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Two Tags as far as I know!

Sorry everyone for the delayed "tags" but I seriously haven't got the chance to check other blogs, I have such a busy schedule this semester and by the time I get home I usually pass out...for the exception of today because I think I consumed a lot of caffeine....Anyways so let's carry you on with the tagging business...

First I was tagged by the lovely NuNu
her tag is about how weird I am! So here goes nothing:

You Are 60% Weird
You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

hahahahhaha so I'm weird after all!

ok next is the list of 5 weird things about me....hmmm ok here we go:

1- I cover my entire body when I sleep for the exception of my feet (my friend usually makes fun of me so I guess that counts as weird)
2- I sleep with the TV on (usually on CNN) and my dreams usually end up being violent LOL.
3- I love mixing m&m's or buncha crunch with my popcorn.
4- I give myself a motivational speech in front of the mirror when my selfesteem needs a boost (I know someone will say maynoona after reading this :P)
5- I count every time a blond chick say the word "like" in my mind and I can't control it.

Ok now the other tag was from Mr. Rider himself mosan

4 Jobs I've had:

1- Daddys girl ;)
2- answered phone calls for the international office and got paid for it...it wasn't a fun job trying to understand English in different accents.
3- worked in the campus radio station (good times)
4- worked in PBS as part of an internship.

4 Movies I can watch over and over:

1- Bridget Jones Diary.
2- Cinema Paradiso.
3- The Party (Birdy num num)
4- City of Lights.

4 Places I lived in:

1- Kuwait
2- Bahrain
3- Qatar
4- The States.

4 TV Shows that I love:

1- at the moment LOST.
2- Seinfeld.
3- Sex and the City.
4- Friends.

4 Places I've vacationed (in my life or recently?) if it's recently ma 6ala3t min America and if it's my life here it goes:

1- Germany.
2- the former Yugoslavia.
3- England.
4- Switzerland.

4 of my favorite dishes: (zefar eb zefar)

1- em6abag ezbaidee.
2- "9alonat 9afi" weya 3aish chawal.
3- emrabyan.
4- Sushi.

4 sites I visit daily:

1- google.
2- hotmail.
3- alqabas (wafeyat)
4- Kuwait blogs.

4 Places I rather be right now:

1- Kuwait with my family.
2- Bahrain with my family.
3- Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson.
4- Seychelles Islands.
I'm tagging You, yes you :P

I am sorry but you may no longer mix m&m's with your popcorn, as it is compyrighted to miyafushi madness.

Unless it is the type without the peanuts. If so, then you're good to go.

"I give myself a motivational speech in front of the mirror when my selfesteem needs a boost"

LOL!!! I have no comment on that.. But you made made laugh SO HARD!!!

you made me*

"I give myself a motivational speech in front of the mirror when my selfesteem needs a boost"

i am interested to know what do you exactly tell yourself , i might use that someday ;-p

"3- alqabas (wafeyat)"

ROFL!! 3ayooza! that's the first thing my gramma does too! why? why??

LOOOOOL ee walla you are wierd! hahaha :P motivational speech! loves ittt! you should give us an example

Jelly -

Walla ya Jelly, the more I read your blog, the more I find out you are a very smart, fun, and fascinating Kuwaiti girl who has probably lived an amazingly interesting life (so far mashallah). Actually, you are pretty normal, shinoo weird! I see nothing here that's weird about you, just a wonderful girl who loves and eats up life :)

Ms Baker

you're such a funny person

حدج دمج خفيف ... وعلى العموم هذي دابما كانت فكرتي عنج

& about the 4 TV shows that u like, I agree with u, but i may replace seinfeld with Will & Grace ... I adore this show

1- without those motivational speech I think I'll be devastated
2- my kind of girl when it comes to favorite dishes
3- the blond thing is Hilarious
4- PBS thats fun I love that ch.
5- The party and Cinema Paradiso.good choice
6-the 1st thing I read in the paper every morning is al wafeyat.LOL

Miyafushi: hahahahaha...I have been mixing popcorn with m&m for years and years so I think you're the copy cat ;P

NuNu: why are you laughing haaa? :P

Mother Courage: well there isn't an exact speech that I say but you know when I feel like I look ugly or someone said something mean...or when I get the feeling I can't go on to do something...I will stay to myself in the mirror things like "you can do it jelly belly...I have faith in you (yes I talk to myself in the third person)
and it helps :D

Perseus: hahahahahaha, mani 3ayooza :P
well one of the main reasons I read alwafeyat because my family have this tendency to hide things from me...so if someone I know passed away agdar adeg 3ala ahal almayet wa a3azzi...just because I'm away from home doesn't mean inna ma asawi alwajeb...bas my parents learned a lesson when someone close to me pass away they started calling me...because few years back I was reading alwafeyat and I read my uncles name! I was in shock...fa min youmha they call and tell me!

fwai7: not so weird trust me, it helps when you give yourself a good motivational speech ;)
if you don't make yourself feel better no one will ;)

Ms.Baker: Thank you my dear Ms.Baker for those lovely words...wala ma7ad fahemeni `3airch :*

Alia: 7abebty wallah mashkora...I love Will & Grace too...that show cracks me up...mako 3ala Jack and Karen o fa9lathom 3ala alnass! LOL

1- I'm glad someone else does it too...wala the best therapy.
2- mako a7la min alzefar ;)
3- I can't help it...they say the word "like" 20 times in a minute LOL
4- I'm a big fan of Peter Sellers movies.
5- hahahahaha again I'm not alone in doing this ;)

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