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Spring Break

Spring break is over and it was a blast, I honestly had different plans for my spring break...I was supposed to go to Florida but I tell you people I'm jinxed when it comes to that state, every year I plan to go and something comes up! So I did the usual trip to Vegas and LA....on the way to Vegas something very unbelievable happened..IT SNOWED!!! ok people you gotta picture this...the temperature during the summer usually reaches 114 F and to see it snow was just unbelievable!
I did a lot of driving around and my baby (my car) finally broke down on me in LA so I had to drive my friends car which let's just say it's a very interesting car to drive around LA with...LOL....my friends works for a plastic surgeon (his uncle) and he has an extra car with ads all over it (you'll see what I mean in the pictures) the weather in LA was good then bad and then good again...the group was fun but as usual there must be drama or no trip will be complete...LOL
driving back from LA was fun, I had 4 people in the car other than me and they come from all different places (Kuwait, Yemen, American/French and a Lebanese) so can you imagine the music that was played?
but at the end my music dominated coz I'm driving and I had to listen to what I wanna listen to...besides it was late at night and there is nothing better than Om-Kalthoum...the funny part was when one of the girls attempted to translate one of the songs to our American friend LOL
ok enough said and let me leave you with some pictures.

the snow in our way to Vegas

Me and the boys at Caesars Palace.

Every time I go to Vegas I wanna see the Show "O" at Bellagio but I never get the chance :(

Girls could never pack less!

On our way to LA you always pass those weird windmills by Palm Springs...whenever I pass them I feel like I'm in some sort of Alien movie!

Some Pictures I took at Laguna Beach

Ok that's me in the boobs car...LOL...imagine people all weekend I've been driving in this car

hmmm what else do you need...a tummy tuck maybe? ;P

I got to eat my favorite tuna tartar in Le Petit Four at Sunset....yummyyyyyy

after hours we ended up at Habibi Cafe for sheesha....times have changed that place is not the same anymore!


Loved the post.

Hehe shakhbari Habibi. Damn that UCLA campus, it's HUGE!

If you haven't seen "O" yet, you're missing half of your life. Ya3ni 6afich nu9 3umrich :P

Deef: it9adeg mali 7ath ashoof "O" because either the tickets are sold out or the group I'm with are not interested :(
I hope I'll get the chance to see it before I leave.

o Habibi Cafe service malhom zeft! the last time I was there was 3 years ago...things have changed a lot since then...but yeah the area is still cool since UCLA campus is right next door.

LOL that car
you must be out of your mind to drive such a car ... but u know what i admire you .. i would never do it

Go jelly go

hahahaha!! jelly don't you love those spring break surprises!

glad you enjoyed it!

i miss orange countyyy:(....u should have eaten the fettucini at le petit four yuuum its amazing!...im glad u had fun i mean who wouldnt:p

The car made me laugh!
I know people who wouldn't dare drive in that!

Good thing you enjoyed ur time there... now back to studying :p

HAHAHA!! The pics are great, I really liked the car ;)

Habibi cafe sucks now, bass good memories there.

7amdellah 3ala salamtek 7abeebty.. I'm glad you had fun! :D Lek wa7sha wallah :)

Hii. nice post bas I was wondering laish u dont show ur pictures in full. why remove the eyes. 7araam ur not a criminal.

loove the car!!

Alia: hahahahaha, honey it's only a car that will take us from point A to point B...o ba3dain kashkha Range Rover...hahahahaha gotta look at the bright side ;)

Geo: I do love surprises and al7emdallah I had a great time on my spring break :)

Kabalah: I love the OC we actually stayed at Irvine for the weekend and I had the tuna tartar in Le Petit Four as an appetizer and for my main course I had Penne Arrabiata with shimps ;)

3baid: hahahaha it's a funny car but hey at least I was doing my friend a favor and advertising for free ;)

Bo_Ghazi: inshallah baba :P

Jaded Saudi: Allah yesalmik Sarona...you're right about Habibi it sucks royally now but good memories at that place ;)
o Sarooh wala intay ilee leek wa7sha we gotta do something about it..I mean come on we're an hour and half away from each other!

D: hahahahaha I know I would personally post the picture without changing anything but some of my family do check this blog and they already hate the idea that I'm posting pictures at all!

Flam: it's the boobs mobile how can't you love it ;)

From a first glance, it seems like a mobile operating room. Plastic surgeries being performed inside :P

looooooooool i want that car!!! Im sure driving it around q8 is pretty interesting ;p

So what's the story behind the boobs car?

Jandeef: hahahahaha could you just imagine me with my crazy driving and someone actually performing a plastic surgery in the back of that car? LOL

Tequila: You think? LOL ;P

NuNu: hahahahah NuNu read the post :P

I loved the idea of you driving that crazy car Jelly :)
Good detail for a story

LOL!!! Sorry mashift el post!! I saw the pictures bes!! I thought your post was the pictures bes ;P

No wonder your singin!! Way to go on defining the spirit of tranvel & tourism .. whith all the things you get to see & do, isn't life grand!! ;D

"The true traveler travels for the pleasure of feeling himself flung through time & space, absorbing fresh life wherever it is to be found" .. Felix Marti-Ibanez

yeah the same pictures I took when I drove to el khobar KSA :P

no offense J.S. :P

Jewaira: hahahahaha, yeah it was fun driving it around...so maybe the boobs mobile will inspire you for a story ;)

NuNu: hahahahaha 3ala 6ool re7tay 3ala al9owar without reading the post haa? :P

Peach: 7abebtyyyyyy I missed you wallah...al7emdallah it was a great trip and a trip very much needed.

Don: hahahahahaha KSA mara wa7da...I could see it happen only with minor details black covering the hair, eyes, boobs, body and face..bas :P

LOOOOL amazing car,, what were people's reaction? a7ad 3alaq aw sawa shay ?! ;P

can i trade in my eclipse with this boobs car??


3ajeeba el 9owar o 3alech bel 3afya eb vegas

miss it

Princess: first of all welcome to my blog dear, and you know I didn't really pay attention if people were looking or not! hahahaha...I guess people in LA are used to this kind of ads ;)

Kila Ma6goog: Superman, 3indek eclipse bel Al-Kuwait? wansa cham etbe3ha? :P
it9adeg ma adree ishfehom e3yalna eb Tucson kila eclipsaat :P

o allah ye3afeek ya e3yoni :*

I actually wrote a review of Le Petit Four on Sunset: Lunch at Le Petit Four on August 18, 2007

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