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Today is SuperBowl Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelers are playing against Seattle SeaHawks for NFL Championship. I'm continuing my support to my old state Pennsylvania, last year I was disappointed with Philadelphia Eagles but this year I'm optimistic with the performance of Pittsburgh Steelers. I think it's going to be a good year for Pennsylvania, Penn State won the Orange Ball for college football and hopefully the Steelers are gonna win the Championship.

Sorry Q it's no longer "New Englands" year...Pennsylvanians are here :P

Go Seahawks

haha .. go stleelers!

the streets are so empty .. it's like magharb prayers during ramadhan

Hehehe JB walla I don't understand this fascination with sports.. mashallah 3alaich khabeerah

I was in Boston exactly one year ago, and you should've seen the streets after the Patriots game.. o my god, these people are really crazy about football.

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!! fiznaaaa! 6aaa6 6aaaaa6.. :D

p.s. im origianlly a colts fan (they shud have won!)

Jandeef: hahahahahahha hard luck Deef...Steelers all the way baby ;P

Geo: hahahahahaha I know I went to a bufflo wings place and the place was packed people are buying wings and beer for the game and the streets were empty on my way to the guys place to watch the game! LOL
bas yeah baby Steelers kicked some ass ;)

Perseusq8: I love sports...you have no idea how much I enjoy watching the game...I wish I could be more active in sports though! LOL
I wish I was in Pennsylvania now and celebrate...I'm so happy :D

Snookie: we sure wonnnnnnnnnn babyyyyyyyyyyyyy....woooohooooooo

Steelers won 21-10 it's meant to be baby ;)

happy now? ;)

shako "we" :P

Purgy: vey happyyyyyyyyyyy ;D

Jandeef: haaa ashoofik chenik me7tar ;P
7araaaaaaaaaaaaah :P

Check this out


Kila Ma6goog: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

WE ARE PENN STATE....hahahahahah hala walaaaaaaaaaa

a fellow Penn Stater...hmmm men tekoon...Parkway Plaza? LOL ;)

Mabrook... I'm glad AFC won it.. So I was rooting for the Steelers.. Although, Snookie hit a raw nerve.. yala, typical Indiana.. kileh they choke! 3ain, 3ain o ma 9alat 3ala el nebee (et7eseen trying to pin it on anything?!) ;)

MSB: LOL, you remind me so much of myself when it comes to sports...hard core fan ;)
I'm glad the Steelers won too...although the game was a bit slow and boring but I'm still glad they won ;)

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