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I'm sorry dear friends for not replying to your comments on previous posts but lately I have been really busy...helping out friends moving to their new apartments (I hate myself for having a truck...everyone expect you to help)
I have back pain and I need massage so bad...I should ask them to pay for at least one day at a spa (wishful thinking)
I have also been helping out some of my guy friends shopping for their families (mom,sister and GIRLFRIENDs) since they are going back home for the summer break...I hate shopping and going to the mall but I felt sorry for the boys asking for help...
I swear I should charge for my services...Jelly Belly Personal shopper and Mover!

so people I don't know when I'll reply to your comments...just bare with me.


Jelly Belly

good luck

Are u watching the games atleast?

Okay, so you drive a truck as in pickup? That's cool.

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Very good idea to make money JB. "Kidday" bel waneit :P No, seriously, it's wonderful that you're helping out friends that way. That's what makes studying abroad so fun. Yalla hurry up and come back :)

Hehehehehehehehe I am for the idea, I liked it :D But your services shouldn't be Online Or 24/7,'Cause "ra7 yma9khoon-ha"@!@
:D Take Care Of Your Self Dear, Stay Safe & Sleep Well, ya36eech el3afyah :>


Aww, Jelly Belly, you're the sweetest person ever =) ya 7obeeelek! If you were helping me out I would definitely reward you! =) and don't worry, it's good karma ;)

Btw, I left you a lil' something on my blog, when you have the time give it a look-see =)

<3 Sarrah

Ok say it with me.... No I cannot help you i am (insert appropriate excuse e.g. sick, tired, sick&tired of ur face)but id be glad to lend you a phonebook where you can look up U-haul and rent ur behind a truck.... wait i'll go a step further even and look it up for you:)....ooo 3ala fikra where was ur turck when i lived there and moved 3 times???? hmmmm

Jelly bint Belly,
Lose the truck and try the "Oh, but i just had my nails done" excuse.

Ya36eech el3afya, babe :)

jelly u're soo cooool u're awesoooome..

would you help me move next august?


Yalla, finish and come back and your massage is on me :)

HI.. HAVEN'T BLOGGED IN SO LONG i wasn't sure I even remember my password... I am so overwhelmed at work.. I miss each and ever one of my fellow bloggers who I used to chat/blog with.. jelly belly.. come home.. I miss you the most..

chubby femme

Mobi: Thanks dear...yes I have been watching the games...but I'm not giving up!
Best NBA team and I think with JJ back in the next game it will make a difference (I HOPE)

Edjamacated guy: Well it's a truck but not exactly a pickup! ;)

Jewaira: well chan zain aked efloos wala kadait shega o back pain...hahahahha..believe me I'm doing my best to hurry back home..I miss my family so bad :(

Goldeneyah: allah ye3afeech 7abebety :*

Jaded Saudi: Sarooh 7abebty :*
I will check out your blog and if you need any help moving from one state to another tara ana bel khedma ;)

Q8BL: you know me too well to say no...o ba3dain I never found out you move from one apartment to another until you actually moved!!! :P
did you forget I helped you when you finally moved to the east coast?
who helped you box your stuff and ship them with your car? haaaaaaaaaaa???!! please remind me :P

Shurouq: allah ye3afeech 7abebty...and honey I broke all my nails :(
I need a manicure so bad :(

Georhythm: wala min @@ itha welaytich egraiba ;)

Ayya: akh I need one now...but I'll take your offer too...thanks babe :*

Chubby Femme: alshams min wain 6ala3a?! LOL
I miss you so much babe...and I expected a comment on the moving part...remember our U-Hall story? LOL
man the memories!

I think after all these years in the states I became a professional mover and packer! LOL

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