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Viva Las Vegas ;)

I'm off to Vegas people...I'm going to Kathem Al-Saher and Nancy Ajram (Arabian Nights) concert.
I have been looking forward to the concert...I'm a big fan of Kathem Al-Saher...so I'll let you know how it goes...the concert part only...I mean after all what happenes in Vegas STAYS in Vegas...LOL
what's your lucky number? ;)

Oh one more thing...if you're a blogger and you're going to the concert come up to me and say hello...it would be nice to meet new people...I know 2 of my "Beloved" readers are going...say hello will ya ;)

caricature drawing of me on my first trip to Vegas back in 98. oh and just for the info I wasn't wearing this dress it was the artist and his wild imagination ;) Posted by Hello

Yeah wild imagination ;)

تلعبين قمااار؟؟ تروحين النااار

Have fun, babe

Jelly Belly, that's awesome! You better have a blast for the both of us! =) I really love Kathem, too! Wish I was going with ya ;)

And that's a really cute caricature! ;)

<3 Sarrah

Enjoy Belladonna :)

Kathoooooooomiiiii, ya bakhtich
Get into black jack, it’s a real fun, but remember just stash a certain amount each night considering it your price for playing the game. And remember; don’t go overboard even if it looks tempting, this way you won’t feel bad when you loose it all. Have fun sweets and depart Vegas with loads of cash.

Go to Circus Circus! My parents used to take us there when we were kids! I still remember it fondly.

I love Nancy! Enjoy the show and tell us all about it.

Have a blast Jelly! Play 1, 3, and 7 ( my faves).



يا يبه شسمووونه ان بعض الضن اثم


جيلي بيلي
صوريلنا الكونسيرت خصوصا بنت عجرم

ونظرة هالفنان اللي رسم الكاريكاتير عجيبة
صج جليل حيا هههههههههههههه *^_^*

Ohhh man u soooo brought back memories.... like MY first trip to vegas (sans parents)... you.. me... elevators.... and ohhhh that beautiful beautiful man..... i still look for him sometimes in crowds;)I can't believe that was 6 years ago... how time flies when ur having fun... hope u have blast wish i was with ya hugs n kisses

I love both Kathem and Nancy! Have lots and lots of fun Jelly Baby and take care of you! *hugs* :) Lates!

P.S. I don't believe you. You were wearing that dress :P

Have fun in Vegas dear and check out your kitten post when u can trucker girl I'm hooked on Dolly ;)

Hey jelly!
tell me more about Nancy coz i am going to her concert..! i wish it will be good!

Post the Updates


Purgy: cross my heart it was his wild imagination ;)

Shurouq: a.k.a Wafa'a/Janet (bye bye London)
I only played Black Jack/War and some slot machines ;)

Jaded Saudi: 7abebty I had a great time and I wish you were with us wallah :*

Jewaira: thanks sweetie I had a blast ;)

Ayya: Kathoomi was amazing...I was in la la land with his songs...and I did play black jack and war...let's just say I left Vegas happy and broke LOL ;)

MsBaker: I did pass by circus circus but honey I'm sorry clowns give me the creeps...
and Kathem and Nancy were great...I had lots lots of fun. ;)

Feelicha: 7ayach allah eb my blog first of all...o lat7ateen 9awart al concert bas I'll post the pictures really soon ;)

Q8BL: LOL...REMEMBER! LUXOR...enough said baby ;)
and I swear I had a flash back when we passed by the hotel...crazy how time flies by...I wish you were there hon :*

D&G: I did have an awesome time...and about the dress...LOL
believe me honey even if I had a hot body I would never wear something that tacky :P

Peach: I will sms my friend and I will let u know babe :)

graffitti lloyd: well honestly I went to see Kathem...but she was fun...she didn't sing much...she sang about 5 songs I think but she made the crowd get up on their feet and dance ;)
so I think you'll enjoy her concert...have fun :)

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