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I got a book recently from a friend of mine called Fat Chicks Rule! How to survive in a Thin-Centric World by Lara Frater.
At the beginning I didn't know if I should be insulted or not because this friend is skinny, but I decided to not take it too personal...So as soon as I went home I started reading the book and I couldn't stop laughing...the book talks about what most overweight women go through in every aspect in their lives from shopping to dating to the right positions for sex LOL

one of my favorite parts in the book is the section where it talks about the witty comeback against "Fat-Phobic"
here are some of the comments:

"Fat Bitch"
-"Why thank you!" with a big smile
-"God loves you, too."
-Demand a big hug for their kind words.

"You have such a pretty face - If only you'd lose weight." (ekh I hate this comment, I get it all the time)
-"It's a shame you have such and ugly face, and you know, I don't think plastic surgery will help. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings." (LOOOOOOL I love this comeback and I think I might actually use it if I heard this stupid comment again!)
-"Then I won't have such a pretty face anymore." (I actually used that line before..LOL)
-"You have such an ugly soul, I don't think any amount of weight loss is going to help." (too harsh, I don't think I would say such a thing!)

"You're Fat!"
-Touch your body and scream, OH MY GOD! (LOL I'm gonna use that comeback)
-"Really? I never noticed."
-"You're not! What are you waiting for?"

"You don't need that cookie"
-"Damn right I do"
-"You're right, I don't need it - I want it."

"You've put on some weight."
-"Thank you."
-"Must be all the great sex." (LOOL I'm sooooooooo gonna use that line just to get that shocked look on people faces)

I'd like to thank my friend for giving me the book...I really enjoyed it and I wanna tell all the Chubby girls out there that we are beautiful and sexy ;)

oh one more thing, this post is dedicated to Chubby Femme 7abebty al emtan yemkin engarthaw bel Al Kuwait bas the few of us who are left are damn gorgeous...Chubby Girls Rule :*

Oh God.!!I waaaaaaaaaant that book:)
wallah you made me Smile AHUGE smile:D
I have to get that book :D

Rimyoleta: I'm glad I made you smile, and I recommend this book because it's a positive take on overweight women, it talks about real issues but in a very light and funny way.

Jelly Belly ya m3aaaaaaaathbaat-hom !



Love this post. And I see Purgatory is back in top form ;)

fat chicks are funny as HELL.. they DO rule ;D

yobah fat chicks are HOT HOT HOT
mass media and fuckedup metalities behind mainstream tv stations made people think thin girls are the best but when it comes to me ... I think they're plain striaght-up HOT.

hehhe ...finally a book with a sense of humor! instead of one of those boring self-help books, that make u feel extremely guilty by the time your done with it.

"Must be all the great sex."--> loved it

LOL , i know one girl who had beautiful face mashallah but she was fat , now when she lost weight , she actually got uglier.

You make me realize how fucked up I am..


big time

Mobi: 3ayl shloon 3ayl ;)
welhat 3alaik yal ta3ban la et`3a6 chethee mara thanya ok? :P

Purgy: hahahahaha, Purgy honey you appreciate REAL beauty ;)

Jewaira: I'm glad you enjoyed the post Lady J :*

7asoon: welcome to my blog and Fat Chicks damhom 3asal ;)

Tata: wohoooooo Tata digs fat chicks! ;)
it's nice to have you comment here, welcome dear :D

CheekyMonkey: First of all welcome to my blog dear and I totally know what you mean by self-helping books, I used to be in a work shop designed for self-helping and let me tell you this, I came out thinking to myself al7emdallah I'm normal and I don't need any help! LOL...this book is a very cute and self-celebrating book, check it out :)

Shopa: hahahahahha, I loved that line too...believe me I'm gonna start using it and I can't wait to see how people would react ;)

MotherCourage: hahahahaha, that's what I keep telling everyone if I lose a lot of weight I'm gonna lose my pretty face ;)

Papi: Baby girl you are not fucked up, there is nothing wrong with being fit and being healthy but at the same time don't kill yourself over it...You Rock PaPi and I love you :*

I haven't heard of this book. It's true we should just enjoy our lives and not worry so much about size. Just think, if famine hits chubby girls live alot longer!;) Those little skinny ones won't last a week.

nice post :)

I usually answer like this:

3endena we 3endik khair
wa ama be ne3mat rabic fa 7adith
Hatha men fadhel rabi
tanaseq ma3a essayarah

Q: Laish ma tesawi rejeem?
A: Abi eli yesheelon na3shi yesebooni 3ashan aaketh 7asanat


ANnah meteen wa a7eb elakel (botaini) ento shakoo

Christina: hahahahaha Christina I loved your little famine story...I mean come on life is short, might as well enjoy it ;)

DareDevil: Thanks dear :)

Estech: hahahahahhaha, allah ye`3arbel ebleesik estech you cracked me up with your comebacks, my favorites are hatha min fathel rabi and al na3ash (ismallah 3alaik, ba3d 3omeren 6oweel inshallah) bas that was sooo funny ;)
o ya e3yoni indulge and enjoy your life :)

good post..loved it

I liked it alot espacialy "You've put on some weight." they do that alot in Q8 to men & women and Usually the person who tells you this in worst shape than you..

Mosan: you put on some weight comment, believe it or not one of my aunts said that to me before even saying 7emdallah 3ala alsalama and welcome back in one of my Christmas breaks...I was so shocked by her comment ma gedart ma ared 3alaiha and when I did my dad got upset but at that point I really didn't care because I really wanted her to realize what she said was very hurtful.
mako fayda bel Alkuwait the first thing the say to you is matnana o tha3fanaa.

Hahahaha, hey that's a cool book! :D Hey I got a better comeback for the "fat b***h!" comment though: Why, you hiring?! ;P


I liked that one the most:
"You're fat!"
answer:-"Really? I never noticed."

7illlllwa!!! =D

7tenths: hahahahhaha, good one...you guys are good with comebacks...I'll add them to my list ;)

NuNu: I'm glad you loved it babe ;)

LOL! Funny!! :))

How are you daaahling? Miss you!

SEE! we are goddesses.. god's gift to society.. we are big and beautiful .. and natural comedians ;) I am looking for that book now.. it is a must have.. a chubby chik bible! hehehehe LOVE YOU BABE.. SHAKE THAT ASS! and be proud!


Jaded Saudi: Saroona 7abebty 7emdallah 3ala alsalama, I miss you too, I will call you soon I promise...my schedule this semester is kind of weird...I'll explain more when I call you...welcome back babe :*
oh yeah and I'm glad you liked the post ;)

Chubby Femme: LOL, I'll leave the comedian part to you...there is no one funnier than you...I miss you soooooooooo much yal ta3abana wallah...o shake that ass ha? hahahahha me7tara min my booty wala shino? ;)
love you babe soooooooo much and yes get that book...you'll love it :*
oh and why the evil laugh? hmmmmmmmmmm ;P

Chubby men and women rule ..
i'm envious ! lucky you ;)

LOL Yeah .. do want that book! Wassup JB! Hope all is going great wif U ;)

Jelly belly..
absolutely ;)

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