a mortgage company Ameriquest: https://www.ameriquestmortgage.com/welcome.html?ad=google01&keywords=ameriquest&SOURCE=goog&KEYWORD=ameriquest

I think I have a beer belly and my lips are burning from all the spicy wings I had…hahahhahaha…over all it was fun.

Purgatory: I’m happy I’m better too ;)

Portuga: affa ya Portuga ana lazy? :P

Hard luck darling ;-)
اليوم قعدت من النوم و الا حماي داق علي يقول لي منو غلب؟أكيد أنا ما فهمت ما أدري على شنو يتكلم طلع البارحه الناس خبه على
Super ball

المهم حماي ضاق خلقه على النتيجه


McNabb, Trotter, Mitchell, T.O, are not superbowl quality.. they can can dance and talk but they cant play.. ok maybe McNabb deserves a ring.

Colts shouldve been in the superbowl, but who can beat the Pats..

Anyhow, I liked the Ford Mustang AD, and the Verizon minaturization AD.

GOod day.

nanonano: awal shay 7aya allah nanonano ana gelt em7arba my blog wallah min zeman ma nawarteeni...hahahaha..o ba3dain wala 7abeet 7amach...hahahaha...gooleela yalla ma3aleeh there is always next year o ana roo7ee reyatheya ;)

مبتدئ:It was a close game and they did play pretty well but I won't be a sore loser and I have to say congrats to the Patriots :P

Jelly Belly:
I wasn't talking directly at you !! It was a hypothetical question !! heheheh .. And another thing .. being lazy feeels great .. hehe trust me !!
Sorry about the EAGLES !! ROCK ON woman ;)

Hi Jelly :)


Dynasty babyyyyyyyy!!

Like Purg I am happy ur better and am happy ur happy that ur better lol .. but the tequila! Babe!! Original ;) loool
And lazy is not an illness!
It’s a choise ;)
Oooh yeah ..
Purg will be agreeing with me on this one I’m sure since it’s also one of his choices hehee

Glad to know you are ok now.

Portuga: hahahahahha...yes sure you didn't mean it..I think I just "inspired" you with the lazy question? :P
being lazy is good sometimes as long as you don't overdose :P

Q: yal Gobesa :P
there is always next year :PPPPPPPPPP

Peach: I'm happy that your happy about me being happy...hahahahaha and yeah Tequila did the magic trick...although I think Tequila is the Devil...LOL

Rabab: thanks hun...I feel a lot better and the weather is just amazing my mood is great :))))))

tweet tweet glad the tequila did the trick.....as for the game ....come on u knew the Pats were gonna win...its new englands year to shine baby!!! hehe speakin of which i still haven't picked up a world series shirt

OK Q was bad luck and Q8's Biggest Loser since you moved to the New England area, Red Sox won the world series and now Patriot wins the Super Bowl for the 3rd year in a row....you are their lucky charm....agool move back to the west coast...hahahahahaha...
and thanks for the magic trick ;)

hmmm... now that i think about it its true... hmmm maybe the west coast will pay me to come back??? wishful thinkin ....im also a good charm for black jack players if anyone wants to take me to vegas???

Honey will take you back to win championships again...we have been in a losing streak since you left :P

ooh Vegas...yalla fooga? :P

tara i keep checking your blog but some times i can not relate to them so i enjoy reading them darling...we ba3dain entay 7abbatay 7amay we hatha entay mo shayfetah..alla ey3ien law ethshofinah....EMSAKTT

nanonano: 7abebety wallah...7ayach allah dayaman...3azeeza o `3alaya eb comment wala bedon comment...hahahahhaaha...o 3ala 6areee 7amach...ehowa nafsa al6oweel? yalla ana bared bel 9aif o hala hala ;)
7ababty walla :*

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