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I'm too sexy for my blog, too sexy for my blog...too sexy it hurts ;)

Many of you may already know that there will be a Kuwait Academy Blogger Award and yours truly is nominated for Sexy Female Blogger...Therefore, I decided to start a campaign so many bloggers will know me better and vote for MOI :D

You should vote for me because my mommy thinks I'm special not only that I'm special, I'm sexy, 5'11, full figured, a badass fatass, confident, loving and full of life...If you vote for me, I'll work hard for world peace... Vote for Jelly Belly, VOTE NOW ;)

note: this post is meant to be funny and make the whole Kuwait Academy Awards thing more fun ;)

Should I start spreading rumours now?

Seriously, I don't know how to do that..



I'm Loving it!...:)...You Go Girl!..:)

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay you got my vote!

And you know who got you on the list, dont you ;)

too sexy too sexy :)

mashalla! 5"11!!! WOW!! girl ur standin tall! ow aked proudly :)
khalas mama u gonna win this thing! no doubt about this ;p 6olich 6ool models shyabon ba3ad elacademy be7a9lon super model fe their awards ;p
i wanna b as tall as u!! abiiiii ;p

ooh.. yeah,.. ive been readin ur posts for a while now.. bs i was a passive reader, uptill now ;p just wanted u to know that u have my complete and utterly undevided support :)

my vote is for sell :P~

are you not coming to my cann bloggers festival? are you not going 2 amr diab

Papi: hahahahahha, you should have your own campaign to make the completion more fun ;)

MissCosmo: Thank you babe :*

Ananyah: Wohooooo, you rock Mesho ;*

Purgy: Oh believe me when I read my name I knew you got me on the list ;)

Judy: Rasta baby we are too sexy ;)

Jiji: welcome to my blog dear, and I'm glad you started commenting :)
3ala 6aree al 6ool...al6ool ne3ma o negma to be honest with you...ne3ma for a chubby girl like me but negma because honey there aren't that many Kuwaiti men that are tall...LOL ;)

Tasty as Berry: Welcome to my blog dear and sorry I don't buy votes simply because I'm on a student budget LOL ;)

mosan: baby you know I will show up for your Cann festival, come on will I miss any fetival or party by you? Just get the drinks ready ;) LOL
on and about Vegas believe it or not I'm leaving later on today to surprise some friends and I don't think I'm gonna make to Amr Diab :)

Champagne rose the best for my baby jelly belly have fun in Vegas ...

in my festival You’ll be the only nominee in the gorgeous category

oooH boy how painfully true u were when u said ina shabab elkuwait LaCK proper hight!! walla when i go out in heels i sometimes feel like "the incredible Hulk" min ge9erhom elmo6abe3y!! hatha wana 5"8!! ;p

bs saa7 ur right el6oool yakheth elwazn ow ma ebayen ;p t3jebny nathretich lil mawtho3 ;p


لازم تعطين صوتج حق بابيلونا
المسكينة قاعدة تدعم حملتج على حسابها



how do we vote ??

seriously =S

mosan: Vegas was a blast and you are simply the best ;*

Jiji: hahahahaha 3ayal ana shagool..I stand out in the crowd literally ;)

Alia: Afa 3aleech bas Papi lo tabeni anse7eb min al7amla kil laha I would do it just for her..cham Papi 3indena ;)

Roseate: hahahaha thanks! ;)

Mother Courage: Hello hon, just click me for how to cast your votes.

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