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Deadlines...Exams...Projects due...I wish I could manage time better

you can...and you should..that's what i feel right now!!!

you're not the only one suffering from boring classes especially during this time of vacation..you see i have summer classes..but yeah..im fascinated with the colors up there too...and your photo of sunrise was beautifull...

hope you'll have time to view my blog...


يا الله عاد جليو عن الملاحه...ضبطي وقتك...و خلصينا عشان أنشاءالله اتخرجين و تردين

Bella donna
You can do it. One step at a time.
Here, let me help :P

Good Luck =)

Good luck sweetie, insist on finishing and you’ll do it.

you and me both dude.. but counting down the days helps.. i got till tuesday :D

how about u??

Jelly Belly babe,
Best of luck :*

Good luck. Wanna hear my list?

2 papers. get out of car lease. get rid of a year's worth of accumulated junk. shop. pack. terminate rent, phone, mobile, cable. Time: 1 month

Home in one month. Yipeee. Makes it al worthwhile.

YALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. get your ass home.. my life is like beeth masloog without you.. no taste.. cajun me up baby!! ams ga3da afakker feech and wonder what could happen when you get come home..

gotta go .. bye

ahhh toughen up... why u bein such a wus huh??? heheheh jk good luck take it easy one thing at a time n before u know it its all over... and all u felt in the process was a smalll pinch...:P

May God be with ya with exams! Ah! am lucky that I've finished my studies! :P

lol, just kidding!


my best solution is go to bed ,eat chocolate and relax everything will be done..

and gain 5 kilos.. :S i sound like a big loser :P

welll dont go with my tips just wake up earlies than usual and sleep later than usual and things will be done.

nowwheregirl: first of all welcome to my blog and I'm happy to have someone from the Philiphines checking my blog...it's always cool to have people from different countries passing by :)
I will check out your blog :)

nanonano: 7abebety sektay ma7ad mayet 3ala alrada ketheree...eb 9ara7a malait min al `3orba o meshataga 7ag ahalee...o 9ij shada 7ailee o abee akhale9 bas intay ed3eelee :*

Jewaira: yeah I have been working on my time management skills...but I find myself working better under pressure! weird
and about your offer I might take u up on that ;)

Jandeef: thanks and good luck to you too dear :)

Ayya: thanks honey...I have been working hard because I'm so ready to be done...again wish me luck and I need your prayers too :*

Snookie: 3asa allah yewafgich 7abebty...and have a safe trip home..salmelee 3ala al Kuwait wayed :)
I'm not leaving here until I get done with both summers school and inshallah by then I should be done and go home for good (inshallah inshallah) I'm still worried about a couple of classes that is not in the summer schedule bas I have to work out with the professors (ed3elee)

Shurouq: thanks honey I need all the luck in the world :*

noony: allah yekoon eb 3oonich! I don't know what to do with my junk when I finally get done (shelemhen she-lemhen) LOL
I have stuff since I first came to the states (ages ago) and I have stuff from friends who graduated and left me with all sort of junk! scary thought.

Chubby: 7ayateeeeeeeee :***
I miss you more ya shagool...bas 9ij mawateeni min althe7ek 3ala your comment...shino baith mafyoo7? LOOOOOOL
wala ya shagool I miss you more...I can't tell you how much I miss you...dude you were not supposed to graduate gabelee :P LOL
wait you had a head start never mind...hahahahahaha...yalla ed3ele inna things will work out...love you and miss you more:*

QBL: Dude I have been a wus I guess I can't handle any disappointment or failure anymore :(

AL: luck you :P
thanks dear for your little prayer bas inshallah antom alsabegon wana7no al la7egoon ;)

nooni: LOL that's my secert too...chocolate chocolate choclate...helps with my stress ;)

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