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Happy St. Patricks Day....this is to all my half Irish friends (You know who you are) and yes I'm wearing green today as promised :*

Ok People have a great weekend...don't drink and drive ;)

I'm off to LA and see you all when I get back with lots of pictures to post ;)

thanks, I am 1/16 Irish.

Thank you, I have a half irish friend :-)

Happy St. Patrick's day, hope you had a blast in LA

yaaaay i have irish family :D

ahappy st patties day

Love the Leprechaun, Jelly!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

happy st patrick day

thats for conan obraian

and thanx for the easy word verification


Hope you have all the Fun in the world :S

Okay so I'm 1/4 Irish, that counts right? :) Hope you had a wonderful St. Patty's Day, doll :) EVERYONE'S IRISH ON ST. PAT'S DAY :D

Terj3een men L.A besalamah :)

Purgy: LOL yeah I can tell from the color of your eyes ;)

Babbler: I had a great time in LA thanks babe :*

Ananyah: Yaay for Irish ;)

mosan: Happy St Pattys day to you too babe :*

Jewaira: Lady J al7emdallah I had a great time :D

Kila Ma6goog: hahahahaa any time Superman ;)

Rimyoleta: Thanks hon :*

Jaded Saudi: Saroona 7abebty Happy St. Pattys day to you too!
I had a good time in LA some drama but nothing out of the normal ;)

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