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I'm super happy to see Steve Nash of Phoenix Suns win the NBA MVP (Most Valuable Player)

Today is round 2 game 1 (Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks)
Steve Nash used to play for the Mavericks...so it should be a very exciting game...I wanna see the Suns play against Miami Heat in the finals.

GO SUNS :)))



Georhythm: e7im chena al Pacers lost game 1 against Detroit Pistons? :P
hahahahahhaha no no bas I have a lot of respect for Reggie Miller ;)

*~$&!~*: aha Nash is the man ;)

GAME 1 Phoenix kicked Dallas ass
127 to 102
not only suns kicked their ass they also kicked out their head couch Avery Johnson LOL

Alla yaakhith il Pacers! Killa imfashleeen our poor old Celtics :(

And Im very happy for Nash too!!

Who would've thought at the start of the season Nash would get the MVP. Logical Pick.

I think it's gonna be spurs-detroit, but I hope it's suns-miami.

oh I just saw my typo it's coach not couch...LOL

Q: hahahahhaha I told you before you can't have it all :P
bas I think Detroit is gonna win fa betbared galbik feehom :P

and if you saw how modest Nash was when he won the MVP title...he brought all his team members to share that moment with him...a true team player :)

ooh Jandeef how did I miss your comment!!

yeah I'm a bit worried about San Antonio..but I have faith that the Suns will pull it through...I really wanna see Suns and Miami in the finals so I'll keep my finger crossed :D

we may have lost game one but we got back at them on their court neyahahaha :P

Geo: LOL that was funny...yeah but don't underestimate the Pistons...bas yalla next game is in your home court...let's see if they'll be any pay back time LOL ;)

i never did .. they won last year's series

well Geo your Pacers won again ;)

khanshoof bacher sheseer 3alaihom .. inshalla efoozoon

Geo: I wish you luck but I wish my team even more luck...they won game 3...so let's see what's gonna happen in game 4...may the best team win ;)

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