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Amare Stoudemire and Me ;)

I was walking in the mall with friends and guess who I see?!
yes, people Amare Stoudemire ( The Basketball player of the Phoenix Suns)
He didn't want to take any pictures at first...but we played the international card (with funny accent....sirrrrr we areeeee from Kuwaitttttt) worked like a charm LOL
I'm 5'11 and I look so short next to him...I think he's 6'10
I didn't wanna show my friend so I crop the picture anyways she only reached up to his stomach...at least I almost made it to his shoulders LOL ;)
we wished him good luck on his next game and we left.

if he only knew how crazy I am about the game! LOL


Amare and me ;) Posted by Hello

hahahahahaha funny

Cute :).

what was his shirt big what?!

LOL!How can someone who is 5'11" ever feel short?JB,imagine what I'd look like at 5'2" standing there?Glad you got a photo I know it means alot to you.:)

This pic will be priceless in 3 years when AMare becomes the #1 big man in the NBA..


Purgy: I know I looked funny next to him :P

Ayya: thanks babe :*

nooni: it9adgeen I didn't pay attention I was so star struck that I didn't even realize what he was wearing...I looked at the picture close o ma etbayen! ma adree 7abebty!

Christina: LOL...believe me I never felt short around people until I stood next to him...I have to admit it was a good feeling for a change! LOL
my dad used to tell me I should marry a basketball player and now I know why! LOL

Mobi: Priceless is right..not exactly for the picture...maybe for my the way I reacted when I saw him...LOL
and your right about him...I like he's game...he's young and he has still some time to work on his game but I can see him being a super NBA player in the near future.

Imhayyet el team o 6aye7 lah efraara bel malls o ti9iwwer ma3a banat.

Don't complain about your 5'11. I'd be happy to borrow 2 inches from you. If i stood next to Amare, i'd look like a midget. And nooo i'm not gonna tell you how tall I am :P

Dayamn.. he is tall!

Jandeef: no seriously how tall are you? :P

Jaded Saudi: yes he is, awal mara a7es 3omery short next to someone...LOL

Forget it. I'll leave it to your imagination :P

Jandeef: you're that short? :P

Wallah not too short, but the shortest amongst my peers.

Next to Amare, certainly a midget :P

Jandeef: hmmmm 3ad inta mowaleed 80's itha mani `3al6ana, normally they are better height wise than mowaleed 70's :P
so my guess would be hmmmm 5'6? :P

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