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Caccia alla volpe

Sometimes a good cure for depression is just good old comedy and that's exactly what I did.

One of my old time favorite comedy actors is Peter Sellers and I decided to go with one of my favorite movies After the Fox, where Peter plays Aldo Vanucci/Federico Fabrizi...You got to see this movie if you haven't seen it yet and if you have, watch it again...My top 3 movie for Peter are Dr.Strange love, The Party and After the Fox...I also do enjoy his Pink Panther movies but not as much as those top three :)

while googling some pictures of Peter Sellers I came across this picture, I'm not trying to mock the Amir in any way but you got admit there is some resemblance.

I've never heard of that movie although I'm a big fan of P. sellers...

the pic is beyond funny... actually amazing

Let me see if I remember the jingle:
- Who is the fox?
- I am the fox!
- Who are you?
- I am me
- Who is me?
- Me is me!

You know in that scene when FF (Sellers) asks for a few extras in the background, only to have the whole village thrust themselves onwards - absolutely hilarious! What about the aging movie star (Victor Mature) desperately trying to give the impression he is young and fit as a hollywood heartthrob. And towards the end when the judge demands to view the film ... LooooL !!!!

Incidentally, Sellers once posed in Arab garments - as Rudolph Valentoino as "The Sheikh" - for a spread in Playboy (!) sometime in the ‘60s. His daughter did the same in the ’80s.

On the other hand, I was sad to learn that Dana Reeve passed away :-((

Did you watch the life and death of peter sellers? It talks about how his life clashed with the characters he preformed, which makes me think that he doesn't really have a personality of his own.

Wonderful film Bella and Peter Sellers is a cure for any kind of depression

mosan: OMG mosan you gotta watch this film, it's a classic!

hahahahha, I know I couldn't stop laughing either ;)

Q80 Demon: LOOOOOOL...yes you got the jingle right...he was really moking hollywood and film making...it was just hilarious...and the scene when "Gina Romantica" went to Tony Powell room...or the prison scene..I don't wanna burn the movie for the people who haven't seen it yet..but yeah that movie is just too funny.

yes I heard about Dana Reeve...it was all over the news today that she passed away...I couldn't stop thinking about her son...losing both his parents..sad, very sad.

Roseate: first of all welcome to my blog dear, and no I didn't get the chance to watch the movie on his life yet, I really want to though...I did read some where about him saying he wouldn't know how to play himself if he had to...so it is sad but never the less he was brilliant comedian.

Jewaira: Lady J, he sure is, I think I'm gonna have a marathon of Peter Sellers movies...The Party will be next...I sure need to laugh more.

JB: No lets give the readers the incentive to go and rent / buy the movie :-))
We shouldn’t forget the funny soundtrack: it was used over and over again in many Egyptian comedies during the 60s, 70’s and maybe until this very day. Somewhere I have a recording of Sellers’ rendition of the Beetles “Hard Days Night”, actually its a narration set to music, and it will put William Shatners notorious “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” to shame! “The Party” is always a great flick to watch but If you like to watch Sellers in a totally different characterization, try “The Optimists”, a film which was supposed to be a swansong for Buster Keaton.

Q80_Demon: LOL you're so right about the soundtrack and the Egyptian movies...are you talking about this song and this song? hahahaha and here is the continue of after the fox jingle
I will check The Optimist some time this weekend, I hope Hollywood video will have it :)

You know Q80_Demon you and Anti_Reason I would love to check your movie archive ;)


OMG what a funny movie; I take your advice i'll try to watch it this weekend, I have it on DVD.

nice post.

Thanx sweety for welcoming me to your blog. Your blog isara7a is one of the best blogs I have read and yeah no doubt peter sellers is a very funny guy. The remake of Pink Panther starring Steve Martin is coming out in London soon, it would be nice to watch! did it come out 3endekom wala not yet?

LoooL! I can’t believe the soundtrack is available! Maybe I should order it :-))
BTW, I hope you do manage to find The Optimists.
And you are absolutely right about ARs amazing collection of movies on films, tapes, discs ... I have a modest collection, but nowadays I concentrate on DVDs. I’m reluctant to admit I had to relinquish most of my tapes due to space limitations :-<

watch road trip, i love that movie...or meet the parents..the first one..

i used to watch these 2 movies day and night:)

matshoofen depression enshalla

by the way take off ur word verification i cant get the word right! and thats for the 3rd time!! and yes i did the lasic operation!!!

now thats depression

estech: I'm glad you like the post dear and you should watch it again...it's a great movie :)

Roseate: Yeah Pink Panther has been out for a while now but I didn't get the chance to see it yet...I guess I'm not that excited to see it...and thanks dear for your kind words about my blog, you really made my day :D

Q80_Demon: Well, I'm sure you're being modest about your movie collection...will you let me borrow a movie some time when I get back home? :)

Kila ma6goog a.k.a Superman ;)
wallah I didn't like Road trip that much but Meet the Parents is funny and I have it on DVD..so maybe I'll watch it soon o thanks ya e3yoni I'm over coming my depression 7aba 7aba :)
o alword verification affa ya Superman use your super powers :P
LOL (sorry I'm so happy to find an old friend to tease :P)

Never saw that movie!!..

Rimyoleta: You should check it out, it's a pretty funny movie :)

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