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Lo 3ana safarna al Shoog yeraje3na....
7ob alwa6an `3alee wel 3aisha feeh Jana

Ya Wa6an

Warda Rebe3ya

Ya Daar


Ma`3azel AlKhair

Shams Ala3yadee

Wa6an AlNahar

3ashat Lena AlKuwait

6ayer Min AlFar7a

do you have a permit to show that flag :P?

awww jelly u look cute in that pic!

have you lost weight? seriously!

shno lost weight! do not put freaky ideas in her mind!

well her face looks thinner that's why I asked :D

why is it freaky anyway

losing weight is freaky, she is beautiful the way she is, if she loses weight she becomes like the rest of those women with bones wrapped around their flesh!

yes i agree she is beautiful the way she is :)

I'm sorry but I think the word "el wa6an" is a masculine, so you gotta say "wel 3eesha feeh janna" and not feeha =/

Pretty smile :)

bladikum 7elwa 7elwa. bs elwatan mala metheel :)

Purgy and Ananyah LOL

Purgy: I was carrying the flag part of an international festival that took place in my school :)

Ananyah: I wish I lost some weight, this picture is 3 years old I think! I gained some weight since that picture was taken...I need to get my ass back to the GYM

Purgy: Don't worry I wanna lose ishwaya ;P

Ananyah :*

NuNu: wala I think your right! abeeh al3arabi 3indi 9ar ekhwara...LOL
it's an old song so I didn't think about it that much :)

MiyaFushi: Thanks 7abebty :*

Hanan: a7babana seeroo seero...7ob alwa6an mala metheel...
I miss watching masra7eyat al Sindbad Alba7ree...and I love that song sooooooo much...memories!

I wonder if I can find the song some where...if anyone knows, please let me know :)

dont worry I wish I lost weight too lol I'm a balloon just now lol I used to be a straw!

But you're beautiful the way you are and you should never change yourself :D

ananyah: thanks 7abebty for your beautiful words, I will never change in personality that's for sure :*

NuNu: I corrected the title, thanks again :*

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