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Sick as a Dog :(

Coughing, wheezing and fever...I have Pneumonia...my chest hurt and I can't breath...no one to take care of me...I wanna be home so bad...I miss my mommy :(

Yes, it's ok to act like a big baby when I'm sick :P

and I'm comfortably numb on Codeine....LOL

Almost everybody I talked to in the past couple of days is sick! I'm crossing my fingers I don't get it anytime soon. Last thing I need.

Get well soon.

salamaat get well soon :)

salamat.. me too cant seem to shake it

There, there! J comes in with warm hugs and kisses and tall glasses of hot lemon water with honey. Get well soon and salamat!

Feeni wala feech!

wala loo agder a3bur il ba7ar asaweelich shorba 7arra oo arja3 chan sawayt-ha .. lakin ta'ti ireyya7o bima la tashtahi isufunooo..

Hope u feel better :D

3ad wana mareeth bamreeka ma agool 7ag a7ad 3ashan ma i7atoon fa atla77af ibroo7i kha6eyya :( .. 3ad wana 3al makhadda ashtihi AKIL il bayt ib 3unf! wala i used to literally smell the food oo atkhayal ini ga3ed akil!

allah y3eeenich.. yala takharijjay


Oh you poor girl :( Maat shoofeen shar...pneumonia 3aad? Miskeena oo kisartay 5a6ri. Take care and get well soon, wish there was some way mommies could be FedExed overnight...

Ms Baker

Salamtich 7abeebti, hope you get well soon ;*

Salamaaaaaaat :(...hope you get well Soon

Salamtich o matshoofeen shar :(

Salamaaat :/

Jandeef: inshallah you wont get sick dear, e7na al jaw 3indena ishwaya yemareth...one day it's cold and the next it's hot.
I better get well soon, I have 2 tests, a project and a paper due for next week...thanks hon :*

Purgy: allah yesalmik hon :*

mosan: allah yesalmik dear, I hope you feel better too :*

Jewaira: Oh my dear dear Jewaira, I swear although it was only a virtual hug and a kiss bas ew9alat :*

Mobi: ya ba3ad 3omery wallah :*
isket ya mobi ma tetkhaial ishkether I wanna be home at this moment...walhana 3ala ahali eb shakil mo 6abe3ee o 9adegeni shada 7ailee...I really wanna get done...malait min 3eeshat al`3orba :(

Ms.Baker: Thanks hon :*
I wish you could FedEx my mom too...edahin 9aderee eb vicks and she makes me all the weird home remedies to drink...bas bas I better stop or I will cry :(

NuNu: allah yesalmich babe, thank you :*

Rimyoleta: allah yesalmich hon :*

ShoSho: alshar ma eyeech 7abebty :*

Laialy: allah yesalmich 7abebty :*

Hey JB Salamaat!

Something to cheer you up: Monty Python's Argument Clinic.

and the Norwegian Blue.

Get Well Sooooon :D

I'm sorry I'm late, Salamat!!

Hope you feel better soon.

I just made a big pot of chicken soup. Lots of carrots, celery, garlic and spinach, wish I could send you some.Everyone is sick around here, I make the soup to ward it off before it gets here.

Have some tea, take your meds and sleep all that you can. Hopig you feel better very soon.:)

That should be hoping.:o

Perseus: I loved your little gift to cheer me up...your simply the best :*

PhotoFlow: allah yesalmich 7abebety :*

Reema: Thanks babe :*

Christina: Thank you so much hon :*
I could taste that soup...hahahahah...I have been making myself a lot campbell soup and I have been drinking a lot of tea with lemon...I'm really working hard to stay healthy I really can't afford being sick now :(

salamattttt sweetycakes!! ;*
matshoofeen shar!! go to the nearest quiznos and get a cup of soup or chowder. mmmmm its sooo good for you!!

Hope you're feeling better today, babe..
Take good care of you :*

salamtich 7aboobah , matshoofeen shar inshallah ;*

la.. matshoofeen shar!

I hope you get back on your feet soon.


fwai7: alshar ma eyeech 7abebty, thank you :*
walla 7abebty ma feeni shada a6la3 for the past 3 days I have been making campbell soup at home and just resting.

Shurouq: Sun-Shine...wala I'm still coughing my lungs out...bas inshallah I will get better soon...thanks babe :*

Mother Courage: Alshar ma eyeech ya galbi :*

Misguided: alshar ma eyeek ya e3yooni :*
I hope so too...I'm getting sick of staying in bed :(

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