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Vote for Jelly Belly

There are 10 days left for the first Kuwait Academy Blogger Awards and I'm nominated for Sexy Female Blogger.
My campaign manager Q80-Demon have been working extra hard on my campaign trail...thanks to him I had a week full of interviews and I was a guest in many TV shows, here are some of them:

Jay Leno got to see the funny side of Jelly Belly.

Me and Oprah got to discuss real women issues.

Larry King and me went over my world peace campaign.

Chris Matthews was just speechless at the end of my interview.

Me and Diane Sawyer go way back.

Don't forget to check the new issue of PlayBoy coming soon in a stand near you ;)

Hurry up and cast your votes here
Remember Jelly Belly, The Real Thing ;)

hahahahahahahahah :) I would give you 1000 votes if I could :)

You're awesome

damn girl! hubba hubba!

how sweet is your manager 7abeeeeeeetah ,beyakhod al 3a2el.

yala good luck sexy butt

JLO is screaming somewhere

"Jelly BellY has a Better Butt!"

Rest assured girl, ur winning ;)


Although I wanted nothing to do with shitty academy after seeing your post I will vote for you..

You made my birthday

hehehehhehe hilarious

I find it puzzling how quickly your weight fluctuated throughout the days of intense public appearances.

I think your manager did not hire a good PT for you!

Good luck with the awards..I'm sure you will do well :-*

Damn Girl! You made me break out in laughter!
hehe amazing campaign! SO GOING TO VOTE FOR YOU!

you my friend, are A RIOT!!

looooooooooooooooool loved it!

ull not get the voted unless u go to hala sarhan o halima boland:P

g luck


Bes I have a confession.. guilt is eating me up.
I voted Jewaira.

:*** Love you

Purgy: ya ba3d shabzi valla :*

Papi: No, You're awesome ;)

Perseus: You likey? ;)

Judy: My manager is simply the best...he really worked hard for my campiagn ;)

Beyond Q8iya: hahahahaha..Jelly Belly is singing "My hump my hump my hump my hump my hump..my lovely lady lumps" ;)

mosan: mosan baby without you I don't know what to do ;*

D: welcome to my blog dear :)

Babbler: hahahahaha you see babbler I'm like a baloon..ebser3a antefekh o anfash ;)

Baroque: hahahaha, I'm glad you liked my campaign, thanks for your vote ;)

ZinZin: Thanks! ;)

Tequila: I'm glad you did babe :*

Kila Ma6goog: LOL, it9adeg ma meddany aswee lega'at ma7leya ba3d :P

Shurouq: affa ya sun-shine ana ana I voted for you and you don't vote for me..anaaaaa? :P
hahahahahaha 7abebety I don't think there is anyone sexier than Lady J herself...I love you too :*

LOOL ish.hazain !

wallah you deserve it ;*

You had my vote jelly belly until I saw that picture of you on the cover of playboy magazine, what a shame!:(

I subscribe to HUSTLER only...


Etyannineeeeen =D

Mother Courage: Thanks babe :*

Jashanmal: LOL, come on PlayBoy has more tasteful pictures and Hugh is an old buddy ;)

NuNu: walla intay ilee etyaneen ;*

I'm in, I'm in

That was hilarious and VERY creative :) LOL.

Wish you the best of luck and you are DEFINITELY the Sexiest Female Blogger around! ;)

Don't worry I casted my vote ;)

Don: You're in You're in ;P

Jaded Saudi: hahahahahaha thanks Sarooh! my campain manager did an awesome job ;)
thanks for your vote :*

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