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No more drama!

I'm sick and tired of going out with friends to have a good time and the night always ends with a fucking drama!

Two nights in a row I go out to have a good time and I end up being miserable by the end of the night...I'm sick of taking care of drama queens....I'm sick of guys who are complete assholes to their girlfriends...I'm sick of my friends!

Notice: this is a venting out entry.

Allah Esa3dech.. I hate Drama Queens! I hate drama, period. Sh$% happens. Get over it.

Thats why you should not hang around them, I told you that many times, especially that skinny one.

"I'm sick of my friends"

WOW!!! That is a strong sentence to say!!
Wait, Are you sure they're your "friends"?!

I know exactly what you're talking about as i too been through that, what is sad is allowing these guys to treat them like shit, i mean how weak can your personality get!

and that's why you should be friends with single girls *hint hint*

you can say that again !
piece of advice.. stay home.. have ur cup of coffee .. rent a killer dvd and enjoy ur time..
let them deal with their own drama.. life is tough as it is ..

talla3tay elli eb khatri

welli esalmich.. 7achi maákhooth khaira.. say what you want but I know you.. min ayyaam PA.. YOU ARE ALWAYS THE GROUPS MOTHER! it's nothing you can control.. it is just the way you are love.. hehehehe I think you take after your mom in that sense.. walla a heart of gold.. heheheh think of it this way.. ni3ma o niqma! get your ass home I need you... :*

MSB: Oh girl you have no idea the scene they created...ekh it made think twice before I go out with the entire group again!

Purgy: hahahahaha which skinny one? ;)

NuNu: yes, they are friends but most of my TRUE friends are back in Kuwait...but there are the very few who I can call real friends over here :)

Reema: you know Reema I can't get it either how some of my friends let their boyfriends treat them the way they do!

Papi: hahahahahaha, you are a friend ;)

Sloth: that's exactly what I did on yesterday and today, I stayed home and enjoyed some time alone...I kind of forgot how good it is to stay in :)

Flam: 7abebty wallah...shakla we are in the same boat!

Chubby: 7abebty I miss and need you more than you could imagine...me and you never had that sort of drama...we really had a good time together...aah the memories (UHall, the fork incident-die die..LOL, Carls Junior burgers, water guns, marag bamya) aah ya Chubby ma menich athnain :*

J.B., sorry but I agree with Chubby Femme.. you can't help it, you will try, but you can not stop from trying to help anyone and everyone in the whole world.. and I mean it leterally..

oh Dear ...That's what friends are for :)..

Now it's time for us to "mother" you ;)

Don: oh don, I wish I can stop this habit, maybe you and Chubby are right but I really do get sick of it and I wish I can just ignore the drama :(
I need help!

Rimyoleta: I know that's what friends are for dear but sometimes I feel burned out when those friends keep causing drama.

Jewaira: oh 7abebety walla lady J, I swear I want to be "mothered" you have no idea! (Hugs) :*

Welcome to life ;)

jelly... im sorry to hear that your having a bad time :)

enshalla you're feeling better!


The Don.. let me tell you something... as much as she complains.. she loves it tara..

BJ.. I mean JB ;) FOTHA7TEEENNA.. hehehehe whenever I think about the UHALL I crack up laughing.. and to think.. the next morning there was a crisis of 400 houses leveled.. AND WE DROVE THROUGH THE DAMN THING! heheheheheh

Jewaira love.. how are you? I need to tell you that even though JB is a mother at heart.. she is just a big baby in reality LOL .. if you only knew how rough i treat her.. and we get along perfectly..

oh JB. don;t forget your dislocated pinky-toe.. you have me to thank for that you know LOOOOOOOL WHAHAHAHAHAHAAH rabbich ma e6eg ib 3a9a !

Make new friends. Time's too short to waste being a shoulder to cry on.

Of course this sounds like good advice, but mo 6al3a min galbi. I'm beginning to believe that whining and bitching is what friends are for :/

meWho: hahahahaha, I want my life to be with less drama, is that too much to ask? :)

ananyah: I am feeling better, thanks hon (Hugs and kisses)

Chubby Femme: Evil woman but I love you :P
how can I forget about my dislocated toe and the ER at 4 AM...intay yabeelich post kamil bas 3ashan asred our stories :P

Hanan: hahahahahha, I wish it's that easy to replace friends the minute their drama gets out of hand!

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