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Happy Valentines day

I hope you'll have a day full of love and Yummy chocolates...I'm going to spend my Valentines day in school all day still coughing and wheezing...How nice ha?

To all the single ladies out there on V-Day this is a funny greeting card to cheer you up ;)

click me

Lol! JB Happy Valentine's Day to you too..
That was a good one.

Hope you're feeling better :)


me too sick !

Happy V-day

Wowww I ditched work just to finish reading your blog. Gotta tell you i spent several hours to finish it up. Wowwweee.

Here's what I've to say:

Jo Paaa IS sexy even if he's expiring any time soon (I was a PennStater too!).

I have a hunch ur mom is from Mu7arrrraaq (wil ni3im walaaa).

You're funnyy ;)

& Happy V-Day!!

JB happy V-Day to you


Happy Valentine's Day .... you should have been here with us.. we had fun ..

Jewaira: Happy Valentine's Day Lady J...I'm glad you liked the card ;)

I'm still coughing and wheezing :(

Beyond Q8iya: allah yesalmich 7abebty o salamat to you too...I hope you feel better soon :)
oh yeah welcome to my blog :D

N.A: Thank youuuuuuuu sooo much for the flattering comment sweetie, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog...it really means a lot to me :D
and you were in Penn State?! When?
I wonder if you lived in Parkway Plaza too? LOL ;)
my moms family live in Ma7rag bas my grandfather and my grandmother house is in AlManama...weyen3am eb 7alich 7abebety...I'm so glad to have readers of my blog from Bahrain :*
Happy Valentine's Day :)

estech: oooooooooh thank you so much for the beautiful virtual rose...you were the only one who actually gave me a flower...so thank you soo much hon :*

mosan: Happy Valentine's day babe :* what did you do? ;)

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Happy Singles Awareness Day, Jelly! :") Thats my name for it :p

That was an awesome greeting, hehe.

Hope you feel better soon *hug*


Abduallah: Happy Valentine's day to you too :)

Jaded Saudi: hahahahaha 7abebty Saroona, I love the Happy Single Awareness Day...LOL
I'm glad you liked the card babe :*
I'm feeling better...still coughing and wheezing but youm 3an youm a7san! Thanks for asking babe :*

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