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Too Too-Too Too Wat7aya Al Kuwait!

what Wat7aya mean?

wa ta7ya al kuwait
I feel we are like baghalah yethaweshon 3aleeha il e3yal 3ogob ma mat obohum

Ta7ya ilkuwait wa 3ash ilameer :)

Loved this Jelly :)


ashoof sar emkhamat

Ta7ya al kuwait =D

This is fun!!

I wrote my little post when I felt things in our beloved Kuwait started to get out of hand. I remembered how Shiekh Sa3ad used to end his speeches with Namooto Namooto wat7aya al Kuwait bas that wasn't the case in the recent events that happened in our beloved country. Atmana ina itkon ma9la7t al balad foog kil shay. o Allah ye7afeth deeratna inshallah min kil makrooh.

Ameen, ya Jelly girl :)


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MsBaker: :*
I hope you're having a good time in the states babe :)

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