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Family Scare

Through out the years I told my family over and over again to never keep any news from me....Good or bad I wanna hear it straight from them...few years back when my uncle passed away I found out from a friend... I was in shock and I couldn't believe that my family would hide it from me...I was furious and they promised me they will never do it again but no, they did it again when my grandmother got really sick....they kept doing it over and over again...today I got a call from my cousin asking me about my dads health! I almost got into a car accident when I heard my father was in the hospital...I was crying hysterically and asking if he is ok? My cousin was in complete shock and he didn't know how to reply other than apologies for breaking the news to me...I called my brother immediately after that but he didn't answer...It was too early in Kuwait but I was praying that he would pick up....no one was picking up at our house...which only drove me even more crazy...I finally got a call back from my brother and his voice was still sleepy and I was crying asking him if dad is ok....he assured me that dad is ok...I begged him to talk to dad but he told me he was a sleep...I had to wait for the longest 3 hours of my life to hear my dads voice....the minute I heard him I broke down and cried...he sounded ok and he was joking that I'm crazy! he told me that everything was ok....he was in the hospital bas al7emdallah he's doing better now....when I finally calmed down I started yelling at both my parents....I told them I hate to hear any news about the family from someone else other than them....I was sooooooooo mad from this stupid habit of hiding things so they won't get me worried...what happened today was 10 times worse than maybe worrying for a little while...both my parents promise they will never do that again but I know in my heart inna hal 6abe3 feehom o mara7 yet`3yroon.....meta bas ya rabi yet3almon inna ma ye`3abon 3any shay?!
ilee 9aar feeni alyoom mo ishwaya...ya rab akhle9 wa ared deerty wa artaa7 min 3athab al`3orba.


o mayshoof shar inshalla o mako illa il khair


It's normal when you're half the world away, the simplest things that would happens to your loved ones would seem HUGE and that is only because you're not there to witness it.

I can understand why it pisses you off. It's better to hear the news from your family even though you'd still freak out bes ahwan..

Relax honey. Ta3awithay min iblees inshallah ma feeh illa il 3afya ow il7amdillah 3ala salamta :)

awal shay.. 7imdilla 3ala salamat il walid ..
On that subject honestly i dont know what to say .. been there done that ! I also have been kept in the dark and had to know about the deaths in our family through relatives.. i totally understand what you're going through..
however, bear in mind that they had your best interest at heart..
ma3alaih shar inshalla ..

salamat your father.

Time will pass and you'll be home soon. Meanwhile hugs and kisses to pull you out of your rough day :*

im so sorry dear, but maybe they are doing that because you're in the states and they dont want you to worry so much.

But at the same time it's annoying to you because you're basically the last to know!

I hope everything with your dad is okay now and it was just a scare :)

Hang in there :)

alhamdullah you're father's ok! I hate it when family members think they're doing us a favor by not telling us the truth. If there is bad news, my mom spends forever saying "where are you now? Are you sitting down? Is there a friend with you?" and so on. I get so nervous when she gets started like that. I wish she would just get to the point. I would really just prefer it if she would email me the information so that i have time to cry/yell/throw things/etc on my own before having to talk to anyone.

ya I know waht you mean and what you feeling like... It use to happen to me all the time when I studied abrod... the most important thing that he is ok..

Dear Jelly,

I have been where you are, and I know how you feel, the panic, the helplessness, the yearning to go home. But you are where you are supposed to be, and doing what you are supposed to be doing. Salamaat and Maat shoofoon shar, just hang in there Jelly girl, you will be home soon enough.


5a6akum ilsow 7abeebti il7mdilla ur dads okay :(

ur parents yi5afooon 3alaich oo 3ala ur well-being babe.. intay bil'3urba oo ur studying so everything is magnified x100000 cuz ur not with them.. they just dont wanna worry you thats all.. goolay il7imdilla 3ala salamat ur dad oo inshallah ull never have to hear any bad news again :* *hugs*

il7imdillah 3la salamtah

tsadgeen 3wartai galbiii

hanat , hawneeha besabir w tehoon inshallah ;*

Ya 7yateeee 3awartay galbi..
Allah ykhaleelich ahalich inshallah! Don't worry, inshallah terje3een likwait soon ;*

First of all 7amdilla 3ala salamat your dad *HUG*
Second I can completely relate to your story, when my dad had a heart attack two years ago I only found out months after wards, it broke my heart that he wouldnt call us as soon as he was ok, or that my STUPID brother would listen to him and not call.

Geo: Alshar ma eyeech 7abebty, thank you.

Papi: I'm sorry babe if my post seemed that I was that pissed off, but I hate it when they keep news from me and I hear it from someone else.

Sloth: Allah yesamlmich 7abebty...I know they have good intention wallah I know bas as you said you went through the same experience and you can understand why I reacted they way I did. Ma a7eb hal 6abe3 kilish ma a7eba.

Hanan: Allah yesalmich 7abebty...o allah yesma3 minich wallah...it was a rough day.

ananyah: Al7emdallah everything with dad is ok...in fact they are thinking of coming to the States for check up soon and I can't wait for that honestly.

Shemsi: 7abebty wallah...I know what you mean...with me they usually hide the news from me and when they do decide to tell me they don't get straight to the point! I really rather they just tell me and let me deal with it.

mosan: al7emdallah he's ok now, o allah yesalmik 7abebe.

Ms.Baker: Thanks 7abebty o alshar ma eyeech babe...I really can't wait to be home...it's getting harder every year.

fwai7: kha6ach al ilash, thanks 7abebty...o allah yesma3 minch inshallah..thanks again 7abebty.

Mother Courage: Allah yeslmich 7abebty o wallah emhawnatha...allah kareem inshallah.

NuNu: Ameen, thank you 7abebty :*

PhotoFlow: 7ayati wallah, I hope your dad is doing well too? Don't you just hate that? ekh I really don't understand how are they protecting us from these kind of news? I really rather to know than being kept in the dark.

oh Sweety,
I hope he gets all better,,and never hear any bad news Ever :D
and no worries;)

aww, that was sad..
sorry babe, i'm sure that was one hell of a terror filled rollercoaster ride..

il7imdillah 3ala salamata..

Hey girl. My first time commenting on your blog. Couldn't help but read this sad episode of your life. I'm very sorry you had to go through that. 5a6akum il soo ma yshoof shar il waalid. :(

But hun, judging by your reaction, can you blame them for keeping it from you? I'm abroad now too but if I were back home I would also tend to hide things from people when I know they can't do anything about it and it's not so serious that they need to fly back home. When you're away even if something is very small raa7 it'hastereen and ma teswa ilsalfa.

Salamat on your dad.
The EXACT thing happened to me. My mom messaged me "...and your brother took your dad to the hospital" and I was like WTF! Of course, the hysterical tears came and my brother called me after my incessant messages. Everything was all right though...And I too tell my family to tell me everything. Chin up :)

Oooh Jelly, that's terrible :( allah ye7fa'6 abook oo ma yeshoof sharr inshallah.

Allah yewafgek oo yeraj3ek lahalek besalama inshallah :)

I'm doing well, thanks for asking babe. La familia is coming soon, my dad's retired now so he's free as bird. Get me the gun :p

Rimyoleta: Thanks 7abebty :)

Princess Puzzle: Allah yesalmich, thanks dear :)

ZinZinQ8: Kha6ach al ilash 7abebty thanks...bas 7abebty my whole point is if they had told me, I wouldn't react they way I did...because if it came from my parents I would get details and not be left with no answers from my cousin when he told me...you know what I mean? I think no matter how big or small the news is, it would be 10 times better if I heard it from the source.
and welcome to my blog dear :)

Erzulie: allah yesalmich o 7emdallah 3ala salmat alwaled...I hope non of us will go through anything like that in the future away from home.

Jaded Saudi: al shar ma eyeech saroona thanks 7abebty...o allah yesma3 minich...

and saroooooh LOOOL 3ala your dad comment...listen if things get really bad just drive your butt over here.

ma 3laih shar.. bil salameh inshAllah..

havent read all the comments left here, but i know i suffered the same thing when i was in the states. every time i explained to them 'better hear it from u than strangers' they wouldnt listen.

imagine, once i got home from work to find a mesg on my answering machine '3atham Allah ajerkom.. i was so shocked and upset when i heard the news..' etc.. and i had no clue who'd passed away! it was 2am bahrain time and i had to wait 4 hours to find out who had passed away!

give me ur family's number.. i'll have a talk with them! ;)

MSB: Allah yesalmich 7abebty, thanks.

OMG MSB I don't know how I would react if I got a voice message like that!

I will give you my moms number and talk some sense into the woman will ya? :)

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